Madhya Pradesh polls: Delhi sultanates end after 4 generations, says PM Modi

Madhya Pradesh polls: Delhi sultanates end after 4 generations, says PM Modi

On note ban, PM says had to use poisonous medicine to recover looted money

PM Narendra Modi in Rewa. PTI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said the Congress was destined to doom after its fourth and current generation, because nothing is left of Delhi rulers after the fourth generation. “Delhi has a speciality, be it during the Satyug, Tretayug or the Mughal rule… It is said that there is a curse on Delhi, howsoever big a sultanate might be, it comes to an end after the fourth generation. Nobody is left with anything. The Congress is also in a similar condition. It is stuck, it cannot survive,” Modi said at a rally in Rewa.

At another rally in tribal-dominated Jhabua, the PM compared demonetisation with a poisonous medicine. “When termites spread, you have to use the most poisonous medicine to get rid of it. During the Congress regime, corruption was so rampant that I had to use a strong dose like demonetisation so that the money looted from the poor returned to the exchequer,” he said.

“Look at Modi’s power, notes stashed in houses, factories, under the bed… they were forced to deposit everything in the bank. When the hidden money became public, it’s being used for public welfare,” he said, adding that he has already stopped corruption at the top by blocking all routes and used technology to minimise corruption at the lower level.

In Rewa, the PM said that November 28 is the time to bust the pride of the oldest national party. “Not one representative of the Congress should win,” he said, accusing the Congress leadership of being confused.


About Congress rule, Modi alleged that either pregnant women or their unborn child or both used to die because roads were bad and electricity erratic. “The future of your children is at stake. Will you bring back such a party to power again?’’ he asked the audience.

The PM said the state would have progressed more in the last 15 years but for “madam ki remote control wali government”, which ruled the Centre for 10 of those years and created deliberate hurdles. “Had we got all 15 years (both at state and Centre) it would have become a state of your dreams. There is still time because the current government takes favourable decisions.’’

Citing examples of Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar and Gujarat, Modi said that once the Congress is voted out, it never comes back in states, even if it means electing Communists (Bengal) and “Lalu-type people” (Bihar). Asking the audience to “not let Congress set foot again”, he equated Congress rule with “nepotism, casteism, communalism and corruption”. He said the BJP had changed the paradigm of development and accused Congress of offering loans only for poultry, unlike the present Mudra scheme which offers loans for tractors, factories and trade.

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