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Here are the dynasts — on both sides

In the three outgoing Assemblies, the BJP has more dynasts than the Congress in MP and Rajasthan but less than its main rival in Chhattisgarh.

Illustration by CR Sasikumar


Assembly strength: 230
BJP: 165, dynasts 20
Congress: 58, dynasts 17

BJP – 20 MLAs

Archana Chitnis, 54
MLA Burhanpur, Cabinet Minister
Daughter of late Brijmohan Mishra, former speaker, BJP
Contesting from Burhanpur
HER TAKE: “Belonging to a political family is like two sides of the same coin. It gets you political recognition but expectations are high.”

Malini Gaud, 58
MLA Indore. Mayor
Wife of late Laxman Singh Gaud, former minister, BJP
Contesting from Indore
HER TAKE: “I have benefitted a lot from my husband’s good work. I still get inspiration and power from him.’’

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Gayatri Raje Puar, 53
MLA Dewas
Wife of late Tukojirao Puar, former minister, BJP
Contesting from Dewas
HER TAKE: “It’s your work that matters. If you don’t have a connect with the people you will pay for it.’’

Jalam Singh Patel, 55
MLA Narsinghpur, Minister of State
Younger brother of Prahlad Patel, BJP MP Damoh & former Union minister
Contesting from Narsinghpur
HIS TAKE: “I have received support from my brother but the individual’s performance counts.’’

Devendra Varma, 42
MLA Khandwa
Son of late Kishorilal Varma, former minister, BJP
Contesting from Khandwa
HIS TAKE: “There is some benefit but I have made it on my own due to hard work.”

Hemant Khandelwal, 54
MLA Betul
Son of late Vijay Khandelwal, former BJP MP
Contesting from Betul
HIS TAKE: “You get an identity as someone’s son but then people expect more from you.”


Ashok Rohani, 53
MLA Jabalpur (Cantt)
Son of late Ishwardas Rohani, former speaker, BJP
Contesting from Jabalpur (Cantt)
HIS TAKE: “It was difficult to step into my father’s shoes because people had the same expectations from me.”

Chaudhary Mukesh Singh Chaturvedi, 49
MLA Mehgaon
Son of late Chaudhary Dilip Singh, former BJP MLA; younger brother of Rakesh Singh, former Congress MLA who switched to BJP in 2013
Denied ticket, his brother Rakesh Singh is contesting for BJP from Bhind
HIS TAKE: “People within the party and outside are jealous of you when you come from a political family.’’

Deepak Joshi, 56
MLA Hatpiplya, Minister of State
Son of Kailash Joshi, former CM & ex-MP, BJP (retired)
Contesting from Hatpiplya
HIS TAKE: “I would have been a Cabinet Minister but for intra-party rivalry involving my father.’’


Vishwas Sarang, 46
MLA Narela, Minister of State
Son of Kailash Sarang, ex-MP, BJP (retired)
Contesting from Narela
HIS TAKE: “I owe my success to my father’s hard work but old rivalries also raise their head.”

Anita Nayak, 55
MLA Pruthvipur
Wife of late Sunil Nayak, former minister, BJP
Denied ticket
HER TAKE: “It’s very easy when you are from a political family. You get a ready seat and lot of appreciation from voters and party workers.”

Neena Verma, 57
MLA Dhar
Wife of Vikram Verma, former minister & former Rajya Sabha MP, BJP, now chairman of party’s manifesto committee
Contesting from Dhar
HER TAKE: “There are advantages but expectations are very high. People expect you to be as knowledgeable and as efficient.”

Rampyare Kulaste, 48
MLA Niwas
Younger brother of Faggan Singh Kulaste, former Union Minister & Mandla MP, BJP
Contesting from Niwas
HIS TAKE: “It helps if a family member is in politics. People have a lot of expectations and they come to you with their problems.”

Jitendra Gehlot, 45
MLA Alot
Son of Union Minister Thawarchand Gehlot
Contesting from Alot
HIS TAKE: “This is my father’s karmabhoomi so it’s natural that I have benefitted from it. But I have also worked hard.”


