Photos: India’s Most Attractive Brands 2013

Photos: India’s Most Attractive Brands 2013

India’s Most Attractive Brands 2013: It is no mean feat to be to have garnered the universal adoration and love of consumers,but it is the pinnacle of achievements to be ranked at the top. India's Top 20 attractive brands come from 8 categories with personal accessories represented by 5 brands,3 each for diversified and FMCG,2 brands from durables,F&B,personal gadgets and technology,and 1 brand represented from automobiles. (Copyright: Trust Research Advisory Pvt Ltd; Author: N. Chandramouli)

Samsung Mobiles emerges as the India's most attractive brand in 2013.

Consumer durables leader Sony is number two in India's Most attractive brand in 2013 ranking.

Nokia arrives as the third most attractive brand across all categories in India.

India's fourth most attractive brand is South Korean chaebol LG.

India's very own giant,Tata has to be satisfied with fifth position in India's most attractive brand in 2013 ranking.

Lux,the eighty-nine year old Unilever brand with revenues more than one billion dollars worldwide,shines through as India's sixth most attractive brand.

Auto major Maruti Suzuki is seventh most attractive,Godrej is eighth ranked,followed by Bajaj as the ninth most attractive brand.

Dell,the innovative technology brand,is at India's tenth most attractive brand rank.

Apple ,a brand that has a following like a religious cult,is India's nineteenth most attractive,followed by Pepsi as the twentieth most attractive brand.