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2.0 fever grips India

Superstar Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0 has released in the theaters and how. The release of the Shankar directorial is being celebrated like a festival not only down South but also in Mumbai

2.0 release photos

The Rajinikanth mania has hit the younger and the older generations alike. Kids have their body painted with an image of Rajinikanth. Also, a few hours ahead of the release, fans of the superstar have arranged for a Rajni-Rath.

rajinikanth 2.0 movie released

At 67, Rajinikanth still attracts moviegoers by the hordes and this photo of fans reaching the theater in Chennai is proof.

rajinikanth fan following
2.0 movie in theaters

The theaters in Mumbai and Chennai are decorated with posters, banners and several cutouts of Rajinikanth.

rajinikanth fans at 2.0 relese

A lady who has been a Rajinikanth fan since childhood came with her husband and son to catch the first day first show of 2.0. This is the kind of emotional connect Rajinikanth fans have with him.

rajinikanth fans celebrate 2.0 release

Fans dance their heart out as they arrive to watch superstar Rajinikanth's film 2.0

rajinikanth 2.0 movie release

The Rajinikanth film is getting a positive response from the audience.

rajinikanth 2.0 movie

Rajinikanth fans pose for a group photo outside a Mumbai theater.