Sanjay Pathak, 47
MLA Vijayraghavgarh
Son of Satyendra Pathak, former minister in Congress government, and Nirmala Pathak, former Katni Mayor with Congress. Sanjay Pathak was a Congress MLA till 2014 but resigned and won the by-poll for BJP.
Contesting from Vijayraghavgarh
HIS TAKE: “I have benefitted a lot from the goodwill my father’s name carried. I am carrying forward his legacy.”

Surendra Patwa, 53
MLA Bhojpur, Minister of State
Nephew of late Sunder Lal Patwa, former CM, BJP
Contesting from Bhojpur
HIS TAKE: “When a CA’s son can become a CA or a doctor’s son a doctor, what’s wrong with a politician’s relative continuing in politics?’’


Yashodhara Raje Scindia, 64
MLA Shivpuri, Cabinet Minister
Daughter of late Vijaya Raje Scindia, former MP, BJP
Contesting from Shivpuri
HER TAKE: “You can’t take anything for granted. Your performance and work gets you votes, not the name.”

Omprakash Saklecha, 55
MLA Javad
Son of late Veerendra Saklecha, former chief minister, BJP
Contesting from Javad
HIS TAKE: “You have to work less hard initially and the groundwork is ready for you. But then, you also carry the burden of traditional rivalries.”


Rajendra Pandey, 58
MLA Jaora
Son of late Laxminarayan Pandey, former MP, BJP
Contesting from Jaora
HIS TAKE: “No one can bring you in politics by holding your finger. You have to chart your own course.”

Manju Dadu, 29
MLA Nepanagar
Daughter of late Rajendra Dadu, former BJP MLA. Manju won the bypoll in 2016 following the death of her father.
Contesting from Nepanagar
HER TAKE: Not available for comment.


Kamleshwar Patel, 45
MLA Sihawal
Son of late Indrajeet Patel, former minister, Congress
Contesting from Sihawal
HIS TAKE: “Belonging to a political family cuts both ways. It has its advantages but people keep comparing with the predecessor.”

Tarun Bhanot, 46
MLA Jabalpur (West)
Son of former Congress minister Chandrakumar Bhanot, BJP (retired)
Contesting from Jabalpur (West)
HIS TAKE: “When you belong to a political family, people including rivals help you when you seek cooperation.”

Sachin Yadav, 36
MLA Kasrawad
Son of Subhash Yadav, former Dy CM, Congress; younger brother of Arun Yadav, ex-MP and former state Congress chief
Contesting from Kasrawad
HIS TAKE: “What is wrong if a politician’s son follows in his footsteps? We don’t point fingers when people in other professions do the same.”

Sanjeev Uikey, 46
MLA Mandla
Son of late Chhotelal Uikey, former MP & ex-MLA
Contesting from Mandla
HIS TAKE: “If your family member has a good record it helps. But today’s generation is no longer sympathetic to your past.”

Hina Kawre, 34
MLA Lanji
Daughter of late Likhiram Kawre, former minister, Congress
Contesting from Lanji
HER TAKE: “My father would attend to every person he met and people had faith in him. I have been able to live up to that expectation.”

Surendra Singh Baghel, 40
MLA Kukshi
Son of late Pratap Singh Baghel, former MP & ex-state minister, Congress
Contesting from Kukshi
HIS TAKE: “Expectations are very high. When my father was around, the Congress was in power. I am in the Opposition now, so it’s not easy to get work done.”

Yogendra Singh, 46
MLA Lakhnadoun
Son of late Urmila Singh, former state minister in Congress government and ex-governor of Himachal Pradesh, and late Veerendra Bahadur Singh, former MLA, Congress
Contesting from Lakhnadoun
HIS TAKE: “What’s wrong in hailing from a political family? My parents worked their whole life and I am benefitting from it.”

Sohan Valmik, 55
MLA Parasia
Son of late Shyamlal, former MLA, Congress
Contesting from Parasia
HIS TAKE: “Your family name no longer gets you votes. You have to work hard and win the trust of people.”

Saraswati Singh, 38
MLA Chitrangi
Daughter of late Patiraj Singh, former MLA, Congress
Contesting from Chitrangi
HER TAKE: “It helps because I have my father’s blessings. Having been an elected representative, I am aware of ground realities, too.”

Jhuma Solanki, 48
MLA Bhikangaon
Sister-in-law of late Jawan Singh Patel, former MLA, Congress
Contesting from Bhikangaon
HER TAKE: “My candidature has nothing to do with my relative. I have struggled and worked hard for it.”

