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When your child has a crush, how should you react?

For the teen or preteens, their feelings are very real and important. If they have a crush on someone, it is true love. If someone else has a crush on them, they are genuinely confused.

How to teach children the value of commitment

Children are good at resisting - vegetables, the morning bath, the music classes, handwriting practice, Hindi tuitions...each one has his or her own list. As parents, how much do we persist and where should we let go? How does one inculcate commitment in a child?

A parent shares her personal journey in coping with a dyslexic daughter

Having observed obvious and persistent signs right from the beginning, it was clear to me that something was different and needed to be addressed, so acceptance wasn't hard. And being a problem solver by nature, I was keen to get her the right help and support.

Want your child to not be scared of mathematics? Try these fun learning methods

Mathematics has been deemed a subject that is comprehensible only to "bright minds", mainly because the level of difficulty is high compared to other subjects.

Parenthesis: Does your child want to order in regularly? Here’s how to deal with it

Exposure to different cultures and the booming restaurant industry has led to a change in palate for the young Indian consumer. They are no longer satisfied with eating dal, roti and sabzi on a daily basis.

Grab those helping hands! New moms must fight the instinct of going it alone

“An important realisation that hit home was how much the ability to ask for and appreciate help would be useful when I eventually did decide to go back to work, travel or just attend to business.”

The Gran View: Verbal abuse can leave scars for a lifetime

Kids must be taught that making fun of others, be it their body size, colour of skin, accents, physical or mental disabilities can lead to hurting others’ feelings.

Difficult Conversations: Talk to your kids about child sexual abuse

What would you rather have—a child who cannot confide in you or a child who can trust you? As parents, there are a few things we need to keep in mind.

Fun learning apps for your child don’t work without tutors

Are you encouraging your child to watch cool video lectures on apps? It may not be very helpful in the absence of a tutor and personalised teaching.

Parenthesis: Do you catch yourself saying ‘No’ to your child all the time?

The danger with saying “No” frequently is that over a period of time, the word itself loses all meaning. Your child may start to ignore your instructions.

Social and emotional learning is crucial for young learners

Parents must encourage instructors to create a well-structured classroom environment with a positive climate, an organised routine and develop necessary study skills.

Learning while teaching bright sparks at an MCD school

It's not that the kids aren't intelligent, but just that nobody reads to them and nobody in their vicinity speaks with them in English. In fact, their Hindi is far better than kids in private schools.