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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Gujarat elections 2017 Live: We have eliminated 217 terrorists in 2017 with still one month left, says Rajnath Singh

Gujarat elections Live Updates: "Many people have even forgotten the election symbol of the Congress party. The BJP symbol is Kamal ka phool. We need to win 150 seats in Gujarat," says Rajnath in Lunawada

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 1, 2017 5:53:38 pm
rajnath singh, gujarat elections, home minister, gujarat poll campaign, jaitpur, indian express Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh. (Express Photo by Praveen Jain/Files)

With only a few days left for the first phase of polling in election-bound Gujarat, the BJP stepped up its attack on the Congress alleging that under Vice-President Rahul Gandhi’s leadership, the party has become a sinking boat. Home Minister Rajnath Singh attacked the UPA government over issues of corruption saying Congress is tainting India’s image all over the world. “Congress is tainting India’s image all over the world. They are questioning about the vikas in Gujarat. I have one question for Rahul Gandhi: In 2008, why did Rajiv Gandhi Foundation praise the Gujarat government if no vikas happened here?”

Addressing a crowd at Narmada public meeting, Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani said, “In the last 3.5 years of Rahul Gandhi’s leadership, Congress has become a sinking boat, lost 20 polls.” He added that the Congress won only 7 of 425 seats in UP Assembly polls.

The BJP’s response comes a day after Rahul Gandhi’s jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Rahul, in a series of three tweets, had asked the PM why Gujarat should suffer because of his publicity campaigns and financial mismanagement. He also slammed the Prime Minister for wasting public money to benefit his own companies.

Gujarat Elections 2017 Live:

5.15 pm: “We have eliminated 217 terrorist in 2017 still one month is left,” says Rajnath Singh in Mahuda.

5.10 pm: Rajnath Singh says, “First time I am visiting this constituency, and I am overwhelmed by the welcome here. I want to ask my Congress friend, why you are behind him (PM Modi) to defame him, post of PM is an institutions in itself.”

5.05pm: Rajnath Singh arrives in Mahuda Assembly Constituency in Kheda. Mahuda is strong hold of Congress.

rajnath singh in Gujarat Mahuda Assembly Constituency (Source: Express photo)

4.23 pm: “Many people have even forgotten the election symbol of the Congress party. Just remember that the BJP symbol is Kamal ka phool. We need to win 150 seats in Gujarat.” Rajnath Singh says in Lunawada constituency which has been with the Congress since 2007.

4.20 pm: Rajnath Singh said that he “instructed” the BSF chief to not show the “white flag” to Pakistan, if Pakistan fires the first bullet. “I have told them that if they fire a bullet, India must not count bullets that are pumped back in reply.”

4.18 pm: Rajnath Singh talks about Surgical Strike, says it was PM Modi’s “courage” that allowed the Indian Army to cross the border. “Duniya ko sandesh diya, ki zaroorat padi to hum uss paar bhi jaakar maar sakte hain.”

4.16 pm: Rajnath Singh in Lunawda.

4.14 pm: Rajnath Singh says the country’s GDP is steadily growing. He says, “Our GDP is at 7%, by 2019-20, it will be at 10%. India will stand among the three most progressive economies in the world.”

4.12 pm: “Why is Rahul Gandhi so troubled? The Congress ruled the country for 65 years; now let us rule for at least 20 years so that we can change the country. He called GST Gabbar Singh Tax, does it suit him? Why did the Congress support GST?” says Rajnath Singh in Lunawada.

4.10 pm: “Every scheme introduced by Narendra Modiji is so successful that Rahul Gandhi is very ‘pareshaan’. He is so troubled that he is queuing up at temples. Have you seen him going to temples before?” says Rajnath Singh.

4.08 pm: “I was in Russia and the way they welcomed us, so much hospitality was unexpected. It was the same when I went to China. The world has accepted that India is the fastest growing economy in the world,” says Rajnath Singh.

