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Karnataka elections LIVE: PM Modi rode to power on promise of reducing fuel prices, why is he unable to curtail them, asks Rahul Gandhi

Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018: BJP chief Amit Shah is scheduled to address public meetings in four constituencies during the day. Congress chief, Rahul Gandhi, will also kickstart his ninth phase of campaign "Jan Aashirwada Yatra" with a protest march against rising petrol prices today.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 7, 2018 7:31:19 pm
Karnataka elections LIVE: PM Modi rode to power on promise of reducing fuel prices, why is he unable to curtail them, asks Rahul Gandhi Karnataka assembly elections 2018: Congress President Rahul Gandhi addressing a gathering in Hoskote (Source: INC/Twitter)

Continuing his campaign trail in Karnataka, Congress president Rahul Gandhi Monday intensified attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over rising fuel prices. “PM Modi rode to power on the promise of reducing fuel prices. He should explain to the people why fuel prices are rising and why is he unable to curtail them,” Gandhi asked while addressing a gathering in Hoskote, Bengaluru Rural district.

Protesting against the high petrol and fuel prices, Rahul Gandhi earlier in the day rode a bicycle as he led a march on the issue while campaigning in Karnataka’s Kolar district. Gandhi, who resumed his poll campaign for the May 12 assembly polls, took out a protest march in Maluru in Kolar against rising petrol prices by riding a bicycle with other Congress workers walking or running behind him. The world over petrol prices were decreasing, but in India prices were still high, he lamented.

Earlier in the day, former prime minister Manmohan Singh slammed the Narendra-Modi government over its “disastrous policies” and accused it of “peddling conspiracy theories” instead of adopting “prompt corrective action”. While addressing the media in the Karnataka Congress headquarters in Bengaluru, Singh alleged that the PM was only “punishing” the people by levying excessive excise taxes.

PM Modi also interacted with Karnataka BJP’s Yuva Morcha workers via the Narendra Modi (NaMo) app earlier today. Meanwhile, BJP chief Amit Shah also addressed public meetings in four constituencies during the day.

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19:31 (IST) 07 May 2018
Amit Shah holds roadshow in Rajarajeshwari Nagar assembly constituency
18:14 (IST) 07 May 2018
Rahul Gandhi targets BJP over 'tainted' Reddy brothers

The amount looted by Reddy brothers from Karnataka is roughly the same amount the UPA had allocated for MNREGA: Congress President @RahulGandhi #CongressMathomme #JanaAashirwadaYatre #INC4Karnataka— Congress (@INCIndia) May 7, 2018

18:08 (IST) 07 May 2018
The JD(S) must clarify which side of the political spectrum it leans: Rahul Gandhi

Congress works for the welfare of the people. The JD(S) must clarify its ideology and towards which side of the political spectrum it leans: Rahul Gandhi in Devanahalli

17:30 (IST) 07 May 2018
LIVE | Rahul Gandhi in Devanahalli
17:13 (IST) 07 May 2018
Yogi Adityanath mounts attack on Siddaramaiah in Belagavi

'Recently there was a thunderstorm in UP that affected many people. Our govt provided relief within 24 hours. Did Siddaramaiah ever pay a visit to families of farmers who committed suicide in Karnataka,' Yogi Adityanath said in Belagavi

16:51 (IST) 07 May 2018
PM Modi should explain why fuel prices are rising: Rahul Gandhi

PM Modi rode to power on the promise of reducing fuel prices. He should explain to the people why fuel prices are rising and why is he unable to curtail them, Rahul Gandhi Gandhi said while addressing a gathering in Hoskote, Bengaluru Rural district.

16:46 (IST) 07 May 2018
In the next 5 years, every person in Karnataka will own a house: Rahul Gandhi
16:44 (IST) 07 May 2018
Congress stands united to defeat the BJP in Karnataka. We will win and form a people's Govt: Rahul
15:45 (IST) 07 May 2018
PM Modi let Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya escape. What kind of 'chowkidar' is he, Siddaramaiah asks

"He (PM) calls himself a 'chowkidar'. He let Nirav Modi & Mallaya escape, what kind of 'chowkidar' is he? He keeps saying 'Achhe Din' but where are Achhe Din'? He thinks that just because he is saying it in Hindi we won't understand but we understand pretty well," Siddaramaiah was quoted as saying by ANI.

