Bigg Boss 7: Face reader predicts future of housemates Kushal,Elli,Andy

Bigg Boss 7: Face reader predicts future of housemates Kushal,Elli,Andy


Last few days in the 'Bigg Boss' house have seen quite a bit of unrest,and in order to spread some positivity in the house,Bigg Boss introduces a news task. According to which,all the housemates will have to perform a 'havan' throughout the night to bring an end to the negativity and ensure peace in the house.


As the housemates are performing the puja,Janardhan baba,a popular face reader enters the house. Bigg Boss introduces him to the housemates who touch his feet and greet him respectfully.


Bigg Boss announces that Janardhan baba will spend some time with them and predict their futures by doing some face reading. Sangram Singh is the first to get his face read and Janaradhan Baba tells him that Sangram will excel in sports and also have a future as an entrepreneur.

Janardhan baba then calls Kushal Tandon a spoilt brat,but informs him that he will have a bright future.


The other housemates - Pratyusha,Kamya also get their faces read and are told good things about their future.
For Elli Avram,whose movie Mickey Virus released on October 25,he said that she will become a famous actress only by the age of 34 and she will marry a businessman.


Andy also participates in the face reading task.


After everybody's future is predicted,Bigg Boss summons Janardhan baba into the confession room and asks him to predict the five finalists who will compete in the finale. After which,he wishes the housemates best of luck and leaves the Bigg Boss house. Will Janardhan baba's predictions come true?