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Harry Potter cast then and now: Whatsapp chat vs Floo Network!

Emma Watson, who rose to fame with her character Hermoine Granger recently said in an interview that she is in a Whatsapp group chat with her friends from Harry Potter cast.

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The first time we saw Harry Potter on the silver screen was in 2001. Not many followed the Potter world then, it was a film that gave life to the magical world of witches, wizards, elves, trolls and goblins. An entire generation grew up with the cast of Harry Potter since then. We fell in love with the beautiful world that was initially just on paper. The characters were cast so beautifully that it is not possible for many of us to not imagine them in our heads as we still read the books. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Mathew Lewis, Tom Felton and Alan Rickman (always) are just a few of the characters that has remained etched in our memories.

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Recently, Emma Watson revealed while promoting her film Beauty And The Beast that she had created a Whatsapp group that included everyone from the main cast of Harry Potter. While talking to Entertainment Tonight, Emma said that she wanted to invite her co-stars from the hit fantasy series and so she had created the group. With all of them spread over in different countries, the actor compared the situation to the popular Pokemon Go game and said, "It is kind of like Pokemon. I am trying to catch them all right now."

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Apparently, Matthew Lewis, who portrayed the character of Neville Longbottom in the movie series caught the screening held in LA, USA.

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And so did Tom Felton. He was the annoying, narcissistic snob who hated Harry and his friends (for those of you, who are new Harry Potter and his world).

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Emma also mentioned that Bonnie Wright, who played Ginny Weasley is yet to catch a show.

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And lastly, Daniel Radcliffe who played the role of Harry Potter - the boy who lived also seems to be busy, as he is yet to watch Emma as Belle in Beauty and the beast.

Ronald Weasley, Rupert Grint, Rupert Grint Ronald Weasley, Ronald weasley now and then, Rupert Grint now

She was however quite happy with the support she has gotten so far from her co-stars. We are, however, curious about Rupert Grint, who was the third friend, Ronald Weasley in the film.