15:30 (IST) 07 May 2018
Siddaramaiah calls Union Minister Ananth Kumar Hegde 'nalayak'

'BJP doesn't believe in social justice, good for poor & socialism. Ananth Kumar Hegde is 'nalayak' not fit to be a gram panchayat leader & they have made him Union Minister. If Narendra Modi tries to change Constitution there will be bloodshed in this country,' Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah was quoted as saying by ANI.

14:35 (IST) 07 May 2018
Women turn out in large numbers to join Rahul Gandhi's protest against rising fuel prices
14:32 (IST) 07 May 2018
13:51 (IST) 07 May 2018
Rahul Gandhi leads Congress' protest against fuel price rise in Kolar
13:49 (IST) 07 May 2018
Cartoon by Mika

13:14 (IST) 07 May 2018
13:14 (IST) 07 May 2018
'Siddaramaiah govt symbol of corruption'
13:13 (IST) 07 May 2018

"Siddaramaiah government promotes hate and those who embrace hate, cannot win in Karnataka," Shah said.

13:07 (IST) 07 May 2018
UP CM attacks Rahul Gandhi

"Whenever the nation is facing some kind of crisis, Rahul runs away to Italy," Adityanath said in Bhalki.

13:05 (IST) 07 May 2018
13:05 (IST) 07 May 2018

"People of Karnataka will uproot corrupt the Siddaramaiah-led government from the state. We aren't just fighting elections to win. People need to ensure that Congress lose so badly that they lose their deposit in Naragund," Amit Shah said.

12:54 (IST) 07 May 2018

"No Prime Minister in our country has used the Office of the Prime Minister to say things about his opponents. It doesn't behove a Prime Minister to stoop so low and it is not good for the country as a whole as well," Singh concluded.

12:53 (IST) 07 May 2018
Amit Shah addresses the crowd in Gadag
12:49 (IST) 07 May 2018
12:48 (IST) 07 May 2018
Modi govt, not UPA responsible for PNB fraud: Singh

Responding to a reporter's question on the PNB fraud, Singh said, "As far as Nirav Modi is concerned, it was obvious that in 2015-16, something was not going right. Yet, the Modi government didn't do anything. If the blame has to be cast, it has to be on the government of mandate. In fact, the PM was in Davos in the company of Nirav Modi and only a few days later, the latter ran away from the country. That itself is the reflection of the sad state of affairs in this wonderland of Modi government."

12:45 (IST) 07 May 2018
Singh speaks on demonetisation, GST

"Two major avoidable blunders of the Modi govt have been demonetisation and the hasty implementation of GST. The losses that the economy have suffered due to these blunders have severely hurt our micro small and medium enterprise sector and have further resulted in loss of tens of thousands of jobs," Singh said.

12:43 (IST) 07 May 2018
Rahul holds road show in Kolar
12:39 (IST) 07 May 2018

"It does not help that the ministers in PM Modi’s cabinet and even BJP Chief Ministers regularly make comments promoting irrationality. It thus comes as no surprise when irrational policies hurting people are implemented," Singh said.

12:32 (IST) 07 May 2018
12:23 (IST) 07 May 2018
Demonetisation, GST blow to rural economy: Singh
12:16 (IST) 07 May 2018
'Modi govt's policies disastrous'

"Every time we have sought an answer for any of the disastrous policies of the present BJP government, all we hear is that ‘the intentions’ are virtuous," Singh said.

12:15 (IST) 07 May 2018
Economy growing below potential: Former PM

"Our farmers are facing an acute crisis, our aspirational youth are not finding opportunities, and the economy is growing below its potential. The unfortunate truth is that each of these crises was entirely avoidable," the former PM said.

