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Parenthesis: Leave your phone behind and take a walk with your child

Going for a stroll or a walk around the neighbourhood forces you to slow down. It encourages you to take time out of your busy schedule and actually tune in to your child. It's essential that you leave your phones and gadgets at home.

Inducing labour at 41 weeks of pregnancy could reduce stillbirth risk: Study

Labour induction is the stimulation of uterine contractions during pregnancy before labour begins on its own to achieve a vaginal birth. Researchers in Sweden have suggested that reducing it to 41 weeks could cut risk of complications and baby loss.

When can you get intimate with your partner after delivery? A doc answers

Whether you have a vaginal delivery and caesarean, the bleeding continues for around four weeks. So intercourse is generally avoided during bleeding as infection rate may increase.

Winter hygiene tips to prevent your kids from falling ill

Winter health tips: Make sure kids wash their hands properly after coming home from outside. Use hand sanitisers. If a person in the house already has cough and cold, ask him or her to cover their nose to avoid spreading infection to others.

A single working mom shares a hack to save time and money

The 37-year-old mom reportedly has a speedy bedtime and morning routine. She takes a bath with Luca, her son, to "save time and money", and they go to bed together at 8:30 pm.

Kalki Koechlin: When you’re pregnant, everyone around has advice to offer

"Guy and I do not want to rush into marriage because of the pregnancy. The pregnancy has already brought in enough changes that we are happily dealing with at the moment. Marriage can wait."

How to select the right bottle for your baby

Feeding bottle for babies: Choose bottles that maintain the right temperature, especially if your baby is out in the sun a lot so the water remains cool at a balanced temperature. This will ensure effective hydration.

How to teach kids the art of being an effective leader

Some people are born leaders, but some must develop the skill set required to thrive as a leader. Here are some fundamental steps you can focus on to develop and sharpen your children's leadership skills.

Frozen 2: Elsa crown to castle, easy DIY crafts for kids

Are your kids excited for Frozen 2? Get them to make their favourite things from the movie by using simple stationery items at home.

Give kids dal parantha, uttapam, paneer kathi roll, suggests Unicef. Try these easy recipes

Unicef recently released a book on foods that kids should have to stay healthy. According Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey 2016-18, 33 per cent of kids are underweight, 40 per cent of adolescent girls and 18 per cent of adolescent boys are anaemic, and about 10 per cent are diabetic.

‘Pregnant women with eating disorders are likely to have premature babies’

The risk of anaemia was twice as high for women with active anorexia or ENDOS than for mothers without eating disorders. Active anorexia was also associated with a heightened risk of antepartum hemorrhage or bleeding from the genital tact from 24 weeks onward.

7 signs of postpartum depression in new mothers

It is not uncommon for postpartum depression to occur across the population, and therefore it is important for new mothers to be aware of such a phenomenon, and be open to talking about it, and seeking help.