Mahendra Singh Yadav, 49
MLA Kolaras
Son of late Ram Singh Yadav, former MLA, Congress
Contesting from Kolaras
HIS TAKE: “The charge of dynasty can stick only if it continues for many generations, not in the first generation.”

Rajanish Singh, 47
MLA Keolari
Son of late Harvash Singh, former Cabinet Minister, Congress, & Dy Speaker
Contesting from Keolari
HIS TAKE: “My father gave a lot to society and the goodwill has continued. Expectations are high but I try to live up to them.’’

Ajay Singh, 63
MLA Churhat, Leader of Opposition
Son of late Arjun Singh, former Union Minister & chief minister, Congress
Contesting from Churhat
HIS TAKE: “You get a headstart but expectations are very high and even a small failure is magnified.”

Jaivardhan Singh, 32
MLA Raghogarh
Son of Digvijaya Singh, former chief minister, AICC general secretary
Contesting from Raghogarh
HIS TAKE: “Even the US has the Bush and Clinton families. What is negative about politics? It gives you an opportunity to serve the nation.”

Sunder Lal Tiwari, 60
MLA Gurh
Son of late Srinivas Tiwari, former MLA, Congress, former Speaker
Contesting from Gurh
HIS TAKE: “If the BJP thinks that Congress leaders are dynastic, why do they allow Congress workers into the BJP fold?”

Umang Singhar, 45
MLA Gandhwani
Nephew of late Jamuna Devi, former Dy CM
Contesting from Gandhwani
HIS TAKE: “Legacy can help if your predecessors are alive, not when they are not around. Only those who perform survive.”

Hemant Katare, 33
MLA Ater
Son of late Satyadev Katare, former minister and Leader of Opposition, Congress
Contesting from Ater
HIS TAKE: Not available for comment.


Assembly strength: 200
BJP – 160, dynasts – 23
Congress – 25, dynasts – 8

BJP – 23 MLAs

Vasundhara Raje, 65
MLA Jhalrapatan
Daughter of late Vijaya Raje Scindia, former MP, BJP; younger sister of late Madhavrao Scindia, former Union minister, Congress; elder sister of Yashodhara Raje Scindia, Cabinet Minister, Madhya Pradesh, BJP
Contesting from Jhalrapatan
HER TAKE: Not available for comment.

Rao Rajendra Singh, 60
MLA Shahpura
Son of Gunwant Kanwar, ex-MLA, BJP (retired)
Contesting from Shahpura
HIS TAKE: “My father passed away and my mother quit politics when I was not eligible to contest. I have not used any of their names.”

Narpat Singh Rajvi, 67
MLA Vidhyadhar Nagar
Son-in-law of late Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, former vice president, ex-chief minister, BJP
Contesting from Vidhyadhar Nagar
HIS TAKE: “In a democracy, it’s not possible to stay relevant in politics on the basis of only one or two names in your family.”

Shobharani Kushwah, 44
MLA Dholpur
Wife of B L Kushwah, former MLA, BSP, jailed in case of honour killing
Contesting from Dholpur
HER TAKE: “Politics is social work, many people come to me, I try my best to help them. With us, there is no issue such as dynasty politics.”

Sushil Kanwar, 44
MLA Masuda
Wife of Bhanwar Singh Palara, BJP, doesn’t hold any party post
Contesting from Masuda
HER TAKE: Speaking on Kanwar’s behalf, Palara said: “There is no dynasty politics because I am not an MLA or MP and I am not involved in politics too much anymore.”

Banshidhar Khandela, 64
MLA Khandela
Son of late Gopal Singh, legislator, Janata Party
Contesting from Khandela
HIS TAKE: “If this was dynasty politics, people would have voted for me only because of my father. But I lost two elections and had to work hard.”

Jhabar Singh Kharra, 62
MLA Srimadhopur
Son of late Harlal Singh, ex-MLA, BJP
Contesting from Srimadhopur
HIS TAKE: “The PM is referring to those who have never worked for any party but became ministers and MLAs because of their family name. I have worked hard for the party.”

