Simple and delicious: 15 preparations for Iftar you deserve

Simple and delicious: 15 preparations for Iftar you deserve

After a day of fasting, you deserve a meal fit for a king. Conclude your day with these quick and delectable recipes for Iftar.

Do you suffer from acute hunger pangs every evening? If deciding what to snack on is a problem then here's help. From jalebis to bread rolls, these delicious snack recipes are easy to make, and a confirmed hit with everyone. Why don't you try them at home?

Paneer bread roll: Craving Paneer but short on time? This appetiser takes barely 30 mins to prepare. Full recipe:

Jalebi: Now you don't have to navigate gallis in markets to savour Jalebis. Full recipe:

Vegetable spring roll: Leftover Chowmein? You can use it to prepare vegetable spring roll in 10 mins. Full recipe:

Vegetable macaroni: Pasta isn't just Italian anymore. Add a dash of Indian spices and veggies to make it healthy and tasty. Full recipe:

Vadi Kebab: Is Moong dal too boring for your children? This is how you can make it cool again. Full recipe:

Cheese garlic bread: Garlic bread tastes even more divine with cheese on it. It's quick and easy to make too. Full recipe:

Chicken bread: This recipe is a great example of Masterchef inspired innovative cooking at home. Full recipe:

Fritters: Dieting doesn't mean you give up on tasty food altogether. Zucchini Fritters makes for a great snack with just a salad and a piece of bread. Full recipe:

Masala bay potatoes: Just 15 minutes in the kitchen with ever-reliable potatoes will leave everyone gushing about your culinary skills. For full recipe:

Omelette- bun: So you thought you know all about the versatile egg? Ever tried omelette in a bun? Full recipe:

Palak kebab: The healthy, crispy, tasty snack that will leave you asking for more. Full recipe:

Potato and cheese balls: Life becomes easy if you have potato and cheese at home. Full recipe:

Vermicelli Upma: Upma is traditionally made from Suji, but you can also make it with Sevaiiyaan or Vermicelli and it tastes yum. Full recipe:

Uttapam: The copyright for making recipe doesn't lie with the South anymore. You can easily make it at home. Full recipe:

Idli Chaat: Idli just underwent a makeover, thanks to Chaat. Full recipe: