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Dhoom 3: Tech savvy Aamir Khan,Katrina Kaif


'Dhoom 3' lead actors Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif together launched a range of merchandise and technology products promoting their upcoming action-thriller in Mumbai on Tuesday (November 19) evening. (IE Photo: Prakash Yeram)


Katrina Kaif,who essays the role of Aaliya in the film,showed off her lean figure in a red hot Herve Leger dress paired with nude pumps.

Aamir Khan,who continued with his in character appearance,kept it casual in denims,a grey sweatshirt and his hat. (IE Photo: Prakash Yeram)


Katrina Kaif looked beautiful as she let her gorgeous tresses free. The actress says she views competition in Bollywood in a positive way.

"I am extremely blessed with the way my career is shaping up. I feel I got much more than I had thought. Competition is a good thing as it helps you to better your performance. Any competition is good." (IE Photo: Dilip Kagda)


Katrina Kaif and Aamir Khan's dolls based on their characters were also unveiled.

Aamir Khan shows off the doll based on his character Sahir,a performer in contemporary circus and a thief on the sly. (IE Photo: Dilip Kagda)


Katrina Kaif too had a special doll based on her character Aaliya,who is an acrobat dancer.

Aamir Khan couldn't contain his excitement about his character doll,"I love this idea of dolls. I would like to give one to Azad. I am excited as this is my first ever collector doll based on my movie character,” he said. (IE Photo: Dilip Kagda)


Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif show off their character dolls for the cameras. (IE Photo: Prakash Yeram) (


Boys Will Be Boys! Aamir Khan tries his hand at the newly launched 'Dhoom:3 The Game',while Katrina Kaif smiles.

The 3D racing game is set in Chicago where the movie has also been shot. The player takes on the character of Aamir Khan,who is being chased by cops Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra. (IE Photo: Prakash Yeram)


Never-seen-before onscreen together Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif seem to share some great chemistry. However,Katrina Kaif told reporters she had her doubts about working with the Perfectionist of Bollywood,"Initially,I was skeptical to work with Aamir Khan because of his planned and meticulous nature...so I was nervous. But when we started working I found him amazing. He is a genius actor and treats his co-stars well," she said. (IE Photo: Prakash Yeram)


Katrina Kaif,who has shared screen space with all the leading Khans,said: "They all share the same surname but they are different actors and have different style." (IE Photo: Dilip Kagda) (


Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif get tech savvy as they launch the Dhoom 3 game,which is sure to become a rage.

Aamir made it no secret that his hopes and expectations about ‘Dhoom 3’ are pinned on to his co-star. “If Katrina is there in a film then it has to be a superhit. When I was signing 'Dhoom 3' I was told about this," he said. (IE Photo: Prakash Yeram)


The exciting game will be available on iOS and android. Apparently the game took about six months to complete and had 18 people working on it. (IE Photo: Prakash Yeram) (


Katirna Kaif is all smiles as she poses with her acrobatic character doll. We must say the doll looks almost as pretty as the actress! (IE Photo: Prakash Yeram)


Even though his onscreen ladylove Katrina is a tad taller than him,Aamir Khan says he has no issues. “I never had issues with her height...did not ask her to remove heels. I love tall women," he told reporters. (IE Photo: Prakash Yeram) (