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How to deal with autistic kids during illness

A totally new enclosure like a ward or a dentist’s office may scare an autistic child. Make the process comfortable. A family once brought their own wing chair to the hospital room during a blood test for their child. It depends on your experience and observing what makes your child happy.

3 breathing exercises your kids can practise to cope with air pollution

ontinued exposure to exceeding levels of air pollution can lead to a reduction in the development and growth of a child, as well as a reduction in the maximal functional capacities of their bodies, leading to enhanced susceptibility to infections and diseases in their adult lives.

What causes breathing problems in newborns and kids?

Children suffer from infections and allergies, both of which lead to breathing problems. Respiratory infections are divided into upper respiratory infections (URI) and lower respiratory infection (LRTI). Most colds and coughs are caused by URIs that last seven to 15 days, are self-limiting and do not need any medications.

Noticed sudden redness on your breast while feeding your baby? This may be the reason

Fat necrosis can lead to inflammation of the breast, causing a condition called mastitis.

How air pollution affects pregnant women and newborn babies

It is advisable to avoid crowded public places for long hours. Again at these places, there is a high chance of inhaling smoke, paint and dust. If there is any such activity happening around you, allow the fresh air to pass through the windows.

How to make sure your child is getting enough sleep

Watching TV late at night or spending more time on laptops, cellphones and digital games is the main reason for insomnia among children. Children may sleep late at night, but need to rise early to attend school.

Are you an exhausted parent? Take out some me-time

Effective parenting encompasses patient communication, empathy, playfulness and loads of love and care for our children. This can only happen when we are not feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Effects of invisible air pollution on kids: A parental guide

With the increase in poor AQI level, deteriorating indoor and outdoor air quality is a major concern for everyone. Exposure to poor indoor and outdoor air quality puts kids at a number of health risks including allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues.

4 ways to protect your newborn from diseases

Newborns are generally the first to get infected with a virus or germs as their immune systems haven’t developed yet. Here are some pointers on how to protect your little one from infections by strengthening their immunity.

Your child needs probiotics to stay healthy. Here’s why

Instead of supplements, use natural probiotic foods like yoghurt, curd, buttermilk and fermented foods. Honey is also a type of probiotic, but should not be given to children below one year of age.

14 Ayurvedic ways to protect your child from mosquito bites

Maintain proper hygiene in and around your house. Most important is to check stagnant water from accumulating near the house.

Having ghee can protect kids from diseases. Here’s how

It is recommended to limit children’s ghee intake to half or one teaspoon a day. This is not a fixed number though and can be varied as per the doctor’s advice after considering the age and growth of toddlers.