Indian street food: Delhi,Mumbai,Kolkata,Sonepur

Indian street food: Delhi,Mumbai,Kolkata,Sonepur

People wait for snacks at a roadside stall in Mumbai. Indian officials are conducting training seminars on the basics of food safety and hygiene,an attempt to curtail the infamous "Delhi belly" that has struck down many an adventurous snacker in India. (AP)

A cook uses his hand to release pieces of chicken into hot oil at a street side food joint in New Delhi. The millions of food vendors peddling tasty morsels from roadside stalls and rickshaws across India have long been an emblem of the country's boisterous,chaotic spirit. (AP)

Some people enjoy food spread out on a table by a road at a street food joint in New Delhi. The food safety and hygiene seminar offered a primer on safe drinking water and disposable gloves,along with a list of food-handling do's and don'ts. (AP)

A man waits for his food at a street food joint in Kolkata,India. Many Indians already have ways of finding the freshest and most succulent chaat,the small plates of savory snacks sold on the streets. (AP)

A woman fries food at a street food joint in Sonepur,India. (AP)