The best food photographs you will see this year

The best food photographs you will see this year

The Pink Lady Food Photographer Of The Year winners list is out; Mumbai-based Jignesh Jhaveri and Krishanu Chatterjee from Bengaluru made it to the top three in two separate categories.

The Pink Lady Food Photographer Of The Year, the prestigious awards organised in Britain announced its winners list this week across over 20 categories from over 70,000 images. Mumbai-based Jignesh Jhaveri, who sent in the rumali image earned the second best place in the Food In Action category, and Bengaluru’s Krishanu Chatterjee captured the fisherman at work, snagging the third place in the Bring Home The Harvest category. Here’s our pick of the winning images alongwith the Indian entries. (Text: Team Express FoodIE)

British graphic designer turned photographer Mark Benham, from Bath, won the Pink Lady Food Photographer of The Year 2016 and The Philip Harben Award for the Food In Action category for his image titled “Flour Frenzy.” Benham's photo was picked winner from 30,000 entries from 60 countries across the world. This is Benham’s second win in a row, having won an award in the Food for Celebration category in 2015. (Text: Team Express FoodIE)

London-based photographer Lucy Pope bagged the top award in the Food Sn-apping category, which showcased photos shot using mobile phones. (Text: Team Express FoodIE)

Food blogger Olimpia Davis, originally from Poland, has worn many hats – geologist, chemistry analyst – before she began writing culinary blogs 'Baking Ideas' and 'Bite On Green'. Her stunning photo of the octopus tentacles wrapped around squink ink pasta is the winner in the Food Blogger category. (Text: Team Express FoodIE)

Krishanu Chatterjee’s entry of a fisherman dusting sand off his day's haul won third place in the Bring Home The Harvest Category. (Text: Team Express FoodIE)

Sea food definitely seems to be a favourite with the jury at the awards. This photo by Petra Novotna from the Czech Republic was the winner in the Cream of The Crop category. (Text: Team Express FoodIE)

The stunning portrait of cooks at work in what looks like a sweltering Bangladeshi kitchen shot by Shoeb Faruquee, also a World Press Photo award winner, snagged the top spot in the Food For Celebration category. Of course, it is absolute unaffectedness of the entire frame which includes a cook with his right arm missing that makes you look at it again, and again. (Text: Team Express FoodIE)

Bengaluru-based Krishanu Chatterjee won the second place in The Philip Harben Award For Food In Action category for his image of a chef flipping a rumali roti that dances above his head with all the flair of a whirling dervish. (Text: Team Express FoodIE)

The Winner of the Bring Home The Harvest category is Viktoriia Moskalenko from Ukraine. Her image of sheep being herded on a bleak, dusty path may have been just another day in the life of a shepherd, but for the dog looking into the camera that’s comical and endearing at once. (Text: Team Express FoodIE)

UK-based photographer Marcin Jucha shot an image of three men in Cuba, slicing up a pig. You know what meat it is because one of them is holding up the pig’s head. The photo won the Politics Of Food category. Food critic Jay Rayner, one of the judges for the contest, said of the photo in an earlier interview with, “It’s an unattractive space, from which has emerged a quite extraordinarily beautiful photograph. I think it’s very much a statement – in a time of poverty you take every bit of the food you can.” (Text: Team Express FoodIE)

The image of a bustling floating vegetable market shot by San Diego-based photographer Paula Watts was declared winner in the Partridges Food for sale category. (Text: Team Express FoodIE)