PM Modi wants two Indias, one for rich and one for poor: Rahul Gandhi in Kerala

PM Modi wants two Indias, one for rich and one for poor: Rahul Gandhi in Kerala

Campaigning down south, Gandhi addressed rallies in Thrissur and Kozhikode where he took jibes at the ruling BJP government and its policies like demonetisation and farm loan waivers.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi being felicitated during an event to address ‘fishermen’s parliament’, at Triprayar in Thrissur, Thursday, March 14, 2019. (PTI Photo)

Narendra Modi wants two Indias – one for the 15 or 20 rich people and one for others who are jobless,” Congress chief Rahul Gandhi said Thursday while campaigning in Kerala for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019.

Gandhi kick-started Congress’s ‘Jana Maha Rally’ in Kozhikode and hit out at PM Modi saying that the job of the Prime Minister is not to convey his ‘Mann ki Baat’ but instead listen to people. “The Congress does not want to impose anything on this country. The Congress party wants to listen to what the people have to say and act accordingly. That’s why the doors of Congress party is open to everyone,” Rahul said.

The Congress chief also referred to farmer suicides in Kerala and said when farmers ask for loan waivers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley “laugh at them.”

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Criticising demonetisation, Gandhi alleged that Modi attacked every institution of the country, including the Reserve Bank of India, and wiped out the future of millions of Indians. Gandhi said, if Congress were voted to power, the party would introduce a minimum income line which would put money in the bank accounts of people who were below the line to help them overcome poverty.


Comparing the people of India to the ocean, he said the BJP/RSS was like a person who talks to the ocean and wants
to control the waves rather than listening to it. Gandhi said he meets the press every week and they are free to ask him any question. “I listen to them. And the only thing our Prime Minister does is every week he tells the country what he thinks. Like a man who gets up in the morning, stands in front of the ocean and tells the ocean what he thinks.

Week after week the man comes to ocean and tells the ocean what he thinks. And what the man does not realise is that the ocean does not care about what he thinks,” he said in a jibe at the PM.

Earlier in the day, Gandhi interacted with fishermen at the National Fishermen Parliament organised by All India Fishermen Congress in Thriprayar and said the most important thing is giving voice to the people.

“In today’s government, Anil Ambani or Nirav Modi has a lot of voice. Whatever they want to say to the prime minister can do so in 10 seconds. And they don’t have to shout. They can even whisper it and the message goes whereas farmers, fishermen and small businessmen…they have to shout very loudly before the government listens to them,” he said launching the Congress’s campaign for the Lok Sabha elections in Kerala.