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Krishna Janmashtami 2019: How to celebrate the day with kids

Krishna Janmashtami 2019 Date: The festival will largely be celebrated this year on August 24. Here are some activities to involve kids in the celebration.

Hearing loss in children: Causes, signs and the need for early intervention

Childhood hearing loss: Almost all of hearing loss can be treated if timely identified. 60 per cent of childhood hearing can be prevented, according to World Health Organisation (WHO).

Do you believe in ‘lazy parenting’? Here’s how it can be good for kids

Lazy parenting is defined as an intentional passive parenting approach whereby you give your kids the time and space to play independently, with the risk of injury instead of hovering over them.

15 parenting quotes that describe your special bond with kids

"What good mothers and fathers instinctively feel like doing for their babies is usually best after all."

STEM learning can prepare your kids for real world challenges

STEM learning is skill-based and very hands-on as they require children to use their hands to gain specific kind of knowledge and develop particular skills. Woodcraft, CPR, saving local wildlife, coding, etc, are skills which stay with students for life and can be used by them during their education as well as later in life.

7 common parenting mistakes you may be making without realising their impact

Here are some common mistakes that many parents may make unknowingly and which may have a serious impact on the child's development.

Emotional resemblance: Children can inherit our behaviour patterns

Parenting styles are deeply embedded in the perception and memories of different parenting approaches seen throughout with each memory being an emotion that is either comforting or frustrating and this emotion finds its way out in behaviours with the children.

Trim your baby’s nails and keep them clean to prevent infections

Keeping babies' nails trimmed is imperative for preventing them from scratching themselves or others. If they are not trimmed, they might end up hurting themselves even while relieving an itch.

Mom’s heartfelt post on dealing with kids in distress is an important parenting lesson

"When our children 'act out' or 'misbehave' or are 'being difficult' or are 'moody' or 'rebellious' or 'defiant' or whatever you want to call it, it really is them processing something they lack the skills to handle and talk about," the mother wrote on social media.

Here are some group games to play with your kids

Here are some games that work well with small and larger groups, but don't be afraid to think back to the games you played as a child - kerbie, hide and seek and kick the ball all still have lots of play value today, just as they did when we were younger.

Is it safe to eat nuts during pregnancy?

Pregnancy Diet Tips: We got in touch with a doctor to know if you can have nuts during pregnancy and in what quantity. Here's what she advised.

Difficult Conversations: Friendship breakups – little kids have big feelings

Take it as a good opportunity to learn together about relationships. Try to help the child analyse what went wrong. This is a very important skill to have for future relationships. We do not want to be at either extremes of "it was all my fault", or "it was all the friend's fault".