Cong 99
BJP 81
OTH 19

Madhya Pradesh

Cong 112
BJP 97


Cong 53
BJP 26


TDP-Cong 25


MNF 25
Cong 10
*Total Tally Reflects Leads + Wins

Learning News

Human Rights Day: 10 books your kids can read to become better persons

Get your kids to read these books to learn about the basic human rights, from equality to education.

7 cookbooks inspired by children’s books

These cookbooks will encourage children and adults alike to try new dishes.

7 books to introduce kids to the wonders of space

If your child has been asking questions about space, they are sure to enjoy these books.

Date with a wizard: Meet Australian artist and author Leigh Hobbs

"I have a feeling that Mr Chicken may be visiting India. He wants to move into the Taj Mahal, I believe. Well, according to some drawings sent to me in Australia from an Indian boy".

‘Parents can spend Rs 200 on a cup of coffee, but hesitate when buying a children’s book’

If we look at the entire population, an average child under eight in the UK has six books outside of his/her school books. In India, understandably because of poverty, illiteracy etc, the figure would be lower. But can you believe it is less than one book per 100 children? We have a long way to go.

Alexander the Great vs the Morose Monks in India

In yet another colourful encounter, 10 gymnosophists (the Greek word for Jains!) were captured and brought to Taxila. Since they had a reputation for cleverness and wit, Alexander thought to play a game with them. He declared that he would ask each of them a question, and put to death the one who had the worst answer.

Short story: Divya has to play football, but she has the sniffles

It’s the day of the Famous Football Cup and poor Divya has the sniffles! Will she be able to play? Read this story to find out what happens to Divya, and also learn about how best to avoid the sniffles.

Blocks, puzzles and boxes score over smart toys for kids

The pediatricians' group recommends no screen time for children up to age 2, and says total screen time including TV and computer use should be less than one hour daily for ages 2 and older.

These visually challenged kids are learning to click pictures with a regular camera

Learning photography has made these visually impaired children more confident at an early age. Express Parenting met fashion photographer Richa Maheshwari, who is helping these kids express their love for photography, fuelled by the desire to be seen on social media.

Take the spelling challenge with words containing silent letters

The book P for Pterodactyl contains several alliterative sentences, such as: “The noble knight’s knife nicked the knave’s knee” and “Shhh! The fascinating czar is secretly part Czech.”

The Early Years: Demystifying Labels-Dyscalculia

We use basic math language all the time, without realising it. When we keep score during cricket and determine how much our team is ahead or behind-that's math. We constantly use comparison words such as big and little.

No, comic books are not always meant for children. Not even Marvel or DC

The eighth edition of Delhi Comic Con is all set to be celebrated on December 7-8. Before you take your kids to the event, remember comics are not just meant for them. Check the reader age group of comic book you pick up before giving it your kids.


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