Lalit Kumar, 31
MLA Kishanganj
Son of Hemraj Meena, ex-legislator, BJP, now treasurer, BJP ST Morcha
Contesting from Kishanganj
HIS TAKE: “You might win once on the family name but then there is no option other than working hard for people.”

Ajay Singh, 60
MLA Degana
Son of late Ram Raghunath Chaudhary, ex-MP, Congress
Contesting from Degana
HIS TAKE: “Dynasty politics means a person not doing any work but joining politics on a name. This is not the case with us.”

Pratap Lal Bheel, 49
MLA Gogunda
Son of late Bhura Lal Gameti, ex-MLA, BJP
Contesting from Gogunda
HIS TAKE: “I had to wait for 20 years to get a party ticket. Here, things are not like what they are in the Gandhi family.”

Krishnendra (Deepa) Kaur, 64
MLA Nadbai
Daughter of late Maharaja Man Singh, ex-MLA, BJP
Contesting from Nadbai
HER TAKE: Not available for comment.

Pratap Singh, 61
MLA Chhabra
Son of late Prem Singh, ex-MLA, Janata Party
Contesting from Chhabra
HIS TAKE: “When I started in politics in 1985, we were in the Opposition. We are not like the Congress where one starts from a position of power.”

Golma Devi, 69
MLA Rajgarh-Laxmangarh
Wife of Kirodi Lal Meena, Rajya Sabha MP, BJP
Contesting from Sapotra
HER TAKE: Not available for comment.

Siddhi Kumari, 45
MLA from Bikaner East
Grand-daughter of late Karni Singh, ex-MP (Independent)
Contesting from Bikaner East
HER TAKE: Not available for comment.

Diya Kumari, 47
MLA Sawai Madhopur
Step grand-daughter of late Gayatri Devi, MP, BJP
Denied ticket
HER TAKE: “Rajmata Gayatri Devi last won the election over 40 years ago. With this long gap, I would not say that I belong to a political family at all.”

Gurjant Singh, 79
MLA Sadulsahar
Brother of Mahendra Singh, ex-MLA, Congress
Denied ticket, BJP has fielded his grandson Gurveer Singh
HIS TAKE: Not available for comment.

Balu Ram Choudhary, 60
MLA Sahara
Younger brother of Ratan Lal Jat, BJP leader
Denied ticket
HIS TAKE: “I have put in hard work. But it’s true that my brother and I go to constituencies together.”

Jagat Singh, 50
MLA Kaman
Son of K Natwar Singh, former Union minister, Congress
Denied ticket
HIS TAKE: Not available for comment.

Alka Singh Gurjar, 57
MLA Bandikui
Wife of Nathu Singh Gurjar, former MP & ex-MLA, BJP, now party leader
Denied ticket
HER TAKE: Speaking on her behalf, Nathu Singh said: “When the PM speaks about dynasty politics, he is talking about the Gandhi clan, which has ruled for generations. We are not like that.”

Krishan Kadva, 56
MLA Sangaria
Son of late Atmaram Kadva, ex-legislator, Congress
Denied ticket
HIS TAKE: “People remember the work my father had done but now, the onus lies on my own performance.”

Rajendra Singh Bhadu, 65
MLA Suratgarh
Nephew of late Manphool Singh Bhadu, Congress leader
Denied ticket
HIS TAKE: “What BJP leaders say about dynasty politics is true but it’s more applicable for those who do no work after coming to politics.”

Manvendra Singh, 54
MLA from Sheo
Son of Jaswant Singh, former Union minister, BJP
Contesting from Jhalrapatan on a Congress ticket
HIS TAKE: “There is an advantage because in terms of profile you are already ahead. But when it comes to acceptability, you have to make it on your own.”

Habibur Rahaman, 52
MLA Nagaur
Son of late Hazi Mohammed Usman, ex-MLA, Congress
Contesting from Nagaur on a Congress ticket
HIS TAKE: “If a person is from a political family, he gets an advantage in the first elections. Ultimately, the public decides.”


Brijendra Singh Ola, 65
MLA Jhunjhunu
Son of Sis Ram Ola, ex-MP, Congress
Contesting from Jhunjhunu
HIS TAKE: “The false allegations of dynasty politics have hurt us. We became legislators after getting the mandate of the people.”

