Alleviate your lower back pain with Pilates

Alleviate your lower back pain with Pilates

This guide shows you how to alleviate back pain with 3 simple exercises.

Pilates instructor Sorcha Callaghan takes you through three exercises that will improve the mobility of your spine and also give strength to your lower back. These are gentle exercises that will not exacerbate any existing back pain that you might have. (Source: Rightster)

1) Pelvic tucks — for flexion

Lie on a mat or a towel at home. Keep your feet and hips straight. Knees raised and pelvis in the neutral position to start. Hands parallel on either side of the body. (Source: Rightster)

Suck your stomach in and raise your middle body off the ground. Gently raise your stomach and lower back off the ground, keeping your feet and hands firmly on the ground. (Source: Rightster)

This is a version of the full exercise, which is spine curls. But to protect your lower back, you need to raise your hips just up to the base of your rib cage and then release back on to the floor as you exhale. Do 10 reps. But if you sense any discomfort, cut down to 5. (Source: Rightster)

2. Hip Roll — to increase rotation on your lower back

Lie on the ground with your feet and legs together, knees raised, back straight and hands flattened like a V on the ground. Pull your fingertips away from your shoulder to get a nice tension on your shoulder blades. Breathe in to prepare. (Source: Rightster)

Squeeze your knees and ankles together and roll gently roll your legs jointly to the right, rolling from the hips, while you turn your head to the left. Make sure you keep your left shoulder on the ground and take care not to over-arch your back. Keep twisting your knees away from your armpit. (Source: Rightster)

Now exhale and roll yourself back into the neutral position, using your stomach to protect your lower back as you roll your hips back and exhale. Repeat on the other side. Do 10 reps. But if you sense any discomfort, cut down to 5. (Source: Rightster)

3. The Cat— to improve the mobility of your lower back

Get into the 4-point kneeling position. Your knees and hips should be apart, with your wrist and elbows directly underneath your shoulders. Pull your shoulders away from your ears. Inhale to prepare. (Source: Rightster)

As you exhale, pull you stomach up, arch your back carefully — this will ripple through your spine, and let your head fall down. Take a big inhale in this position and stretch across the back of your ribs and your lower back. (Source: Rightster)

Then as you exhale, slowly take your hips down, ripple through your back, your shoulders, neck and head to return to the flat-back position. Do 10 reps. But if you sense any discomfort, cut down to 5. (Source: Rightster)