International Yoga Day 2017: People doing yoga at these exotic locales will blow you away

International Yoga Day 2017: People doing yoga at these exotic locales will blow you away

Let these breathtaking pictures inspire and motivate you.

Yoga refers to a host of physical, mental and spiritual practices, and is believed to have originated in India. It is a holistic wellness system that works wonders for maintaining physical, mental and spiritual health, and millions of people all over the world have taken to it. In order to raise awareness about this invaluable tradition, since 2015, June 21 is celebrated as International Yoga Day in different parts of the world. With the world gearing up for its third edition, we bring you pictures of people doing yoga in the most breathtaking places.

You cannot control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside. (Source: Ashish J Parmar/Instagram)

Stealing a moment to try Vrikshasana (Treepose) in the presence of mighty Thalay Sagar and Bhrigupant peaks during an extremely ambitious trekking expedition of traversing from Gangotri to Kedarnath on foot across a high and technical pass called Auden's Col in Uttarakhand. (Source: Neelima Vallangi/Instagram)

Yoga helps in relieving stress. (Source: Shilpa Shetty Yoga/Youtube)

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Yoga helps in regulating menstrual function in women.

Yoga helps in losing weight and also tones the body. (Source: brittany_basiz/Instagram)

Cravings for junk food reduces with continued practice pf yoga. (Source: chloe_eloy/Instagram)

Yoga helps in curing insomnia. (Source: chateaulacanau/Instagram)

Yoga provides a much-needed anchor to our hectic lives. (alexandra_carson/Instagram)

Practising yoga helps in improving the immune system.(Souce:maram_yogini/Instagram)

Yoga asanas tone and strengthen the muscles.(Source: bookwellonline/Instagram)

Yoga helps in improving digestion.(Source:catmeffan/Instagram)

Yoga asanas improve bone health. (Source: jeanatte.mendoza/Instagram)

Yoga helps in fighting lifestyle diseases.(Source: jeanatte.mendoza/Instagram)

Yoga counters harsh effects of ageing. (michael_j_gallagher/Instagram)

Yoga improves overall mental health. Source: mysacredtreasures/Instagram)

Yoga helps in treating neurodegenerative diseases. (Source: naturalspirityyoga/Instagram)

Yoga helps in improving memory and limb efficiency(Source: nici1275/Instagram)

Delhites practising Yoga at Lodhi gardens, before the International Yoga Day. (Source: Amit Mehra/Instagram)

Yoga protects joints (Source: nishiexplore/Instagram)

Yoga improves blood circulation. (Source: paulagarciayoga/Instagram)

Yoga improves cardiac health. (Source: paulagarciayoga/Instagram)

Yoga improves respiratory health. (Source: paulawahaii2000/Instagram)

Yoga improves digestion (Source: paulgarciayoga/Instagram)

Yoga improves your body posture when you stand, sit, sleep or walk.(Source: life_of_fee/Instagram)

During sunset at the Harbour Square Park, downtown Toronto, Canada. (Source: Siddhartha Joshi/Instagram)