Bigg Boss 10 November 13 highlights: Yet another Indiawale evicted, is there a bias here?

Bigg Boss 10 November 13 highlights: Yet another Indiawale evicted, is there a bias here?

Bigg Boss 10: Navin Prakash becomes the third commoner to get evicted from Bigg Boss house.

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In spite of their enthusiastic performance in every task and standing up in unity against the celebrities, it is only the Indiawale who are on the receiving end when it comes to evictions. In the Sunday episode of Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan, it was Navin Prakash who left the Bigg Boss house as he didn't get enough votes. What's interesting is the fact that among the nominated contestants, Navin had an upper hand because of being active and visible to the audience in comparison to Lokesh Kumari and Rahul Dev who are yet to perform in the house.

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After leaving the house, Salman Khan asked Navin to name the hero and the zero of the house respectively. While Navin titled Manveer Gurjar as the hero for being genuine throughout the game, he said Rahul is a zero as he has not been able to come out of his comfort zone even now. However, in his defence, Rahul said his background does not allow him to stoop to a level where he would make controversies for the sake of it. The comment wasn't taken well by the commoners.

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Inspired by Salman Khan's Sultan, the housemates participated in a wrestling task in which the one who would lose will be sevak to the winner for a day. Lopamudra Raut fought with Bani J and even managed to win. Among boys, Manveer, who fought with Gaurav, won the task.

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Salman also revealed the true side of Swami Om when he was in the secret room. In the video, he yet again passed misogynistic comments against Mona Lisa and Lokesh Kumari, and abused Manveer and Manoj Punjabi.

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Tanisha Mukerji and VJ Andy, who were Bigg Boss season 7 contestants, gave a reality check to Bani J about her captaincy, leading to a verbal spat between Bani and Manoj.

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Adding entertainment element to the show, Himesh Reshammiya, who was at the show to promote his latest album, performed with Salman Khan.