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The Early Years: Why does your child throw a tantrum?

Make sure you have your child's attention before speaking with him/her. This is easily done by sitting in front of the child and looking at his/her eyes while using their name.

Holi 2019: Myths and stories behind the festival of colours

Holi mythological stories: The festival is celebrated with great vigour in the villages around Mathura, the birthplace of Krishna. Holi is also associated with the Divine Dance known as Raaslila staged by Lord Krishna for the benefit of his devout gopis.

How technology is transforming classroom learning in schools

When students feel engaged with a subject and the interest is high, the learning curve sees a substantial improvement. With the help of the internet and Virtual Reality, students can gain real world experience.

‘If your child doesn’t ask you about sex and puberty, talk about it anyway’

"There is never a wrong time to have the talk. When you see an ad for a sanitary napkin on TV, or a bird makes a nest in your window and lays an egg, it is the right time,” says Anju Kish, author and sexuality educator for kids.

8 phrases to avoid when talking to your child

Are you calling your child selfish, smart or telling them they’re okay when they aren’t? Here are some common phrases to watch out for, when addressing your child.

This startup is helping students understand Physics by teaching them to fly rockets

Meet Divyanshu Poddar and Akash Ekka, founders of Rocketeers, who are building model rockets and also collaborating with schools and colleges to teach students how to fly them.

5 ways parents can teach kids about money management

Parents can encourage the habit of saving among their children by giving them a goal to save a certain percentage of their allowances by the end of every month. Reinforcement should be done by rewarding the successful attainment of goals.

How concept-based learning can make children future ready

Concept-based learning lays emphasis on helping children understand the core concept rather than just sharing a layer of important information of the concept. The end-motive is to help children to understand and retain what they are taught rather than made to mug up.

The tale of the other East India Companies

When we say East India Company, we don't think of the French East India Company or the Portuguese East India Company, or the Dutch East India Company. We certainly don't think of Nordic people like the Danes and Swedes having trading outposts in India.

Apps that can help improve your child’s Maths and Science grades

Learning apps can aid in studying Maths and Science, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to helps students learn at their own individual pace, which is often missing in classrooms.

Elections 2019: How to help kids organise elections in school

Wondering how to explain the importance of the general elections to your child? Help them organise elections in their school with this guide and watch as they learn about voting and the value of living in a democracy.

Don’t have answers for your child’s questions? This Kerala helpline will do it for you

Kerala Forest Research Institute launched a helpline for children on National Science Day to answer their first questions, which are usually not given due importance or ignored.