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14 food swapping tips that’ll save you over 100 calories

The best part of all of this is adding up how many calories you save in a day because they add up really quick.

It’s really hard to keep our food habits on track, especially for special occasions and if you have no self-control. So, we’ve put together some really easy swaps that’ll save you tonnes of calories, one bite at a time. Be on your way to a healthier you here. (Source: Thinkstock Images)

In the morning, if you're craving an orange juice, bite into a medium-sized orange instead. (Source: ModaMob)

And if you're indulging in some waffles, then skip the butter and go for 2 tablespoons of maple syrup. (Source: ModaMob)

Eat turkey bacon instead of pork bacon, and the same goes for sausage. (Source: ModaMob)

And always swap for fat-free dairy in all its forms. (Source: ModaMob)

Throughout the rest of the day, if you're enjoying a sandwich or a burger, make it an open-faced one. (Source: ModaMob)

And ditch the tortilla chips for one cup of celery dipped into your favourite hummus. (Source: ModaMob)

And if you need a carb-munch, then opt for pretzels instead of those addictive chips. (Source: ModaMob)

If you eat a baked potato instead of French fries, that will save your calorie intake too. (Source: ModaMob)

And if you have to have that cheese, then eat mozarella. (Source: ModaMob)

Always order skin-less chicken breast at restaurants. (Source: ModaMob)

While ordering pizza, always opt for a thin crust instead of thick, and swap the peperoni for some veggie toppings. (Source: ModaMob)

While eating a salad, dip your fork into the dressing instead of pouring the entire dressing all over the salad. (Source: ModaMob)

And if you're doing pasta, opt for a marinara sauce and not alfredo. (Source: ModaMob)

And, finally, for dessert, opt for a low-fat frozen yogurt instead of an ice-cream; and always in a cup over a cone. (Source: ModaMob)