4.05 pm: “Have you seen any PM before who was concerned about how the poor cook on wood fire; have you seen any PM who picked up a broom to clean the country?” Rajnath Singh on PM Modi in Lunawada.

4.00 pm: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh is addressing a public gathering in Lunawada Assembly Constituency says, “Foreigners are amazed at how we managed to open bank accounts for lakhs of poor people in India. But we have done it.”

2:50 pm: Rajnath Singh now departs from Jetpur in Chhota Udepur to Lunawada Assembly constituency for another public meeting; he will also address the public in Mahuda Assembly Constituency in Kheda district later this evening.

2:45 pm: Rajnath Singh accuses UPA government of “going to extreme extent” to harass Narendra Modi as CM of Gujarat. Singh says, “They were conspiring to jail him. Could have gone to any extent to harass him. That is why they lost power.”

2:40 pm: Rajnath Singh is addressing a public meeting in Jetpur, an ST Assembly constituency which swung in favour of the BJP in 2012 when Jayanti Rathwa won the seat by about 4300 votes. Singh makes an appeal to tribal voters to press the “Kamal Ka phool” button

2:35 pm: “The Congress party is talking about employment issues. This is the same party that failed to give employment to youth. They created a ‘fauj of berozgaars’ during their rule,” Rajnath Singh said.

2:30 pm: Rajnath Singh repeats his jibe at Rahul Gandhi joining hands with Alpesh Thakor, Jignesh Mevani and Hardik Patel. “The future of the three youths is dark by joining hands with the man whose company has ruined other parties,” the home minister said.

2:15 pm: Rajnath Singh, addressing a public meeting in tribal constituency of Jetpur in Chhota Udepur district; appeals to tribal audience to “not discuss caste, but employment to youth born of wombs of Gujarat women.”

2:00 pm: Rajnath Singh departs from Chhota Udepur Assembly Constituency after making a vote appeal for BJP candidate Jasubhai Rathwa. Will address meetings in Jetpur, Lunawada and Mahuda through the day.

1:57 pm: Rajnath Singh: “I want to appeal to all of you, ‘is Gujarat ke Laal, Bharat ke Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi ka mastak kisi bhi surat me jhukna nahi chahiye. Iski chinta koi kar sakta hai toh Gujarat ki mataon ki kok se paida huye log kar sakte hain. Isiliye aap idhar udhar mat dekhiye, BJP ke jo pratyashi hain, unka chinh kamal ka phool hai, aap kamal ke phool ka button dabaiye.”

1:55 pm: Rajnath Singh invokes his ‘Gujarati’ connection,”I wasn’t born in Gujarat. Modiji is born of the womb of a Gujarati woman in Gujarat. I am also born of the womb of a lady named Gujarati. This is sanyog”.

1:50 pm: Rajnath Singh makes a vote appeal for BJP for Chhota Udepur Assembly Constituency, which Congress won by 2400 votes in 2012. Singh says, “You had defeated BJP by 2400 votes in 2012; This time you must ensure BJP wins this seat by 24,000 votes.”

1:47 pm: Rajnath Singh says, “I want to warn these three youths of Gujarat who are joining hands with Rahul Gandhi to see his political career history and the condition of those who joined him. Ye to doobenge, tumhe bhi le doobenge.”

1:45 pm: Rajnath Singh says, “If you look at the political career of about four years of this ‘young leader of the Congress’, whoever he joins hands with, sinks. Look at Samajwadi Party in UP, or National Conference in Kashmir. Look at where they are.”

1:43 pm: Rajnath Singh says Congress suffering from “insomnia that causes hallucination”, which is why “They cannot see anything (development).”

1:42 pm: Rajnath Singh says, “There are various agencies in India, who keep preparing reports on the efficiency of governments. All agencies, including international agencies, have termed the BJP government as the best. And, they (Congress) say Vikas Pagal Ho Gaya hai.”

