PM Modi addresses ‘chowkidars’ HIGHLIGHTS: ‘Apologise on behalf of those who ran disinformation campaign against you’

PM Modi addresses ‘chowkidars’ HIGHLIGHTS: ‘Apologise on behalf of those who ran disinformation campaign against you’

Narendra Modi address HIGHLIGHTS: Upbeat over the ongoing 'Main bhi Chowkidar' campaign, Modi is also scheduled to interact with those who have pledged support to it through the medium of video conferencing on March 31.

Institutional insult is the Congress way, says PM Narendra Modi
The Prime Minister will address the watchmen through an audio bridge ahead of the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP had informed on Tuesday. (EXPRESS PHOTO BY PRAVEEN KHANNA)

Targetting the Congress party over its slogan ‘chowkidar chor hai’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a veiled attack Wednesday said “calling a chowkidar chor, repeatedly is an insult to all chowkidars” and is harmful to the country.

Addressing 25 lakh chowkidars (watchmen) across the country via audio conferencing, the Prime Minister said, “I want to apologise as some people in last few months for their vested interests have run a disinformation campaign against ‘chowkidars’ and abusing you. It is unfortunate that the language of these people has hurt you.”

Upbeat over the ongoing ‘Main bhi Chowkidar’ campaign, Modi is also scheduled to interact with those who have pledged support to it through the medium of video conferencing on March 31.

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Optimistic over the 'Main Bhi Chowkidar' campaign, PM Modi is addressing 25 lakh chowkidars today.

Keep the Chowkidar's morals going on in your kids, says PM Modi

"We have to move further ahead. We need to raise our kids to make them big, make them doctors, engineers, military personnel, and even the Prime Minister of the country. But we all need to maintain the morals that a watchman holds within our children to ensure all this, "PM Modi said while discussing the importance of chowkidars in our country. 

Everyone is shocked and sad at the Opposition's attitude after the Balakot strike: PM Modi

"All our countrymen should be proud of our army, appreciate their effort on how they put their lives a risk to conduct a retaliating attack and how they settled the accounts for every martyr who lost their life. While every Indian is proud of the retaliation, but the reaction and attitude of the Opposition parties hs everyone shocked and saddened," said Narendra Modi on the Balakot strike. 

Our initiatives are aimed at removing the poor out of poverty: PM Modi

"When there is not difference between the country's prime minister and the watchman, we are similar. I want to tell you that our government is trying in every possible manner to help uplift the poor. We are pushing health schemes such as 'Ayushman Bharat' which can help poor people and afford healthcare. This is a chowkidar's duty, to help the poor in every way posssible. For every small need, we have pushed out different initiatives and Jan Dhan Yojana is helping push the poor out of poverty, " says PM Modi.

The country won't forget the effect of the attack, nor the people who are questioning it: Modi on Balakot strike

On the Balakot strike, PM Modi said "the bombs dropped in Pakistan, the hit affected Pakistan territory but people in India are being affected. You need to identify these kind of people. The country won't forget the defence attack, neither these people who are questioning the attack."

Watchmen work round the clock. I apologise for people who keep saying 'Chowkidar chor hai': Modi

Taking questions from watchmen through the audio conference, PM Modi says, "Watchmen work round the clock and you are among those who fight for our security. I want to apologise to all of you for those who abuse you due to my campaign and they have stooped to this level where they keep saying, "Chowkidar Chor hai", but we have decided to build our courage to ensure that we partake in ensuring security.

Chowkidar has become synonymous with Patriotism: PM Modi

PM Modi wishes everyone on the eve of Holi

PM Modi starts the address by greeting everyone and wishing people a Happy Holi. "Today is the the first day of Holi and tomorrow is the festival of colours. I wish all of you a Happy Holi and I hope this festival only brings different shades of happiness to all your lives. During this festival, chowkidaars have a big role to play and people are recognising your role everywhere. Whether it is the TV, Radio, International and national media, everyone has taken the responsibility of being 'chowkidar'seriously," he says.

PM Modi will begin his address shortly

Welcome to our LIVE BLOG. On the eve of Holi today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be addressing 25 lakh watchmen through the medium of audio bridge and has been termed as the Prime Minister's way of sharing "the colours of Holi" by the party's media head. Follow this space for the latest updates.

During today's address, PM Modi said that different schemes for the poor was aimed at pushing them out of poverty which has been a topic of neglect for the previous governments. He answered questions from a few watchmen who were audience to the streaming and said there was 'little difference' between him and the watchman, as both of them like to be called as 'chowkidars'.

The Wednesday campaign is a first after the release of the Chowkidar campaign which is soon to be followed by the video conferencing campaign on March 31, 2019.

On Saturday, the Prime Minister urged his supporters on Twitter to take the pledge, saying he is not alone in the fight against graft and social evils. BJP leaders, including party president Amit Shah and Union ministers, followed suit and later prefixed their name on the microblogging site with ‘chowkidar’ as they sought people’s support for the party in the Lok Sabha polls.