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Saturday, October 16, 2021


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How to protect your child from allergies

July 9, 2018 5:34:12 pm

It is essential for parents to know what triggers their child’s allergy. After a certain age, as per the doctor’s advice, allergy tests can be conducted on the child to be sure of the exact cause.

5 interesting facts about Indian wildlife

January 18, 2019 1:16:44 pm

Here are some facts about Indian wildlife from The Great Indian Nature Trail With Uncle Bikky, a comic book about one such wildlife mad trio.

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10 creative ways to do up a child’s room

July 9, 2018 11:42:06 am

Every child is different and one must design the room based on what the child likes or doesn’t. The child’s personality should reflect in the room and they should feel comfortable and happy using it.

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Sita and Draupadi, feminist icons for young girls today

July 14, 2020 10:52:04 am

In the two epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, the respective heroines Sita and Draupadi are feminist icons, though different in their circumstances and character.

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5 seriously funny books for kids in primary school

July 8, 2018 11:20:38 am

Is your child old enough to start reading? Here are some hilarious books that will keep them hooked to the reading habit!

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DIY: Make a sheep with earbuds!

October 16, 2018 12:35:32 pm

Are the kids getting restless with nothing to do? Turn a dull day lively with some earbuds, paper and fevicol! Get crafty with the kids, making this cute little sheep within minutes. And you don’t have to make just make one!

Know Your Monument: Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

October 29, 2018 11:20:15 am

On any given day, the Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation estimates that the terminus is used by approx. 6.4 lakh people. They might stop and glance at CST momentarily, click a selfie with it perhaps, but their engagement with it mostly ends there.

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Short story by Ruskin Bond: Miss Babcock’s Big Toe

May 19, 2020 3:46:32 pm

"And sometimes, out of plain mischief, he would give several tugs on that string until Miss Babcock arrived with a pill or a glass of water."

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Everyday Gender: Are mothers the ‘naturally’ better parent?

July 9, 2018 1:03:43 pm

Maybe there is a cue in this for men, women and the judiciary so that cases of custody are decided based on individual merit and capability, where the interest of the child is paramount – and not by age-old stereotypes that must be smashed anyway.

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8 Disney movies to watch with your child

July 6, 2018 2:42:51 pm

The release of the long awaited sequel to The Incredibles is just the right mood to get out the popcorn and settle down for some Disney fun with your kids!

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Superfoods: Health benefits of turmeric for kids

July 6, 2018 12:16:35 pm

Children face a number of health problems due to their young age and low immunity compared to adults, right from illnesses like asthma to sports injuries.

#MeToo: How to talk to your kids about sexual abuse

October 9, 2018 10:52:42 am

ell your kids that it is not okay to have any body secrets from them at any time, and that if someone threatens them, then they definitely need to talk to you freely without any fear of being reprimanded.

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Say yes to yoghurt, even during a cold!

July 5, 2018 5:08:15 pm

Yoghurt can be quite beneficial for the body. It contains calcium, protein and bacteria which aids digestion and also causes the adequate absorption of nutrients.

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In the age of ADHD, what draws kids to chess?

July 5, 2018 3:08:19 pm

The Delhi International Grandmasters Chess tournament in January 2019, has a plus-Rs 1 crore prize pool. The association will be hosting almost 5,000 chess community members from across the world.

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Newbie dad breastfeeds newborn daughter right after delivery

July 5, 2018 3:20:58 pm

Seeing how a father took such big role right after delivery won several hearts on social media. It is a good example to curb the pressure that the newbie moms often feel after their delivery also lead to postpartum blues. 

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Be a friend to your child: Chitrangada Singh

July 5, 2018 5:24:49 pm

After her divorce in 2014, Chitrangada has been a single parent and finds the role of a mother most fulfilling. In an exclusive chat, Chitrangada opens up about being a mom and how she prefers to be her son’s friend than being a typical parent.

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Fertility treatments: Myths vs Reality

July 4, 2018 5:07:16 pm

Statistics reveal that since the 1990s, the average age of women having children after 30 years of age has been rising as compared to women younger than 20 years of age.

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Independence Day 2018: Dress your kids in khadi, says Ritu Beri

August 15, 2018 10:58:13 am

Independence Day 2018: Khadi is a fabric for all seasons and stays fresh all day long, making it a perfect choice for kidswear, says designer Ritu Beri.


8 reasons to take your child to National Rail Museum

July 4, 2018 11:31:41 am

If you want to take your child out for a fun afternoon, look no further than the National Rail Museum in Delhi. Here are eight reasons why they are sure to have a great time!

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Boys don’t cry: Why it’s more difficult to emancipate my son

July 10, 2019 10:36:55 am

Does anger or humiliation know gender? Does rage naturally pour out of boys and trickle out of girls? And while it seems like our daughter has figured out she’s no different from her brother, it's my son who started to confine himself to learnt notions of maleness.

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The privilege of being a stay at home dad

July 3, 2018 5:30:58 pm

Eventually making him fall in love with my Royal Enfield bike finally did the trick. The bike is no more mine, it’s “our Bullet bike”.

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5 Delhi theme parks you must visit this summer

July 3, 2018 3:22:13 pm

Just put on loads on sunscreen before hitting them and you’re good to go. Here’s our pick of five Delhi theme parks you must visit this summer.

Get your kid to start cooking early!

Cooking with kids: Start early

July 8, 2018 11:16:57 am

The writer got her son to help in the kitchen when he was just three! Try out her recipe of Cake Pops with your child. By Jyoti Watchmaker It’s always a great idea to involve kids in the kitchen. As a mum of a nine-year-old and an avid cook myself, I initiated my son into baking […]

Sleeping Tips for Babies, Dream feed, Sleeping with baby, Swaddling, baby sleeping habits

Sleeping Tips for Babies

July 3, 2018 9:42:04 am

As a parent, it can sometimes be frustrating to detect your baby’s sleeping pattern as they like to take naps for three to four hours. Babies sleep for more than 15 hours a day and they need to be fed constantly.

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5 ways your child can avoid germs and increase immunity

July 2, 2018 9:04:30 pm

Kids indulge in a lot of activities daily, right from school to the playground to home. In the process, they carry a lot of germs with them and often eat with the same dirty hands.