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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Top five smartphone games to try this November

shayak-majumder November 12, 2015

Rayman Fiesta Run

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Publisher: Ubisoft
Size: 204 MB
Download here
Rayman and his friends live in a mad, musical and an alluring world. Everything in Ubisoft’s latest in the popular Rayman series is as crazy as they come. Wild artwork, hilarious musical score and brisk gameplay makes Rayman Fiesta Run one of the best Ubisoft games we have played on phone.Like most Ubisoft mobile productions, Rayman is an action platformer, where you follow Rayman and his merry mates through remarkable levels, trying to rescue as many lums (jolly little flying creatures) as you can.

The levels are short and fast-paced and the real challenge is to be able to collect all the lums before you cross the finish line. There are plenty of wacky levels to explore and hundreds of lums to rescue. So, what are you waiting for? Download Rayman Fiesta Run and start playing now.

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