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‘Parental pressure can be at the root of childhood depression’

This is what happens in most households in our country with children unable to cope with the supremely high demands set by parents. Before the child is even born, they are expected to become the best engineers, doctors, lawyers, or government servants among others that the pressure becomes unbearable for them

Being Baba: Let’s make nursing in public comfortable for new mothers

Most families start going out with their baby possibly a month or two after they're born. Maybe to a family event, maybe even outstation or even something as simple as going to the mall--and when you're out most mothers are constantly worried about one thing. Will I find a safe and clean place to feed my baby?

Difficult Conversations: Give kids the gift of boredom in the summer holidays

We need to unplan a little, let go some more, and set them free. We need to remember the proverbial ‘our times’ – we aimlessly cycled around the block or played random games, the rules of which changed every day. Our children need that.

Difficult Conversations: Are we turning into snowplow parents?

We need to let go. We need to accept the fact that we are not super-parents and can probably not fix everything that is broken. A few cracks add to the character.

CCTV in daycare: ‘Look beyond the cameras and place trust in your child and staff’

The central and state governments have released guidelines on the installation of CCTV cameras in daycare centres, preschools, and primary schools as well as the provisions for parents to have access to live feeds.

Why we must strive to end the need for childcare institutions

While the transition from childcare institutions to family-based and alternate care is a long road, there are endless opportunities of growth for young children, provided they are nurtured in the caring environment of a loving family.

Parenthesis: Why you should stop comparing your child to others

The problem arises when instead of observing our child’s individual growth and progress and seeking help if needed, we compare our child to either his siblings or other children and judge him for being different.

5 rules for new age parents: Helicopter, tiger or just regular parenting?

New age parents deal with umpteen pressures and trepidations every day. Which side should you choose – should you be a friend or a parent? What is safe – helicopter or tiger parenting?

Why I won’t be introducing my child to Stan Lee’s universe just yet

Marvel comics were much less darker than DC. And because of that the superheroes are a lot more self-aware. They are able to mock their own superpowers and those of their counterparts.

Nurture the new parent as much as the baby

People feel that parenting workshops or classes are taken only by those who are struggling with parenting. But tell me, we know that we should be happy, but are we happy every single day? Doesn't a small hello or a cute message from a friend serve as motivation to be happy?

Imagine: Children with autism are different, not less

The child is not damaged or broken so nothing needs to be fixed. Maybe we are bit broken as human beings that we struggle to accept children who do not fit into the neat grooves we design for them.

Being Baba: Yes, baby fashion is a thing!

Owing to some of Neil's pretty pink and purple onesies, and his pierced ears, we've had quite a few strangers remark "Aww, she's so cute!" - and we have absolutely no problem with that!