Five brilliant whiskies you’ve probably never heard of

Five brilliant whiskies you’ve probably never heard of

An ardent lover of fine whiskies? You should definitely try these ones the next time.

Back in January, the little-known Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye was adjudged the world’s best whisky by whisky guru Jim Murray. The Crown Royal costs just around $50, but chances are that, post its coronation as 2016’s best, it will be difficult to get one. You could, of course, try by all means. But, even as you set about making arrangements to get your hands on one, allow us to also point you towards five stellar single malt whiskies that you might never have heard of. (Text: Team Express Foodie/Photo:

Kavalan, Taiwan: King Car (what a name), which makes Kavalan whisky, is also into aquaculture and a whole lot of other stuff. King Car got into single malts some ten years ago, and the whisky is made in ideal suroundings. The distillery is surrounded by mountains, and the air and water should decidedly be fresh. The whisky spends time in ex-bourbon casks, and some premium Kavalans are also aged in Sherry casks. Kavalan is a NAS, or No Age Statement whisky. But, since they export a lot of their whisky to Europe, and the UK, where the minimum age requirement for sale of whisky is three years, we can be certain that all their whiskies are over three years old. If you come across a bunch of Kavalans at a duty-free, aim for the Kavalan Solist Fino Sherry. (Text: Team Express Foodie/Photo:

Mackmyra, Sweden: Mackmyra, launched by a group of eight whisky enthusiasts, first served notice to the world in 2008. Their USP? Swedish single malt made of Swedish ingredients. So, the malting features juniper branches and local peat, and the whisky is aged in both ex-bourbon and Swedish oak. The end result is a pleasantly floral whisky with a shadow of sweetness. The most sought-after Mackmyra is the peppery, fruity Brukswhisky. (Text: Team Express Foodie/Photo: Mackmyra)

Lark, Australia: Lark Distillery’s whiskies won the Best World Whisky category at the International Whisky Competition in 2014. The 24-year-old distillery, which is run by its eponymous owner and Kristy, his daughter, is known for its Cask Strength whisky, a Distiller’s Selection and a Single Cask offering. Lark’s whiskies are known to be peaty and yet, floral and aromatic. The whiskies are aged in ex-bourbon casks. (Text: Team Express Foodie/Photo:

Kilchoman, Scotland: Kilchoman doesn’t produce much whisky, barely 100,000 litres a year, but in about a decade since it began operations, its whisky has attracted a fair share of followers. The Islay malt is characteristically peaty and oily, and Kilchoman’s founder Anthony Wills has picked up a clutch of awards. Kilchoman whiskies are mostly distilled in sherry casks, and the Machir Bay, matured both in bourbon barrels and sherry casks, is the Kilchoman you should buy. (Text: Team Express Foodie/Photo:

Paul John, India: Paul John, named after its eponymous founder, makes its whiskies in Goa. In 2013, it was rated as one of the world’s best whiskies by Jim Murray. Murray called it “a new Indian classic: a sublime malt from the continent.” Since the distillery exports most of what it produces, you’d be extremely lucky to find a bottle in either Goa or Bengaluru. (Text: Team Express Foodie/Photo: