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Actress Chhavi Mittal gives it back to a man who called his pregnant wife a ‘cow’

Chhavi took to social media to share the incident where a man asked him for weight loss tips for his pregnant wife, saying she "is becoming a cow already".

Holi: 9 tips on how kids can play safely with colours

Happy Holi: Before stepping out to play with colours, make sure to your child applies mustard or coconut oil or cream all over the body and face, especially the exposed areas. This will help remove the colours easily.

Get your kids to enjoy a playful, responsible Holi

Holi 2019: The overriding principles of the festival are a celebration of love and peace. It would be wonderful to explain the true meaning of Holi to children by getting them to make amends with friends they had a tiff with.

Kids are spending more ‘alone-together time’ with parents. What does that mean?

A study, published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, found that parents and their children are spending more time 'alone-together'.

Unlike moms, new dads may not feel an instant bonding with the baby

While new mothers develop intense bonding with their babies, fathers may not be able to feel it immediately. We spoke to a parenting coach to know the reasons behind it and asked for tips to help dads feel connected to the newborn.

Sameera Reddy to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Celeb moms who were body-shamed

Even as one appreciates Kareena's weight-loss journey post delivery, one needs to keep in mind that losing baby weight is not the same as shedding extra kilos at other times. Losing postpartum weight can even take up to a year.

Watch: Arjun Rampal share tips on how to raise confident girls

"I think what's most important is friendship. Have a really solid friendship with your daughters so that they can talk to you about anything and everything," says Arjun Rampal.

Kamal Sidhu: Kids are constantly watching us and learning

TV show host Kamal Sidhu believes in savouring the joys of being a hands-on mom. Having become a mom at 39, she says, "You can't do what you did in your 20s. Get real. You have to reorient life when you are in your 40s."

My daughter is my pride, says actor Manav Gohil

For television actor Manav Gohil, his six-year-old daughter Zahra-Tabitha is the centre of his universe. After becoming a dad, he reveals, when he works with child actors, he takes their permission before picking them up for a scene.

Parenting tips: 4 rules to follow when disciplining your child

Nurture a friendship with the kids. Explain the reason for rules and why it benefits them in the long-term to follow these. It’s never a good idea to have them respond to you out of fear.

Aamir to Akshay: These celeb dads are encouraging their kids to play sports

Aamir Khan was recently spotted with his wife Kiran Rao, cheering from the sidelines for their son Azad at his football tournament.

World Sleep Day 2019: 10 rules for a perfect bedtime routine for your baby

World Sleep Day: If you try to make your baby sleep forcefully, you will fail miserably. When they get tired, he/she automatically dozes off without much effort. Hence, playing some fun game before bedtime is a brilliant idea.