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Stuttering Awareness: Do’s and don’ts for parents while talking to kids

International Stuttering Awareness Day 2019: October 22 was designated International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) in 1998. The day is intended to raise public awareness of the millions of people; one percent of the world's population who have the speech disorder of stuttering.

‘Many preterm babies grow up to lead healthy, resilient lives’

More than 2.5 million children were analysed for the study. More than half of the ones born prematurely showed no serious health concerns in adulthood. That said, babies who are born extremely premature (22 to 27 weeks), however, can still face health complications, as per the study.

From pooping to sleeping, baby care myths busted

Baby care myths: There is nothing that walkers can do, expect increase the risk of accidents, such as the baby falling down. Walkers will also force the baby into movements that they aren't necessarily ready for, harming their muscles.

How to diagnose ADHD in kids: Look out for these signs

ADHD in kids: No matter what, please understand that ADHD is not a mental condition or learning disability. While this is true to a certain extent, it does not mean that affected individuals are intellectually disabled.

This mom found a simple hack to keep her kids off mobile phones

In a social media post, the mother talked about her 'containment counter', where her kids have to leave their phones each night before going to bed.

‘Breast milk contains unique compound to protect babies from harmful bacteria’

Breastfeeding is known to contain natural antibiotics, besides increasing intelligence and decreasing the chances of getting middle ear infections. Breast milk is also known to increase cold and flu resistance.

What is inguinal hernia in infants? A doctor explains

Hernias in infants differ from those in adults. In adults there is no patent opening, but a generalised weakness of the tummy wall which causes intestines to bulge out. Hence the treatment also differs in children and adults.

Watch: Causes of recurrent miscarriages and precautions, as explained by a doctor

"There are women who have baseline hypertension and it is important to correct it and then proceed for pregnancy," said Dr Pratibha Singhal.

Imagine: Parenting and the art of selective watering — even shy dreamers can sparkle

There are many children who are shy, scattered, disorganised, dreamers, clumsy and noisy. They might still have huge reservoirs of creativity, talent, ability, generosity, etc, but all that is lost behind cobwebs of mis-wiring that keep them from connecting and showing their sparkle.

The Early Years: Worried that your child isn’t speaking yet? Here are some reasons

If your child is not cooing, smiling and babbling by three to six months, not responding to name and sounds in the environment and does not understand or wave bye-bye by six to nine months, then that is cause for concern.

Too much of a single sport can mean risk of injury in kids, say trainers

A proposed rule of thumb: A child’s age equals the number of hours he or she should spend in sports training each week.

Is it safe to treat breast cancer during pregnancy?

Radiation therapy usually doesn't start until after the pregnancy, since it could harm the baby. If chemotherapy is required, your doctor will wait until after the first trimester, to reduce the risk of it impacting the baby.