Top Hollywood news of the day: November 21, 2017

Top Hollywood news of the day: November 21, 2017

Check out the top happenings in the world of Hollywood today.

hollywood news of today includes kenneth branagh and his film murder on the orient express, jessica chastain, natali portman, adam driver and his upcoming film star wars the last jedi

While Murder on the Orient Express makers are already contemplating a sequel, Adam Driver who will play Kylo Ren in upcoming Star Wars movie The Last Jedi says he does not like to watch his own movies. Speaking of Star Wars, the director duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller explains why they were fired from the Han Solo movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story. Meanwhile, the sexual harassment scandal in Hollywood triggered by accusations by more than 50 women against Harvey Weinstein is still inspiring more and more women to speak up. Two more female actors, Jessica Chastain and Natali Portman have come forward to speak about it. Jessica is of the opinion that there is a history of sexual abuse in the film industry. Natalie says when she heard about the Harvey Weinstein thing, she felt lucky, but now the actor thinks she too has felt discrimination and objectification.

kenneth branagh murder on the orient express death on the nile

Death on the Nile to follow Murder on the Orient Express: Kenneth Branagh's directorial Murder on the Orient Express may not be getting many favourable reviews, but the Agatha Christie adaptation that also stars Johnny Depp and Judi Dench is doing just fine at the box office. Turns out, the makers have already zeroed in on a follow-up, and they will reportedly adapt Death on the Nile next, with Branagh returning to direct and star in the film.

adam driver star wars the last jedi

Adam Driver is not sure about watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi: The Last Jedi actor Adam Driver, who portrays the role of villanous Kylo Ren in the film, says he doesn't like tuning into his own movies as he finds it self-destructive. But the Silence actor did make an exception though and did go to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens with his wife Joanne. The Last Jedi is the sequel to The Force Awakens and is the second iteration in the sequel trilogy of Star Wars franchise. The film hits the theaters on December 15.

phil lord chris miller were directing han solo film

Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller speak up on leaving Solo: A Star Wars Story: Earlier this year, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired from the Han Solo movie, now titled Solo: A Star Wars Story, after reportedly playing too loosely with the production and it seems like they are now ready enough to talk about what actually happened. Lord said, “The experience of shooting the movie was wonderful. We had the most incredible cast, crew and collaborators. I think in terms of us leaving the project, I think everybody went in with really good intentions and our approach to making the movie was different than theirs. That was a really big gap to bridge, and it proved to be too big.”

jessica chastain on sexual harassment in hollywood

Jessica Chastain opens up on sexual harassment in Hollywood: Jessica Chastain has spoken up about the recent accusations of sexual harassment against Hollywood bigwigs like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. In an interview, she said, "There is a history of abuse against women in our industry. I hope the entertainment industry will never be the same. I think I'm devastated about all of the stories that have come out because it's heartbreaking, but at the same time I feel hopeful because we're not ignoring it anymore and it's painful for change but it's needed, it was needed many many years ago."

natali portman on sexual harassment in hollywood

Natalie Portman weighs in on sexism and sexual harassment: Hollywood actor Natalie Portman, known for V for Vendetta and Black Swan, says, "When I heard everything coming out, I was like, wow, I'm so lucky that I haven't had this. And then, on reflection, I was like, okay, definitely never been assaulted, definitely not, but I've had discrimination or harassment on almost everything I've ever worked on in some way." Natalie also said she turned down work that could led to her being overly objectified when she was younger.