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Mahendraganj Election Results 2018 / Candidates

Results for the Mahendraganj Assembly constituency will be announced. Get latest updates and news of Mahendraganj Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, election results with party, votes and candidates names. The winner and runner-up candidate in Mahendraganj constituency are also listed below.
Dikkanchi D. Shira of INC won MAHENDRAGANJ seat of Meghalaya elections 2018

Mafiara T Sangma

Party GNC
Age 31
Net Assets 143356.00
Liabilities 0.00

Roberth S Sangma

Party IND
Age 37
Education GRADUATE
Net Assets 870000.00
Liabilities 0.00

Sanjay A Sangma

Party NPP
Age 43
Education 8TH
Net Assets 63725530.00
Liabilities 260681.00

Premananda Koch

Party BJP
Age 45
Education 12TH
Net Assets 1526758.00
Liabilities 0.00

Dikkanchi D. Shira

Party INC
Age 52
Education GRADUATE
Net Assets 135920751.00
Liabilities 7890463.00

Nidhu Ram Hajong

Party UDP
Age 66
Education 12TH
Net Assets 11405300.00
Liabilities 1030000.00

Dhabal Ch Barman

Party IND
Age 69
Education 10TH
Net Assets 6844222.00
Liabilities 0.00
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