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Raj Kapoor’s 94th birth anniversary: Lonely childhood to being a not-so-regular dad

In an interview, Raj's daughter Rima Jain had revealed, "Papa was not a regular dad, who'd be available at all times. But he was aware of everything that we did. Basically, Papa, for us, meant 'entertainment'..."

Try these parental controls for hyper-connected kids

Cyber bullying, digital addiction, age-inappropriate content, predators — these are a parent's nightmares. Are the measures you’ve taken to prevent them enough by themselves? Here are some tips from a parent.

How to break the news of divorce to kids

When you break the news to your children that you are planning to go your separate ways, handle these conversations with maturity. Take care to find the right choice of words and expressions.

8 maternity clothing brands for moms-to-be to check out

We bring you a list of eight maternity brands available in India, which will offer expecting mothers a range of options to choose from, all at affordable prices.

What to pack for your backpacking trip: A travelling mom’s checklist

Fret not, as the backpacking mama is here to guide you with some serious packing essentials for a real backpacking trip.

Try these DIY ideas to decorate your child’s room

Create a scrapbook wall of all the pictures that you want in your toddler’s room. You can add to these as your child grows and encourage them to put up their favourites too.

Spend quality time with your children to make them feel secure

A personality development class might turn your child into an amazing orator but only a parent can help a child be emotionally expressive. When you hear a child out, he or she develops the confidence to express their emotions. A quality that’s very important for one’s emotional health.

‘I was nervous about Malala returning to Pakistan,’ writes father Ziauddin Yousafzai in his memoir

"With my fear of losing Malala, I felt such terrible guilt that I had not stopped her from campaigning. I went over my intentions again and again. What had I been working towards that was worth this sacrifice of my child? How could I have miscalculated like this? Malala and I had stood together, united. But this fight almost left me with the dead body of my child."

Talking about menstruation encourages children to accept it as normal

Closer to nine or 10 years of age, girls should be told about changes in the body that will happen with teenage; how boys go through certain changes and girls go through different ones.

A child needs both parents, believes single mom Suchitra Krishnamoorthi

Singer Suchitra Krishnamoorthi firmly believes that a child undoubtedly needs both parents to evolve into a warm, secure person. "It needs constant effort and a great deal of unselfishness. But then, that is what parenting is all about," she says.

5 things to teach your toddler for a productive life ahead

Kids need to learn certain basic personality traits from us. These are skills they don't teach in schools. Here are some of them.

Is it your baby’s first winter? Here are tips to keep him warm and heallthy

Here are some tips for parents to make sure their newborn doesn't face any discomfort and remains healthy during winter.