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This Christmas, spend quality time with the kids. Here’s how

Festivals and holidays are a great time to bond with children. For parents, one can use the occasion as inspiration for themed activities. For instance, during Christmas time, depending on the age of the child, one can indulge in card-making, a fun, creative project that you can do together.

Christmas 2018: 8 tips for hosting children’s party

The main objective of your party is to allow children to enjoy themselves. Start planning for the party at least a week in advance to avoid any last-minute chaos. Plan how many guests you want to invite, how you want to decorate your venue and the food you want to serve them, so that you can manage resources wisely.

How to teach your kids non-verbal communication

You meet several people, whether it is in the lift, during social meetings, family get-togethers, birthday parties, etc. Difficult situations arise triggering unwanted reactions, sometimes unconscious retaliations. As parents, we have to mind our body language because though we can blame the outer world for our situation, we cannot neglect our responsibility to the child.

Super child: Play these quick and easy games with your kids

A New Character in the Story to Secret Dictionary, here are four games that kids will not only enjoy playing but will also learn various skills in the process, from the art of storytelling to improving concentration and listening abilities.

Shveta Salve: ‘Isn’t a mom a normal human being who likes to drink or smoke?’

Recently, Shveta was trolled when she posted pictures of herself, holding a glass of wine and smoking on what she called her off-day. Never the one to shy from calling a spade a spade, Shveta powerfully got back to her trolls and posted a thought-provoking reply on how quickly some people can label women as bad moms.

Throwing a lavish party for your child? It may not be really worth it

"As far as children are concerned, they are mainly looking to spend a good time. If you can get them to enjoy themselves, they won't really care about the expenses. You may be spending lots of money in decorating the venue. But you ask your children about the details and they would probably have no memory of it."

How to deal with autistic kids during illness

A totally new enclosure like a ward or a dentist’s office may scare an autistic child. Make the process comfortable. A family once brought their own wing chair to the hospital room during a blood test for their child. It depends on your experience and observing what makes your child happy.

3 breathing exercises children can practise to cope with air pollution

“Air pollution is stunting our children’s brains, affecting their health in more ways than we suspected,” said Dr Maria Neira, the WHO director of public health and environment at a global conference on air pollution and health, held in Geneva. A report published by the World Health Organization reveals that India witnessed the deaths of 60,987 children under the age of five years in the year 2016.

5 things parents should keep in mind for a happier Christmas and New Year

As parents, one thing we probably are not good at is receiving feedback on our parenting skills, particularly when it comes from our children, who may demand unlimited screen time or a bagful of chocolates and no rules. The 3Cs of parenting, however, are consistency, caring and consequences.

Why are some men opting for late fatherhood? We asked some dads

Popular culture and social stereotyping reiterate the notion that most men just stumble upon fatherhood and bumble their way through it as providers for children. That is increasingly getting farther from the reality of modern parenting. We asked some dads about the reasons they deferred fatherhood and the concerns that accompanied the decision to finally embrace being a parent.

3 easy recipes to get kids into the kitchen

Cooking is creative, fun and a great way to keep little ones busy. Try these simple recipes for biscuits, sandwiches and upma.

Watch: What adults can learn from kids

Kids have a lot of life advice to offer adults, if they are willing to listen. Here are three TED Talks that offer a peek into the innovative mind of kids who have stepped into a world usually meant for grown-ups.