Salman Khan gorges on Maharashtrian food at ‘Koli Food Festival’

Salman Khan gorges on Maharashtrian food at ‘Koli Food Festival’


Bollywood superstar Salman Khan inaugurated the 'Koli Food Festival' at Mahim in Mumbai on November 22,along with MNS chief Raj Thackeray,where the 'Dabangg' Khan was seen gorging on special Maharashtrian dishes. (IE Photo: Pradip Das)


Salman Khan was dressed casually for the event in his patent 'Being Human' T-shirt and jeans.

Salman Khan arrives with Raj Thackeray. (IE Photo: Pradip Das)


Salman Khan was welcomed in a traditional style complete with 'aarti'. (IE Photo: Pradip Das)


Salman Khan is a sport when it comes to tradition! (IE Photo: Pradip Das)


MNS supremo Raj Thackeray was also honoured at the event. (IE Photo: Pradip Das)


At the event Salman Khan revealed some interesting facts about his father Salim Khan. Salman said that after Bollywood writer Salim Khan settled in Mumbai he used to frequent actor Ajit's house in Mahim where he met Sushila Charak aka Salma Khan. The two fell in love and after some resistance the two got married! (IE Photo: Pradip Das)


Salman Khan also spoke about his emotional connect to the spot where the festival took place. He also said that it was in Mahim that his parents forst met and fell in love. (IE Photo: Pradip Das)


Salman also said that for him Mahim and Bandra are equivalent to his mother and father! (IE photo: Pradip Das)


At the food festival,Salman said he has special memories attached to the food of Mahim.
Salman is enjoying at the event to the fullest! (IE Photo: Pradip Das)