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Difficult Conversations: Moms, keep calm and kick the negativity

We are the harshest critics of self. As mothers, we are constantly judging ourselves. "Am I a good mum?" - this question forever echoes in our ears. In the process of continuous criticism of self, we feed the little beast that is self-doubt.

Parenthesis: Do your kids seem destructive? They probably just want to play

When your toddler wants to play peek-a-boo all the time, he is just satisfying his urge or need to play in a specific way. Researchers believe that these patterns of play help your child develop as they explore the world trying to find out how things work.

Is your child gifted? An IQ test is not the only marker of talent

It was found that early testing of students, by the age of 13, helps to identify students with outstanding potential. Gifted students need the right support to develop the attributes of top performers – curiosity, persistence and, of course, hard work.

World Population Day 2019: A need to include population education in the school curriculum

World Population Day: Children will inherit our world. We wouldn't want them to commit the same mistakes which our generation and our predecessors committed. Therefore, it is imperative to educate them by making them aware about the pitfalls of overpopulation.

Parenting hacks from a mom of twins: Keep a sense of humour, stay calm and carry on

The folks who said it takes a village to raise a child were spot on. Find your people - your family, friends and other parents of twins. Getting in touch with other parents of twins and multiples makes you realise the normalcy hidden in your crazy life.

It’s okay if my son doesn’t get into college: A note from a Dino Mom to Tiger Moms

Kids ought to feel the joy when they compete in those maths classes, dance competitions or cut-throat academics and not a sharp shove from the over-ambitious parent who has elaborate designs to ensure a blindingly bright future.

Boys don’t cry: Why it’s more difficult to emancipate my son

Does anger or humiliation know gender? Does rage naturally pour out of boys and trickle out of girls? And while it seems like our daughter has figured out she’s no different from her brother, it's my son who started to confine himself to learnt notions of maleness.

Parenthesis: Birthday parties made me a wreck till my twins rescued me

A bouncy castle at a birthday party seemed like the most natural thing in the world. Loud blaring music and equally loud party hosts competed with each other. I returned from each party with a splitting headache.

The need for inclusive education: Every child has different needs

Inclusive education needs to look at boundaries in personalities and temperaments, in motor and verbal skills that are more implicit and not a disorder but a need nonetheless. Taking initiative, performance in extracurricular activities and even in academic has a lot to do with these early associations a child makes.

Being Baba: Donating memories, giving away what my baby no longer needs

As your baby grows older the number of things they have just keeps increasing and no matter how much you're attached to the older stuff, you must make space for the new. You are then faced with the dilemma of what to do with your precious memories.

The case for education: As parents, we can’t live in glass castles

As a parent, I feel that we can't live in glass castles. When our children grow up, they'll be forced to deal with a harsh ecosystem of corruption and violence because it would have stemmed from ignoring the needs of other marginalised kids.

How to teach your children about climate change in small, but significant ways

We can take our children to plant-a-tree workshops over weekends and share pictures on social media, but to make children fall in love with trees and to encourage them to build a relationship with nature requires consistent effort at home as well as outside.