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This mom found a simple hack to keep her kids off mobile phones

In a social media post, the mother talked about her 'containment counter', where her kids have to leave their phones each night before going to bed.

‘I realised I was dyslexic when my daughter was diagnosed’

Dyslexia is an alternative way of thinking. Research shows that dyslexic brains, because of their different wiring, have an ability to recognise patterns, decode the bigger picture and make connections others cannot see.

Dads can help prevent anxiety in kids by encouraging them to push themselves, says study

The study found that fathers, who challenged kids to endless games of chess, basketball or backyard cricket and never let them win may have been helping kids to cope with anxiety as they grow.

‘Breast milk contains unique compound to protect babies from harmful bacteria’

Breastfeeding is known to contain natural antibiotics, besides increasing intelligence and decreasing the chances of getting middle ear infections. Breast milk is also known to increase cold and flu resistance.

What is inguinal hernia in infants? A doctor explains

Hernias in infants differ from those in adults. In adults there is no patent opening, but a generalised weakness of the tummy wall which causes intestines to bulge out. Hence the treatment also differs in children and adults.

How to safeguard children from cyberbullying

The situation calls for sensitivity and care. Once you provide that emotional anchor, see how the child is behaving. If the behavioural problems persist, further healing is needed, which can come from family, and if required, from a professional mental-health practitioner.

Watch: How to tackle child sexual abuse material on the internet

"The amount of content in circulation today is massive and growing. This is a truly global problem...Abusers are cheered on in chat rooms dedicated to the abuse of children, where they gain rank and notoriety with more abuse and more victims."

Stories of love, loss and learning intersect at event to discuss how to be a better parent

Organised by the child and mental health institute Children First, the event, IMAGINE 2019, brought together parents, teachers, psychologists, counsellors, therapists and medical practitioners.

Bad cola to snow: Moms share their weirdest pregnancy cravings

"I would wake up at 3 am craving snow so bad that I would leave the house barefoot in my PJs and eat it from the yard. I must have looked completely crazy."

Great Storytellers for Children: Rabindranath Tagore

Among his popular works are Bristi Pare Tapur-Tupur, an early poem that recreates the rhythm of the Bengali nursery rhymes that he loved in his childhood. Kadi-o-Komal was his first collection of poetry for children, followed by Sonar Tari and Kshanika.

Watch: Causes of recurrent miscarriages and precautions, as explained by a doctor

"There are women who have baseline hypertension and it is important to correct it and then proceed for pregnancy," said Dr Pratibha Singhal.

Imagine: Parenting and the art of selective watering — even shy dreamers can sparkle

There are many children who are shy, scattered, disorganised, dreamers, clumsy and noisy. They might still have huge reservoirs of creativity, talent, ability, generosity, etc, but all that is lost behind cobwebs of mis-wiring that keep them from connecting and showing their sparkle.