Light up! 11 volcanoes you can visit on your next trip

Light up! 11 volcanoes you can visit on your next trip

Light up your next trip with a visit to one of these volcanoes that you can drive up to.

Have you ever thought about doing a volcano trip? As explosive as it sounds, it can actually be quite exciting. Here's a list of 11 volcanoes you can drive up to, and with predictable levels of activity (no, we don't want anything to happen to you). They're all around the world, so try and catch them whenever and wherever you're travelling.

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica, was the most active volcano in the country will 2010, but since then it has become a favourite with a many hikers. (Source: Wikipedia)

Diamond Head, Hawaii, is a dormant volcano that offers gorgeous views that overlook Waikiki and Oahu. (Source:

Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, is one of the world's most volcanoes. A trip here also gives you the added bonus of the African wildlife. (Source: Wikipedia)

Mt Pelée, Martinique, is a popular attraction in the Caribbean island. You can choose to hike up (with a guide) or even drive. (Source:

Mt Vesuvius, Italy, is one from the legends, and its also one of the most notorious. You can head out from Naples, hike up to the summit and look down into the still-smoking crater. (Source: Acegeography)

Villarrica Volcano, Chile, give you a chance to set sights on the gorgeous vision of flowing lava. (Source: Twitter)

Mt Kilauea in the Kalapana volcanic area, Hawaii, which is a big island town that's completely covered in lava. Walk across the land to get within the proximity of Mt Kilauea, an active volcano. (Source: Wikipedia)

Haleakala crater, Hawaii, is said to be one of the most beautiful sights in the world. You can drive up to this dormant volcano in Maui. (Source: Wikipedia)

Mount Fuji, Japan, is still technically active, and one of Asia's famous volcanoes. July and August are said to be the best months to hike up Mt Fuji. (Source:

Mt Rainier, US, is the largest mountain in Washington. Check out the Tahoma Creek suspension bridge while you're in the area. (Source: Wikipedia)

Bárðarbunga, Iceland, is bound to be an unforgettable experience, much like every other attraction in the country. This is one you will need to fly to, which shouldn't be a problem with many sightseeing flights on offer. (Source: