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Talking about death: Parents share tips to comfort anxious kids

"I just held his hand and talked with him. We talked about different cultures and what they believe, what our family believes, what happens at a funeral, what happens to your body, how you feel, how you think you might feel, pretty much anything that came up."

Watch: A parenting expert’s tips on raising teens in the age of anxiety

"There's a lot we don't know about the lives of our kids today. When I talk to parents, I tell them, 'You aren't a teenager like your kids. You have to learn from them and you have to ask a lot of questions.'"

Imagine: How to savour life in overwhelming times

It’s not about how much you do, but what you do, and less can be more. More than enough.

Preschool is not just fun and games, but brainwork as well

Once you decide to send the child to school, the next question is how to select the best one. Preschool is not just the first step of your precious child outside the home but the first platform for learning.

The Early Years: Creative play helps you get to know your child better

Children need daily opportunities for creative play and creative thinking. Start by providing activities that your child is interested in. Offer a wide range of creative materials and experiences.

Kate Middleton is talking about attachment parenting. What does it mean?

Kate Middleton, who has been working on early childhood development, discussed the theory of attachment parenting, which also recommends maximum skin-to-skin contact, including kangaroo care, baths and baby wearing.

Women who smoke during pregnancy may affect daughter’s fertility, says study

The effects of smoking during pregnancy have been studied by experts in the past too, including complications like sudden bleeding. Even exposure to passive smoking during pregnancy can be harmful, increasing the risk of high blood pressure.

Why Sushmita Sen’s daughter reciting popular Bengali poem is heartwarming

The actress and mother recently shared a clip of her daughter reciting a poem in Bengali titled Huko Mukho Hangla from popular poet Sukumar Ray's collection Abol Tabol.

Preventing teen suicide: Be alert to the warning signs

Experiencing stress and anxiety during such a phase is inevitable, as it is for most other phases of life. It's important to remember that adolescents, like anyone else, are susceptible to experiencing stress.

Check out these edutainment shows for kids under 5 years

Watch these interesting and engaging educational shows with your kids to inculcate values and teach them important skills.

Unborn babies exposed to effects of air pollution, says study

The research examined 25 placentas from non-smoking women. And they found nanoparticles on the foetal side of the placenta, which correlated with the air pollution levels experienced by the mothers.

Babies born by C-section may lose out on the mother’s helpful gut bacteria

Microbiome imbalances have been linked to disorders like asthma, allergies and other inflammatory diseases. Scientists, however, are yet to confirm if a baby's nascent microbiome could ultimately influence these disorders.