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Goa Carnival 2016 celebrations begin with a colorful procession

The three-day Goa Carnival is celebrated every year before the start of month of Lent.

The Goa Carnival festival was introduced by the Portuguese settlers and was initially celebrated only by Catholics. However, these boundaries dissolved with time and now people from different communities take equal part in the celebrations. (Express photo)

The celebration begins three days before the month of Lent. This month is significant for Catholics as they abstain from meat during the period. (Express photo)

The carnival ends with popular red and black dance where women wearing red tops and black shirts and men wearing red shirts and black trousers dance in a colorful procession. (Express photo)

The Goa carnival is a major tourist attraction and every year thousands of tourists from across the country and different parts of the world reach Goa to attend the carnival. (Express photo)

This year, the Carnival starting from February 6 will coincide with one of Asia's biggest wine festival organised by Goa Tourism Development Corporation. (Express photo)

The main Carnival float parade was held in the state capital on February 6. It will be followed by float parades in the other cities namely Margao on February 7, Vasco, Ponda and Curchorem on February 8 and Mapusa and Shiroda on February 9. (Express photo)

Citing security concerns, the state police formed special teams equipped with video camera this year. These teams will keep an eye on any suspicious activity which gets recorded and swift action will be taken. (Express photo)