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Didi now stands with people who want to break India: PM Narendra Modi

The Prime Minister said that unlike previous governments, the NDA government is taking on terrorists in their homes.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi with BJP leaders Kailash Vijayvargiya and Mukul Roy at the BJP rally in Cooch Behar on Sunday. (Express photo by Partha Paul)

A day after West Bengal Chief Minister and TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee wrote to the Election Commission (EC), protesting against the replacement of senior police officers ahead of the polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said Mamata is venting against the EC “anger at losing political ground” in Bengal.

“Didi is having sleepless nights now. Speed-breaker Didi cannot sleep now. She is now realising how it feels when the political ground beneath her feet shakes. That is why she is showering abuses on me. She is venting her anger on the Election Commission. She is feeling scared now,” Modi said at a public meeting at Cooch Behar in north Bengal.

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Addressing the huge gathering, Modi said his party is committed to freeing the people of Bengal from “speed-breaker didi”.

“Whenever the Centre wanted to do something for West Bengal, Didi created hurdles. One crore people would have benefited from a health scheme. But Didi did not allow it. In Bengal, 70 lakh farmers would have got money directly into their accounts. Didi slowed down the process,” said Modi.


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The Prime Minister further said, “When we became a super power in space, Didi felt disturbed. When we took action against terrorists, Didi felt disturbed. For vote bank politics, Didi now stands with the people who want to break India. Didi and her friends want two Prime Ministers in India, one for the country and another for Kashmir.”

Congress has no concern for the people of Northeast: PM Modi
Narendra Modi at the BJP rally. (PTI Photo)

“We brought in NRC in Assam to identify the infiltrators. Didi and her friends tried to unsuccessfully stop it. Through the Citizenship Bill, we want to provide security to people who love our country, Didi is trying to mislead people through lies,” said Modi.

Taking a dig at the TMC over chit fund scams, the Prime Minister said, “Maa Sarada is revered everywhere, but in Bengal the name has a different meaning (referring to Saradha scam). When we say rose, people think of a flower, but here a thorn is stuck in people’s hearts when we name it (referring to Rose Valley scam). This chowkidar will see to it that justice is done,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that unlike previous governments, the NDA government is taking on terrorists in their homes.

“Before 2014, there were regular terrorist attacks. Everyone knew where their home was. Our Armymen wanted to take action, but the then governments lacked courage. Now we are ready to hit the terrorists in their homes,” he said.

The Prime Minister held two more rallies on Sunday in Tripura and Manipur.

Addressing a rally at Udaipur in Tripura, he said, “Today, everyone has united against the chowkidar. The Congress and the Left have got together to remove Modi. For that, they will even utter words similar to those said by Pakistan.” He added that the country is “angry” at the Opposition parties.

“The Congress, while opposing Modi, has put the country’s security and unity at stake. How can the country take them seriously? For the first time, we went inside Pakistan and attacked and the Congress is asking for proof,” he said. Modi said Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s candidature from Kerala was just a “show” and claimed that there was a behind the scenes understanding with the Left. “Had the Congress taken care of the Northeast, then Imphal and the other capitals would have been connected earlier by railway, Modi would not have needed to make good highways and roads, airport-related projects would not have been hanging for such long periods,” he said.