Bigg Boss 7: Kushal Tandon is back in the house

Bigg Boss 7: Kushal Tandon is back in the house


After much speculation,Kushal Tandon will be seen entering the Bigg Boss house tonight (November 21). A couple of weeks back,Kushal was dismissed from the Bigg Boss house owing to his aggression and misconduct towards Andy.


Even though Gauahar Khan,who walked out with Kushal,returned back in the house just a day later,there was always an expectation about his return. Kushal has been apologetic about his behaviour,owing to which Bigg Boss decided to give him another chance and let him re-enter the Bigg Boss house.


As the contestants are about to call it a day,Kushal Tandon makes a dhamakedaar entry to the song ‘Badtameez Dil’. Hearing the song,Gauahar comes running to the garden area expecting Kushal to enter the house any minute.


When the door opens,Gauahar Khan followed by Kamya go running to Kushal Tandon and give him a tight hug.


Tanishaa and Andy are taken aback.


Contrary to his behaviour prior to Kushal’s exit the first time round,Armaan Kohli seems quite happy with Kushal's return and proceeds to hug him repeatedly.


Letting bygones be bygones,Kushal hugs Andy and Tanishaa and also presents the contestants with gifts which he has carefully selected for them.


Amidst all the chaos,Gauahar seems to get sidelined and not get the attention she desires.


While everyone welcomes Kushal with open arms,Andy and Tanishaa do not seem to be quite happy with his return. However,the two decide to give him another chance while still reserving their judgement about him and his return.


Will Kushal really turn a new leaf or go back to his wayward ways? Will Andy ever forgive Kushal?