1:41 pm: Rajnath Singh says, “Does the Congress expect us to complete the work that they could not complete in 60-65 years, within a span of 4 years? Yet, we have done more work in these four years than them. The Congress finds it difficult to speak the truth.”

1:41 pm: Rajnath Singh on Congress charge of unemployment in Gujarat: “If you see the figures, Gujarat is the number one state that has given employment to youth in the country. But, people are raising questions. We have schemes to help youth to start their own business”

1:40 pm: Rajnath Singh tells tribal audience in Chhota Udepur, “Your MP Ramsinh Rathwa hs told me about the number of families, who still cook food on wood fire. So, Modiji decided that there should be no home by 2019, which does not have an LPG cylinder”

1:40 pm: Rajnath Singh says, “I told the BSF chief, that the first bullet should not be fired from India, but if they fire a bullet, we should not count our bullets.”

1:39 pm: Rajnath Singh says, “I asked them, what was Pakistan’s reply to the white flag shown 16 times. There was no reply and they were planning to show the flag 17th time; my blood was boiling.”

1:39 pm: Rajnath Singh says, “One night, I saw on TV news that Pakistani army had killed 5 civilians on the border. I called up the BSF chief and asked him what did we do in reply; he told me we showed them white flags 16 times, as the practice since Congress rule…”

1:30 pm: On surgical strikes, Rajnath Singh said, “India is no longer the weak country to the world. When terrorists came lurking in the night and martyred our 17 soldiers, we sent out a message to the whole world that if the need be, we can go across the border and kill them”

1:28 pm: Rajnath Singh says, “International agency PEW has spoken about Narendra Modi, the son of Gujarat’s womb, that 88 of 100 people like Modi as a leader. They have said that among all governments running today, the best one is run by Modi.”

1:23 pm: Rajnath Singh says, “Congress is tainting India’s image all over the world. They are questioning about the vikas in Gujarat. I have one question for Rahul Gandhi: In 2008, why did Rajiv Gandhi Foundation praise the Gujarat government if no vikas happened here?” @IndianExpress

1:20 pm: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh addressing a public meeting in tribal district Chhota Udaipur, attacks UPA government over issues of corruption.

1:20 pm: A lady disrupts Rupani’s speech, but is taken away by the police. Rupani tells her from the stage, “Sister, please sit at the side, I will hear you after the sabha.”

1:17 pm: Rupani says, “If Rahul Gandhi has so much ‘aastha’, why weren’t those Kerala Congress leaders suspended for slaughtering a cow in public?”

1:15 pm: Rupani asks Rahul Gandhi if he ever visited Akshardham temple in Delhi, saying, “The biggest Akshardham temple in Delhi is just 5 minutes away from his farmhouse. Everyone knows that he has never visited that temple.”

1:15 pm: Rupani attacks Rahul Gandhi over the issue of ‘non-Hindu’ Somnath temple register controversy. Says, “You put down your own signature in the register and then questioned us (BJP) about it. Everyone knows that the temple visits are only for election campaign.”

1:00 pm: Rupani says, “They ‘ate up money’ from all sides -Akash, Patal, Pani, Rasta, Jungles. They must account for this money, they have no right to ask us for accounts. We will give our accounts to the people.”

12:35 pm: Rupani at Narmada public address says, “Congress won only 7 of 425 seats in UP Assembly polls; just got the number who can travel in a single Innova car.”

12:30 pm: At Narmada public meeting, Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani attacked Rahul Gandhi saying in the last 3.5 years of Rahul Gandhi’s leadership, Congress has become a sinking boat, lost 20 polls.

10:55 am: Home Minister Rajnath Singh is heading to Gujarat for election campaigning. He will address election meetings in Chhota Udaipur, Jetpur, Lunawada and Mahudha constituencies today.

10:00 am: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the third consecutive day on Twitter demanding an explanation for squandering public money for his own benefit. READ: Rahul Gandhi asks PM: Why did you waste public money to benefit some of your own companies?

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