Bigg Boss 7: Tanishaa,Gauahar’s catfight

Bigg Boss 7: Tanishaa,Gauahar’s catfight


Count on Bigg Boss to create fresh controversies in the show to keep up the audience's interest. This time around Bigg Boss announces the day's – ‘Ticket To Finale’,where they will be required to complete five different tasks. Task is an amalgamation of best of the old tasks. The winner of this task will be given the unique advantage of being a part of the Grand Finale.


After each task,the winning team will be given an opportunity to eliminate one housemate from the running for that coveted seat in the Grand Finale.
The teams are formed and Team A consists of Armaan,Andy,Sangram and Tanishaa and Team B consists of Gauahar,Kushal,Ajaz and Kamya.


The first task to be re-launched is the 'Keeping the Time' task. Team A’s Armaan and Sangram,and Team B’s Kushal and Gauahar decide keep a track of the time while the other contestants attempt to distract them.


An hour later,the task comes to an end and Bigg Boss declares Team A as the winners adding a point to Armaan and team’s kitty. Finding this unfair,Gauahar begins to complain and frustrated with her,the other housemates decide to ignore her. Irritated with Gauahar’s behaviour,Armaan’s team decides to eliminate her from the task.


Shocked at being eliminated first,Gauahar fights back saying that the team has taken this step because they consider her a strong contender. Seeing her anguish,Armaan’s team gets pumped and prepares to knock the rest of her team out from the run for a position in the Finale as well. Kushal’s team,on the other hand,desperately awaits the next task because they want their revenge.


Next,the Shaitan Aur Farishtey task is re-introduced where the contestants are required to protect their medals. Now eliminated,Gauahar is asked to monitor the task. As the task kicks off,Ajaz effortlessly gives away his medal to the opposing team and rushes to Armaan to grab his. Surprisingly,though,Gauahar is assumed to appear biased towards Armaan’s team.


Aggravated by the behaviour of the contestants,Armaan orders Tanisha and Sangram to attack their opposing team and nab their medal. Both strive hard and successfully grab the medals thereby winning another task for Armaan’s team. With another victory under their belt,Armaan’s team decides to eliminate Kushal.


Gauahar gets annoyed at Tanishaa for picking on Kushal and starts yelling at her leading to a heated argument. Not one to sit back and get yelled at,Tanishaa makes some personal comments about Gauahar which upsets her further and Kushal has to step in to calm her down.


In the evening,Ajaz locks himself in the emergency toilet and overhears Kamya’s nomination plans. Shocked by what he hears,Ajaz comes out and fights with Kamya. He also says that Kamya is a fake person who makes friends only to use them for her benefit in the game. Realizing that the fight is getting out of hand,Armaan steps in and calms Ajaz down.


To wrap up the day,the Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa task is reintroduced. The fate of the two teams seems evident because with two wins,Armaan’s team has gotten stronger and only contestants remain in the opposition team. Ajaz and Kamya,in spite of their differences,fight back and give Armaan’s team tasks which are difficult to perform. As a result of this,Ajaz and Kamya are able to beat Armaan’s team and decide to eliminate Armaan from the game.


11. With two tasks remaining and Andy,Sangram,Tanishaa,Kamya and Ajaz still in the running for the ‘Ticket To Finale’ task,who will win that lucky spot in the Bigg Boss Grand Finale?