Madhya Pradesh is just a trailer of Congress corruption: PM Modi in Gujarat

Madhya Pradesh is just a trailer of Congress corruption: PM Modi in Gujarat

PM Modi said that in five years, he has brought people who have looted the nation near the doorstep of the jail.

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PM Narendra Modi during a public rally in Junagadh. (Express photo: Javed Raja)

Claiming that the recovery of Rs 281 crore of unaccounted cash in Madhya Pradesh is just a “trailer” of corruption unleashed by the newly-formed Congress government in the state, Prime Minister Narendra Modi cautioned the electorate saying that things would go out of hand if the reins of the country is given to the Congress party after Lok Sabha elections. This was PM’s first election rally in Gujarat since polls were announced.

“A new name has been included in the scams done by Congress. Scams in Congress have been associated with names of their leaders. A new scam, with proof, has been deposited in the name of Congress and its leaders and that is Tuglak Road Election Scam,” Modi said while addressing an election rally in Junagadh town.

“Congress is snatching food from the mouths of poor children and filling the stomach of their leaders. Congress is looting the money sent for pregnant women. In the last three days, you are seeing how sacks full of money have been recovered. Congress comes to power only to loot money,” he added.

“People in Gujarat are fortunate that they do not allow Congress to come to power. Don’t you think Gujarat was saved (in 2017 state assembly polls)? Don’t you want to save Hindustan?” Modi asked the gathering at the Junagadh Agricultural University grounds.

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“Madhya Pradesh is just a trailer and if they get a chance to form government in the country, then nothing will remain in our hands,” he added.

The PM said that in the five years from 2014-19, he has brought people who have looted the nation near the doorstep of the jail. “In the next five years, they will be inside the jail,” he remarked.

PM Modi also touched upon the importance of Junagadh that was picked as the first spot in the state for him to begin his Lok Sabha campaign. “Can anyone in Junagadh forget Sardar Patel? Can anyone in Somnath forget Sardar saheb? If Sardar was not around where would Junagadh be, Modi asked as the audience replied, “in Pakistan”. The Junagadh seat that encompasses the Gir-Somnath district and pilgrim spots like Somnath and Girnar also has a population where over 12 per cent people are Muslims.

Claiming that how one “family” controlling Congress party had ignored Sardar Patel and Morarji Desai, PM Modi said, “Now it is my turn. They are worried, wondering that we put Sardar Patel in his place and dislodged Morarjibhai, and this chaiwala has spent five years (in power),” he said, adding that the strength of “Gujarat’s soil” is helping him stay put in New Delhi.

Modi asked the audience to compare the BJP party’s “track record” over the last five years with the Congress party’s “tape-record.” “There is only one record on the Congress tape-record. Modi-hatao, Modi-hatao, Modi-hatao, Modi-hatao. They don’t have any other agenda,” Modi added.

He also asked the audience if they want two PMs in the country, where there is a separate PM for Jammu and Kashmir. He said that surgical strikes and air strikes carried has “created fear” in the Congress camp.

Earlier, Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani while addressing the gathering said that Junagadh was the first spot where PM Modi is starting his Lok Sabha election campaign in the state. BJP candidate from Junagadh seat Rajesh Chudasma was also present at the event and thanked the audience for electing him as the youngest MP in 2014 where he had secured a victory by a margin of 1.3 lakh votes.