Vishvendra Singh, 56
MLA Deeg-Kumher
Son of late Brijendra Singh, ex-MP (Independent)
Contesting from Deeg-Kumher
HIS TAKE: “I have been in politics for 30 years, and I have always believed that in the end, performance matters.”

Ramnarayan Gurjar, 71
MLA from Nasirabad
Cousin of late Govind Singh Gurjar, former Congress leader and ex-LG, Puducherry
Contesting from Nasirabad
HIS TAKE: “People vote for us on the work we have done not what our relatives have done.”

Darshan Singh, 49
MLA Karauli
Son of late Hans Ram Gurjar, ex-MLA, Congress
Contesting from Karauli
HIS TAKE: “The candidate who is the favourite of the public will get their votes in any election.”

Vivek Dhakar, 41
MLA Mandalgarh
Son of Kanhaiyalal Dhakar who switched from BJP to Congress
Contesting from Mandalgarh
HIS TAKE: “The next generation has to justify their selection and have to get the people’s mandate to get elected.”

Rameshwar Lal Dudi, 55
MLA Nokha, Leader of Opposition
Son of late Jetha Ram Dudi, a Congress leader
Contesting from Nokha
HIS TAKE: “You may get an advantage in the first election but thereafter, it’s your performance that counts.”

Bhanwar Singh, 44
MLA Kolayat
Son of Rughnath Singh, a Congress leader
Contesting from Kolayat
HIS TAKE: Not available for comment.

Pradhyumn Singh, 81
MLA Rajakhera
His late father and late uncle were ex-MLAs, Congress
Not contesting, Congress has fielded his son Rohit Vohra from Rajakhera
HIS TAKE: “Aren’t there political dynasties in the BJP? For themselves, they have different yardsticks and for us they have different yardsticks.”


Assembly strength: 90
BJP MLAs – 49, dynasts – 3
Congress MLAs – 39, dynasts – 6

BJP – 3 MLAs

Yudhveer Singh Judeo, 36
MLA Chandrapur
Son of late Dilip Singh Judeo, ex-MP, ex-MLA, former Union minister, BJP
Not contesting, wife Sanyogita Singh contesting from Chandrapur
HIS TAKE: Not available for comment.

Kedar Kashyap, 45
MLA Narayanpur
Son of late Baliram Kashyap, ex-MP, BJP
Contesting from Narayanpur
HIS TAKE: Not available for comment.

Amar Agrawal, 55
MLA Bilaspur, Cabinet Minister
Son of late Lakhiram Agrawal, former state general secretary, Rajya Sabha ex-MP, BJP
Contesting from Bilaspur
HIS TAKE: Declined comment.


Umesh Patel, 34
MLA Kharsia
Son of late Nand Kumar Patel, ex-MLA, former minister, Congress
Contesting from Kharsia
HIS TAKE: “If a doctor’s son becomes a doctor, would you call it a doctor dynasty? I have fought elections and represent 1,80,000 people.”

Renu Jogi, 66
MLA Kota
Wife of Ajit Jogi, former chief minister (Congress) who founded Janata Congress Chhattisgarh (JCC)
Contesting from Kota for JCC
HER TAKE: Could not be reached for comment.

Devti Karma, 56
MLA Dantewada
Wife of Mahendra Karma, former minister, ex-MP, ex-MLA, Congress
Contesting from Dantewada
HER TAKE: Could not be reached for comment.

T S Singhdeo, 66
MLA Surguja, Leader of Opposition
Son of Devendra Kumari Singhdeo, former minister, Congress (retired); nephew of Asha Kumari, Dalhousie MLA, Congress
Contesting from Surguja
HIS TAKE: “In this day and age, no family can help you sustain a career if you do not deliver on people’s aspirations.”

Arun Vora, 58
MLA Durg
Son of Motilal Vora, former chief minister of MP, AICC general secretary
Contesting from Durg
HIS TAKE: Could not be reached for comment.

Amit Jogi, 40
MLA Marwahi, expelled from Congress in 2017, member of JCC
Not contesting
Son of Ajit Jogi, former chief minister (Congress) who founded JCC
HIS TAKE: “In a democracy, naamdaars (dynasts) can survive only if they prove themselves to be kaamdaars (workers), otherwise they will be thrown in the dustbin of history.”

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