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A flight attendant suggests the best time to fly with toddlers

The flight attendant, who has worked as a Cabin Service Supervisor for eight years, also mentioned that parents should not be scared of letting their kids walk up and down the aisle.

Parenting is a partnership, here’s how to keep your sanity

If it comes naturally to the mother to prioritise caring for the baby over going back to work, that's her choice and privilege. If you've decided to reverse the roles or both need to juggle work and home, that's okay too.

Dads can help prevent anxiety in kids by encouraging them to push themselves, says study

The study found that fathers, who challenged kids to endless games of chess, basketball or backyard cricket and never let them win may have been helping kids to cope with anxiety as they grow.

How to safeguard children from cyberbullying

The situation calls for sensitivity and care. Once you provide that emotional anchor, see how the child is behaving. If the behavioural problems persist, further healing is needed, which can come from family, and if required, from a professional mental-health practitioner.

Watch: How to tackle child sexual abuse material on the internet

"The amount of content in circulation today is massive and growing. This is a truly global problem...Abusers are cheered on in chat rooms dedicated to the abuse of children, where they gain rank and notoriety with more abuse and more victims."

Bad cola to snow: Moms share their weirdest pregnancy cravings

"I would wake up at 3 am craving snow so bad that I would leave the house barefoot in my PJs and eat it from the yard. I must have looked completely crazy."

Teens are practising ‘sadfishing’ on social media, says research. What does it mean?

The trend came to notice after Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner were reportedly found to practise sadfishing online. Recent surveys are now suggesting that not just adults but even children are resorting to sadfishing on social media.

Breastfeeding: Have you tried the football hold? Here are 6 ways to hold your baby

Breastfeeding your baby for the first time? Here are some comfortable positions you can try while feeding your baby.

Travelling with kids: 5 things to keep in mind for a family road trip

It is also a good idea to introduce the itinerary to children in advance so they are also a part of planning and hence more involved. Identifying pit-stops, typically stops to eat and toilet breaks become more important when travelling with children.

Top 5 trends in newborn clothing

Top Trends In Newborn Clothing: Ease of mobility for babies and quick access to diapers for parents makes onesies more of a necessity than a trend. Also called bodysuits, they are available at almost every babywear retailer.

Global Handwashing Day 2019: Fun ways to teach kids to wash their hands

Global Handwashing Day: Kids tend to get their hands soiled while playing and if not washed properly, this can increase the risk of common diseases like stomach ache or diarrhoea.

For parents like Shahid Kapoor struggling for ‘breathing space’, here are tips to cope

What Shahid Kapoor is experiencing is perhaps familiar to most parents, especially those with younger kids. Parents have to be on their toes constantly to look after their little ones, leaving hardly any time for them to take a break from all the responsibilities and relax.