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Watch: What adults can learn from kids

Kids have a lot of life advice to offer adults, if they are willing to listen. Here are three TED Talks that offer a peek into the innovative mind of kids who have stepped into a world usually meant for grown-ups.

7 English classic songs to sing out loud with children

Encourage your child to sing as it will benefit him or her in a number of ways. Here are seven popular songs that your child can sing out loud.

This new toy is making children yell and parents aren’t happy

Yellies are toy spiders that function when you yell at them. Some parents, however, are not quite pleased with the concept.

Know Your Monument: The Sun Temple at Konark

The Sun Temple has been “an invaluable link in the history of the diffusion of the cult of Surya”, as UNESCO describes it. The cult originated in Kashmir during the 8th century and spread to Eastern India, and has been mentioned in the Puranas. It personifies the sun as a divine being but as one, true to its scientific origin, that plays a key role around creation, a fact that also connects to the erotic images in the upper storey of the structure.

Childhood trauma can affect health across a lifetime. Watch video

High levels of trauma can triple the risk of heart disease and lung cancer.

Human Rights Day: 5 world movies to watch with kids

He Named Me Malala to Ruby Bridges, here are some movies that your kids would enjoy watching.

Watch: All that you don’t know about mother’s milk

We not only need to provide adequate institutional support--from hospitals to offices--to mothers and infants but also educate men and women about lactation

Watch: What a mother learned from her intellectually disabled son

In a Ted Talk, Emilie Weight talks about how a diagnosis of disability heralds an opportunity, not despair.

7 children’s literature festivals in India you can take your kids to

Apart from browsing through books, children can attend panel discussions or storytelling sessions and can even participate in various workshops at the literature festivals held across the country.

Watch: What we don’t teach kids about sex and sensuality

For children to grow up to have healthy intimate relationships, while parents must talk about sex education, they should also be taught about desire, consent and boundaries. Teach kids about sensuality, not just sex, by engaging in the senses through touch, play and making eye contact.

Popeye, the sailor, is turning 90 and grows his own spinach in new videos

“People know and love characters like Nancy, Alley Oop and Popeye,” said Andrew Farago, curator of the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco. “Their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents know these characters.”

Five great movie parents to watch onscreen

Being a parent is serious business, but every once in a while, it's time to give yourself a pat on the back. Watch these onscreen parents and you're sure to relate to their challenges!