12:14 (IST) 07 May 2018

"It pains me to see how rather than standing up to all these challenges,Modi Govt’s response has been to stifle dissent when deficiencies are pointed out. Innovation needs support & an environment where ideas can be discussed & debated without apprehension or inhibitions," Singh said.

12:12 (IST) 07 May 2018
Manmohan Singh addresses the media

Former prime minister Narendra Modi is now addressing the media at the Karnataka Congress headquarters in Bengaluru. "The intentions of the Modi government are not good. The GDP has plunged to a great extent. The policies of the present government are disastrous," he said.

12:03 (IST) 07 May 2018
PM's comments on Mahadayi row to confuse voters: Congress

Meanwhile, Congress in Goa alleged that Modi's remarks in Karnataka on the contentious Mahadayi river issue were to confuse voters on the eve of elections in the neighbouring state. During a poll rally in Karnataka last week, Modi claimed that the then Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, had said during Goa Assembly polls in 2007 that her party was "committed" to not allowing the southern state its share of water. The PM said since the Congress was out of power in Goa, it was instigating the people of Karnataka on the Mahadayi issue and that instead of finding a solution to the dispute, it was referred to a tribunal. Reacting to the Modi's remarks, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee president Girish Chodankar said such statements were being made just before the Karnataka polls to "confuse the voters". "I urge them (BJP leaders) to make a categorical statement within 72 hours, and not to wait till the Karnataka elections are over, if they are serious about this issue," Chodankar said.

11:59 (IST) 07 May 2018
UP CM Yogi Adityanath returns to Karnataka
11:55 (IST) 07 May 2018
Rahul Gandhi highlights 'truth about fuel prices under PM Modi'

Taking to Twitter, Rahul Gandhi posted a one-minute-forty-two-seconds video to highlight the "truth about fuel prices under PM Modi". He tweeted, "The BJP Govt. collected 10 Lakh Crore in taxes on Petrol/LPG/Diesel since 2014. Yet, NO relief in prices for our citizens. This video shows the truth about fuel prices under PM Modi. I will lead a protest against these prices in Kolar at Noon, today."

11:26 (IST) 07 May 2018
Congress campaign against BJP's 'mining mafia'
11:00 (IST) 07 May 2018
'Why Karnataka should not vote for Yeddyurappa: Reason Five'

5.BJP does not keep the promises it makes. At the centre they promised 15 lakhs to every one, jobs & economic growth. In practice they demonetised the economy & killed growth. Their have been anti-farmer, anti-women, anti-youth, anti-Dalit, anti-minorities & anti-business.

11:00 (IST) 07 May 2018
'Why Karnataka should not vote for Yeddyurappa: Reason Four'

4.BJP has no commitment to peace. If in power they will unleash communal elements on streets. Incidences like church attack, pub attack will come back. Cow vigilantes will be on streets. This is neither good for life nor for business. With disrupted business jobs will go.

10:59 (IST) 07 May 2018
'Why Karnataka should not vote for Yeddyurappa: Reason Three'

3.BJP has no respect for freedom: freedom to live the life the way people want. Once in power they will impose a dress code, a food code, & a code on who you can love. Above all they will impose Hindi over Kannada.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a rally in Karnataka. (PTI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a rally in Karnataka. (PTI)

On Sunday, PM Modi stepped up his criticism against the Congress and raked up the National Herald case to launch a direct attack on Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. Hitting back at the Congress for targeting BJP’s chief ministerial candidate B S Yeddyurappa, he said the “mother and son who are out on bail” and are facing allegations of involvement in a “Rs 5,000 crore scam” are questioning the BJP.

In his speech at a massive public meeting of BJP workers from the Hubli-Dharwad region here, Modi also warned the Congress not to breach the “decorum” of public life and said: “Congress ke neta kaan kholkar ke sun lijiye. Agar seemaon ko paar karoge, tho yeh Modi hain, lene ke dene pad jayenge.” He also attacked the Congress, saying it had raised “questions on the surgical strike” and the valour of the country’s soldiers.