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Friday, July 01, 2022


Tomb of Sheikh Chilli

Know Your Monument: ‘Taj of Haryana’,the Tomb of Sheikh Chilli

April 18, 2020 11:45:37 am

In the thirteenth edition of this series on Indian monuments by Sahapedia, we look at Sheikh Chilli’s tomb in Thanesar. Called the ‘Taj of Haryana’, the tomb complex is an interesting study in the development of Mughal architecture in the seventeenth century.

parenting, gratitude wheel

9 ways to teach your child to manifest gratitude

April 11, 2020 2:36:20 pm

The attitude of "gratitude" can be a powerful tool for resilience in the face of COVID-19.

riddles for kids, riddles, simple riddles, easy riddles for kids, parenting, indian express, indian express news

Kids getting bored? Keep them engaged with these 20 riddles

April 9, 2020 12:08:45 pm

These riddles are guaranteed to leave your child in splits.


Watch: ‘My guru is my son,’ says a father

April 4, 2020 9:45:05 pm

"Parents, the most effective tool to make children (achieve milestones) is patience."

Spotify, music streaming app Spotify, Spotify trends for children and adults around the world, Spotify podcasts, parenting, indian express, indian express news

Playlists for kids: Here’s what parents around the world have been tuning in to

March 29, 2020 6:30:19 pm

According to the music streaming app Spotify, many parents are turning to all things audio -- from soothing songs to suspenseful stories to stream for their little ones on the app.

DIYs, easy DIYs, easy DIYs for kids and parents, things to do when children are at home, keeping children busy, parenting, indian express, indian express news

Kids getting bored? Here are 9 DIY craft influencers to follow

March 29, 2020 2:00:48 pm

Let these pages, videos and ideas help your child and you in this period of lockdown.

read alouds for children, how to keep children busy while in quarantine, stories for children, parenting, indian express, indian express news

Quarantined? Keep your child engaged with these YouTube read-alouds

March 25, 2020 6:20:25 pm

These read alouds will make sure your child stays busy while you quickly finish off other pending chores.

getting kids to listen, parenting tips, getting kids to engage, communicating with kids, parenting, indian express, indian express news

Watch: How to get your kids to listen and engage

March 22, 2020 6:20:37 pm

Coach and consultant Kris Prochaska suggests that parents must learn to treat kids as equal, and understand that they have a voice, too.


Mentalhood review by a parent: Most mothers will identify with the scenarios

March 21, 2020 12:12:29 pm

The episodes are short and fast-paced, and it's refreshing to see an Indian show talk about things like the new normal for families, surrogacy, some real struggles of parenting in a largely non-over the top style.


Watch: Why more fathers need to embrace co-parenting

March 15, 2020 5:43:20 pm

"In an ideal world, every parent is a co-parent. In an ideal world, both parents share the weight of the work appropriately," said Joel Leon.

World Wildlife Day, museums, museums of India, wildlife museums of India, parenting, indian express, indian express news

World Wildlife Day: Five museums for the young wildlife enthusiast

March 3, 2020 8:45:25 am

World Wildlife Day 2020: Natural history collections, housed in museums dotted across India are like mines of data. On World Wildlife Day, Sahapedia looks at five natural history museums that aim to educate mother earth’s future caretakers.

gifted minds, TED talk, parenting, indian express news

Watch: What makes gifted minds different?

March 1, 2020 6:00:11 pm

Sameena Manasawala says a gifted kid is not just one who answers all the questions in class, but also one who is shy, day-dreams a lot, or even someone with a learning difficulty.

How your child is fed is just as important as what they are eating

February 16, 2020 5:33:36 pm

"Feeding kids is not easy, it takes a lot of work...There is no magic food, best diet or special plan," said a nutritionist.

parenting, child trauma

Watch: Coping with childhood abuse and trauma

February 15, 2020 1:32:46 pm

Parents need to have the right approach towards child abuse and these tips might help.

little women movie

Little Women review by a parent: Jo will remain every young girl’s favourite

February 11, 2020 6:45:14 pm

Little Women: The non-chronological format is the only part of the movie that younger children may struggle with. Everything else is refreshingly real.

child birthday party, adventure park india

Enter the adventure zone for your child’s birthday party at these venues

January 24, 2020 3:02:24 pm

If your child loves adventure, here are some places you can take them to celebrate their birthday.


Watch: A ‘broken’ family does not mean a parenting failure

January 18, 2020 3:09:33 pm

"We use words like "broken family" with guilt and shame and I now understand that these are not just ways of describing situations. For many people they are categories by which we segregate others into an order of worth," said leadership coach Nina Farr.

Robert Downey Jr, dolittle review

Dolittle review by a parent: Don’t diss it till you have tried it

January 20, 2020 10:43:10 am

Ahoy maties! Come aboard for a swashbuckling adventure. 


Watch: Why most parenting advice may be wrong

January 12, 2020 12:07:10 pm

"Children can be shaped by many forces that are often intertwined like successful parents, successful genes, successful peers and a culture of success that they grow up in," said professor of psychology and neuroscience Yuko Munakata.

parenting tips, autism spectrum disorder

Watch: A mother on having ‘the talk’ with her eight-year-old

January 11, 2020 12:24:31 pm

The conversation starts when they discuss frogs and how they reproduce. her daughter asks, "And where do, um, where do human women, like, where do women lay their eggs?" 

parenting shows and movies

A mom recommends the best parenting shows to binge watch

January 8, 2020 12:30:29 pm

From among the bazillion shows currently on air, here's a list of top parenting related shows and the odd movie that have humour, drama and a healthy dose of realism about the journey of parenthood.

screen time

Watch: How to better manage your child’s relationship with the screen

January 5, 2020 3:06:14 pm

"We adults think kids are seeing what we're seeing, but it turns out that they need to first have a real store of background knowledge, they have to have gone through life to understand things the way that we adults understand them."

podcasts for children

7 enlightening podcasts to listen with your kids

January 1, 2020 1:10:32 pm

Since podcasts for kids are still a niche area the content is carefully monitored and goes much beyond mere entertainment.

museums of india, travel with kids

Plan for 2020: Visit these 12 museums over 12 months with family

January 2, 2020 11:31:44 am

New Year 2020: Social media junkies can head to Click Art Museum, Bengaluru where the striking images include Charlie Chaplin poking your stomach, Mona Lisa pouring you a glass of water, besides Batman and Joker spraying water on your face.

new year card design, easy new year cards designs

Happy New Year 2020: Easy DIY greeting card ideas for kids

December 31, 2019 9:38:19 am

Happy New Year card ideas 2020: From pop up greeting cards to magic cards, here are some innovative DIY ideas for children.