Ganesh Chaturthi to Oktoberfest: September festivals around the world

Ganesh Chaturthi to Oktoberfest: September festivals around the world

From festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi and Teacher's Day to Germany's Oktoberfest, Regata Storica in Venice and Mid-Autumn festival in China and Vietnam, September is going to be one colourful month!

Intro- From Ganesh Chaturthi in India to the Hajj pilgrimage for Muslims worldwide, September brings with it festivals of religious and cultural importance. Not just that, Germany's popular Oktoberfest will see masses coming from across the world in the modern beer bacchanal and one of the world's biggest fairs. This month's festivities will range from chugging mugs and mugs of beer in Munich to large scale celebrations revolving around emersion of Lord Ganesha's idols in rivers. Venice will see its most important rowing event and in Ireland's Galway, people will come together to indulge in their love for sea food, especially oysters. Click through for some of the prominent festivals the world is celebrating this September. (Source: Rakhi Rawat, Elisa, Meghyn Bienvenu/Flickr)

Ganesh Chaturthi, September 5- This is a festival dedicated to Lord Ganesha, one of the most revered Gods in the Hindu religion. Widely celebrated in India, especially in Maharashtra, on account of Lord Ganesha's divine visit to the earthly realm in the month of Bhadra, falling in August/September, this festival sees huge advance preparation. Also known as 'Ganesh Jayanti', this popular festival ends with immersion of Lord Ganesha's idol in rivers and lakes amidst full rejoicing. (Source: Rakhi Rawat/Flickr)

Regata Storica, September 4:Venice, Italy- Regata Storica brings to life exactly what you think when you think of Venice - the Grand Canal filled with gondolas and a singing gondolier rowing you in it. This festival which is also Venice's most important boating event, has elaborate 16th century-style gondolas helmed by costumed rowers. Every year, Regata Storica takes place on the first Sunday of September. It is made up of four different races, with various types of boats. (Source: Elisa/Flickr)

Ladakh festival, September 20-26: The festival is celebrated every year in Leh and its villages. The opening ceremony of the festival takes place in Leh on a huge scale which sees a procession of many cultural troupes from different parts which then travels through Leh Market. The festivities include dancing, singing, traditional music, people wearing colorful traditional Ladakhi dresses. It comes to end at the Polo ground. The festival is for 6 days with regular celebration in various villages including archery, polo, and masked dances from the monasteries and dances by cultural troupes from the villages. (Source: Meghyn Bienvenu/Flickr)

Les Festes De La Merce, September 22-25: Barcelona, Spain- The end of summer celebrations in Barcelona, Spain feels like one endless street festival providing limitless entertainment for four days! The festival sees a line up of more than 600 events spread throughout the public places in the city like plazas, museums, streets and parks. The streets are filled with colourful mythical characters, dancing giants, fire runners, human castles and traditional drumming. The festival is dedicated to the Virgin of Mercy, who was named the city's co-patron saint after she single-handedly beat off a plague of locusts in 1637! (ACF Barcelona/Flickr)

Oktoberfest, Sep 17 - Oct 3: This is where you should head to if you have always nursed your beer mugs with love and utmost affection. Germany's Oktoberfest in Munich is a modern­ day bacchanal and the world’s biggest fair. While most people associate Oktoberfest with massive consumption of beer, it’s not the whole story, though an essential part of it. Founded in 1810, Oktoberfest celebrated the marriage of the Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe­ Hildburghausen with a horse race. The race featured prominently in the festivities until 1960, at which point the festival had become world famous and steeped in other traditions. (Source: Nos Da Praca/Flickr)

Teacher's day, September 5- The day also marks the birthday of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakridhnan, the first Vice President and second President of India. He was popular for his dedication and passion for education. This day is eagerly awaited by students in ieachers Day is eagerly-awaited by the student community, as it allows students to share their thoughts and views about the influence of teachers on their learning with their favourite teachers and mentors. Eager school students show their appreciation by offering their teachers beautiful flowers, Teacher's Day cards and gifts. (Source: Tru-juice/Facebook)

Vegetarian festival, September 30-October 10: The Phuket Vegetarian Festival is a colourful event held over a nine-day period in October, celebrating the Chinese community's belief that abstinence from meat and various stimulants during the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar will help them obtain good health and peace of mind. Legend has it that a Chinese opera troupe fell ill in the 19th century while on tour entertaining emigrant Chinese tin miners on Phuket. In an 'Eureka' moment, one of the ailing performers realized they had simply failed to honor the Nine Emperor Gods (a tradition that falls during a nine-day period in the ninth month of the Chinese Lunar calendar) in a display of piety, the troupe did not eat meat, drink, have sex or swear. Their health improved, and a festival was born. In reality, the opera company picked a particularly bad to time visit Phuket as a deadly epidemic had been sweeping the island for months. (Source: Binder-donedat/Flickr)

Galungan festival, September 7-17: It is the most important feast for Hindus in Bali. The festival commemorates the victory of good over evil while it honours the creator of the universe (Ida Sang Hyang Wifi) and its ancestors' souls. The festival commemorates the time when the ancestral spirits visit the Earth. The last day of the celebration is Kuningan, when they return. The date is calculated according to the 210-day Balinese calendar. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

HAJJ, September 8 - 13: The most important moment in all Muslims' lives is when they embark on their pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The thriving devotees at the center also makes for an unparalleled sight. (Source: Majidul Haraam, Makaah/Flickr)

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Mid-autumn festival, September 15: is a harvest festival celebrated by ethnic Chinese and Vietnamese people.[1][2] The festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese Han calendar and Vietnamese calendar. The festival is known by other names like Mooncake festival, Moon festival, Lantern festival, Children's festival etc. Among the popular legends about the festival is that of a lovely 'Moon Lady' who lives in the moon, and whose beauty is at its peak at this time - which is why everybody gazes up at the moon, hoping for a glimpse of the mythical stunner. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Galway Oyster Festival, September 23-25: Thousands of people from across the world come to Galway in Ireland in the last week of September to indulge in oysters and practically anything else from the sea. Started in 1954, the Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival celebrates the lowly but inspired mollusc, Ostrea edulis , aka European flat oyster, or a belon, in menu-speak and has even had the Queen visiting in the past. The popular pubs in the city’s Oyster Trail sell oysters by the thousands during the three-day culinary festival. (Source: Galway Oyster Fest/ Instagram)