BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi kicks off election campaign in UP

BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi kicks off election campaign in UP


Kicking off his Lok Sabha campaign in UP with a grand rally in Kanpur,BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi found the law and order situation in the state the most suitable issue to target the Samajwadi Party government and remarked that people from UP feel more safe in Gujarat. (IE Photo: Vishal Srivasav)


Addressing the Vijay Shankhnad Rally in an overcrowded Indira Nagar ground,Modi said that situation of law and order in UP could be understood by the fact that more than 5,000 murders have taken place in the state over the past one year. (IE Photo: Vishal Srivasav)


Modi said that the UP government was doing vote bank politics and making efforts for release those lodged in jails in terror-related cases. "When a son travels by a train from UP to Gujarat,his mother keeps on calling him over phone asking about his location. She does not sleep till the train crosses UP. She sleeps only after the train enters Gujarat because then she becomes sure that her son is safe," said Modi.
Narendra Modhi chats with Kalyan Singh at the party campaign rally in Kanpur. (IE Photo: Vishal Srivasav)


He said that people from UP have to go to Gujarat in search of job and livelihood because UP has not been developed so far. "This is an irony that the land of UP,which provided eight Prime Ministers,still lacks development and job for youth," Modi said. (IE Photo: Vishal Srivasav)


The group of Congress,SP and BSP did not work for development of UP and defamed the state,he said. (IE Photo: Vishal Srivasav)


"To regain that glory of the state,there is need to make the state as well as country free from Congress,SP and BSP," Modi said. (IE Photo: Vishal Srivasav)


Attacking the Congress party,Modi said,"Gaon,garib,kisan (village,poor and farmers) have become fun for Congress. Congress's Shahzada (Rahul Gandhi) makes fun of the poor by saying that poverty is nothing but a state of mind. A person who was born with a golden spoon,cannot understand poverty. He goes to shanties with cameramen to show his concern about poor." (IE Photo: Vishal Srivasav)


Talking about himself,Modi said that he was born in poverty and he understands the pain as well as problems of poor. (IE Photo: Vishal Srivasav)


Talking about secularism and religion,Modi said that a government should have only one religious epic — the Constitution of India and it should have only one working style — sabka saath-sabka vikas (development for all). He went on to say that the Congress has divisive politics in its DNA and blood. (IE Photo: Vishal Srivasav)


BJP's Kanpur rally gains importance as currently the party has no MP in the region,while both SP and Congress have three MPs each. Sensing the importance of location,party national president Rajnath singh said that Modi belongs to a backward and poor background and survived by tea vending in his early life. (IE Photo: Vishal Srivasav)