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Quirky gadgets: Classic Tube Speaker,Folio cord wrapper,Lucid keyboard protector and more

Classic Tube Speaker: Lightweight USB speaker featuring bulbs that glow and blink in time to your music. Connect to your laptop via USB and this accessory doubles as a practical tool to connect additional devices such as your phone,mouse,camera or keyboard with its additional USB ports.

Muku Shuttr: For Android and iPhone is your dad’s camera controller updated with Bluetooth 3.0 for that 21st century point-and-shoot you keep in your pocket every day. And it’s small enough to keep on your keychain,so you can be sure you’ll have it for the perfect group shot (or selfie) wherever and whenever.

Lucid keyboard protector: Designed for MacBook Pro 13”/15”/17. Made of durable,non-toxic,recyclable material. Only 0.02 cm thin,allows backlit keys to shine through and unparalleled tactile response. Lucid not only keeps your MacBook Pro away from dust and other contaminants,but also provides comfortable typing sense.

Folio cord wrapper: Stylish iPhone 5/5s case with a few tricks up its sleeves: Behind its wallet door,Folio's cord wrapper keeps earbuds organized right next to a storage compartment for small stuff like aspirin or gum. This multifunctional beauty does it all without bulking up your pockets.

Hiku Kitchen Scanner: Hiku brings grocery shopping into the app-enabled age. This iOS device scans barcodes and recognizes voice commands,adding items to a list across all your devices. Whether holiday or housewarming,it’s a gift to remember.

LuminAID Solar Light: Leave the lantern at home and bring along the solar-powered,inflatable LuminAID on your next camping adventure. Charge LuminAID in sunlight,inflate it using a easy-to-use valve,and enjoy up to 16 hours of LED light wherever you need it.

Tiggly shapes: Big colorful rings that look like old-school toddler toys and bridge the gap between the physical and digital play spaces. Each shape packs capacitive nodes that interact with your iPad so kids can learn about shapes,improve their motor skills,and think creatively and critically.

Practical Meter: Knowledge is power,and with the Practical Meter you’ll never be in the dark when it comes to the charging performance of your mobile devices.