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Rakhi Sawant’s make-up disaster, you’ll have to see it to believe it

Controversial girl Rakhi Sawant succeeds in topping our list of celebrity makeup disasters.

Controversial public figure Rakhi Sawant is always in news for all the wrong reasons. The actress recently managed to look absolutely horrifying at a recent event, thanks to her makeup. The make up powder was also visible and looked patchy. Her silver eye shadow with the bright pink lips and fake eyelashes, not to mention the brown lenses was all just too much. Nothing and absolutely no one would be able to salvage this disastrous look.

At a film premiere, the almost-perfect Angelina Jolie had some white powder along her cheekbone.

Australian beauty Nicole Kidman looked way beyond her years when she attended a film festival with pancake make up.

Former beauty queen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has also had her off make up days. In one look the actress clearly overdid the blush to match her dress, not a good idea! And in the other picture, she too has the white around her eyes.

Bollywood actress Sridevi looked picture perfect in her dress and heels. However, the white around her eyes was so noticeable, it put the whole look off.

Another beauty queen, Celina Jaitley also messed up her eye make up with the white patchiness.

Shah Rukh Khan’s wife looks way better without makeup. However, whenever the mother-of-three does his face, there always seems to be that oily shine to it that completely spoils the look. In the first picture, though she kept her eyes bare, the pink lip colour does little for her skin tone.

Though Kangana Ranaut is always impeccably dressed, her makeup here looks like a mess. The makeup worsens her oily skin and the red on the cheeks just seems too much. The lip-gloss is too shiny as well.

Songstress Miley Cyrus looks perfect, except for the white dusting powder around her mouth, which is extremely visible. We wonder how her makeup artist could have missed that.

Controversial actress Rakhi Sawant generally opts for a very loud and gaudy makeup. In the picture, Rakhi looks almost scary with her garish eye do and lip liner filed with colour.

One of Hollywood’s sexiest actresses, Sharon Stone is hardly recognizable in this picture. She gave the foundation a skip, which might have a bad idea. Sharon’s skin looks dull and the smoky eyes are also just not working. A swipe of colour on her lips may have salvaged the drab look.