Assembly elections 2019 LIVE: You will see Modi only with Trump, but never with farmers, says Rahul Gandhi

Assembly elections 2019 LIVE: You will see Modi only with Trump, but never with farmers, says Rahul Gandhi

Maharashtra, Haryana Assembly Elections 2019: The Home Minister will also address public meetings in Ellenabad and Narnaund today. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is also slated to kick-start party's first poll campaign from Haryana's Nuh district today.

PM Modi and Congress chief Rahul Gandhi addressed parallel rallies in Haryana. (File)

Maharashtra, Haryana Assembly Elections 2019: As the election draws to a close the campaign has gained pace in both Haryana and Maharashtra. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi addressed rallies in Haryana on Monday.

While Rahul Gandhi targetted the Chief Minister ML Khattar’s government in the state, he also attacked the Centre over unemployment and the falling economic condition. “The government took out the money from common man’s pockets and handed it to Ambani and Adani. Both Modi and Khattar are working for businessmen and keep deviating your focus from real problems,” Rahul said.

Meanwhile, PM Modi addressing a rally in Ballabhgadh of Haryana raked the issue of Article 370 and its abrogation by the BJP led government. “Jammu and Kashmir have started moving on the path of development and Modi again dare opposition parties to declare they will bring back Article 370 if they come to power,” Modi said. In Maharashtra, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will hold a roadshow in Goregaon followed by a public meeting in Mira Bhayandar and Charkop.

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Maharashtra, Haryana Assembly elections 2019: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi address rallies in Haryana

BJP has a strong Captain in Khattar: Modi

Addressing his first of four election rallies in Haryana this week, Modi said the opposition parties in the state were crumbling and their attempts to come together are falling apart, while the BJP had a "strong team and a strong captain" in Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar.

Haryana is changing under current government says Modi

Government recruitment in Haryana used to mean bribery and loot from youth. The kind of tricks used for jobs, has ended up many leaders in jail. This situation has now changed. The development of Haryana is being done with honesty and integrity and the connectivity has improved. Be it Palwal, Ballabgarh, Faridabad, modern facilities of traffic and connectivity are being done.

J&K has started moving on path of development: PM

PM Modi said at Ballabhgarh poll rally that the state of Jammu and Kashmir has started moving on the path of development after the revocation of Article 370, PTI reported. He also dared opposition parties to declare they will bring back Article 370 if they come to power. On the criticism of Rafale dead, the PM said that BJP is committed to national security despite Congress opposition.

WATCH | PM Modi addressing a rally at Ballabgarh

Assembly elections in the state are scheduled to be held on October 21.

People of the country can see only a few offended by Article 370 decision

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while speaking at a rally in Haryana's Ballabgarh, said that only a few people are offended by the Article 370 decision by the government. He said these people are now raising a question on the government's decision and asking for help while going in foreign countries.

Rahul attacks PM over meeting with Trump

You will see Narendra Modi only with Trump and Ambani, but you will never see him with farmers: Rahul Gandhi at an election rally in Haryana

Media refrain from asking questions to Modi: Rahul Gandhi in Nuh

"Have you seen that the media has shown the state of unemployment, that is because the media and their owners don't want the common man to understand the state of the economy of this country. They will show you Rafale but refrain from asking questions on the corruption in the deal," says Rahul Gandhi.

Rahula Gandhi targets Centre over GST and economy

Rahul speaking in Nuh, Haryana targetted PM Modi saying that they took out the money from common man's pockets and handed it to Ambani and Adani. The aim is the same that Modi and Khattar are working for businessmen and deviate your focus from real problems. 

Rahul Gandhi says Congress will fulfill its promises

Rahul Gandhi said that if the Congress government is formed the much-demanded railway line in Gurgaon, college in Nuh will be constructed. He adds that Congress belongs to everyone, we connect people while BJP and RSS are dividing the nation. Wherever they go they make people fight among themselves and the results are infornt of us, the economy has gone for a toss. 

I will talk about kaam ki baat, not mann ki baat: Rahul Gandhi

Talking about unemployment, Rahul said that Maruti, tata factories had to be shut down while PM Modi and Cm Khattar keep promising jobs. He added that "I will talk about kaam ki baat, not Mann ki Baat." Rahul gives the example of Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh stating that Congress fulfils its promises. 

Rahul Gandhi addressing rally in Nuh, haryana

Former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi is addressing his first rally in Haryana. He is in Nuh district where he targets Manohar Lal Khattar and PM Narendra Modi. 

Overwhelming public support for Cong in Haryana, will form next govt: Hooda

Former Haryana chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda has claimed that the Congress will form the next government in the state as it is getting "overwhelming" support from the people of the state. "Hava palat gayi hai (the winds have changed direction). The Congress is getting overwhelming public support across the state and is going to form the next government," he said, addressing the people during his campaigning in the Baroda assembly constituency in this district Sunday evening. (PTI)

'Khoda Pahad Nikli Chuhiya': Khattar ridicules Sonia's appointment as Cong interim chief

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar has ridiculed Sonia Gandhi's return as the Congress chief, likening the opposition party's three-month effort at choosing a president to the Hindi proverb "Khoda Pahad Nikli Chuhiya". The proverb suggests a big effort for little gain. Literally, it means finding a mouse after digging a mountain. "That too a dead one," Khattar added. (PTI)

Congress making false promises in its manifesto: Manohar Lal Khattar

Taking a dig at Congress, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said that Congress has made false promises in its manifesto and that they want people to get habitual of freebies. The BJP instead will provide employment opportunities and pay the Rs 9000 for 100 hours of work. 

Addressing a public meeting held at Julana (Jind) today, Khattar said people are excited about this election. " Gave details of development works and public welfare policies undertaken in the last 5 years and sought blessings from the people for the massive victory in the upcoming assembly elections," he added.

Amit Shah to hold rally today

Home Minister Amit Shah will lead poll campaign today in Haryana

PM Modi to address rally in Haryana

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address a rally in Haryana's Ballabgarh today.

Congress manifesto for Haryana polls: 33% quota for women in jobs, farm loan waivers

In its bid to woo young voters in the state, the Congress has assured one job per family as per the qualifications. Also, an allowance of Rs 7,000 will be given to graduates and Rs 10,000 for a post-graduate until they secure a job. The party has promised free health care services for poor and needy people. In its manifesto, the Congress has also promised the formation of Special Task Force to fight drug abuse in Haryana and drug rehabilitation centres will be opened in each village. 

Haryana: BJP manifesto focuses on farmers, women, SCs

In its manifesto, the BJP has promised to give collateral-free loans of up to Rs 3 lakh to Scheduled Castes, interest-free crop loan of up to Rs 3 lakh to farmers and free skill training with an outlay of Rs 500 crore to 25 lakh youths, as well as loans to youths for pursuing higher studies. For women, BJP has promised to launch a “pink bus service”, sanitary napkin vending machines in villages and cities, self-defence training for school girls, fast-track courts to hear cases pertaining to crimes against women, and launching a “Sushma Stree” award for women working for the empowerment of women.

Haryana: BJP’s task cut out in seats dominated by Muslims, hit by 2016 Jat quota stir

Despite a thumping mandate that led BJP to a historic victory on all 10 Lok Sabha seats in Haryana in May 2019 Lok Sabha polls, the Assembly constituency-wise voting patterns in each parliamentary constituency reveal that three Muslim dominated constituencies in southern Haryana and at least six Jat dominated constituencies, which had remained an epicentre of Jat reservation stir violence that resulted in death of 40 persons in February 2016, had rather outrightly rejected the BJP.  Read more 

Welcome to The Indian Express live blog. BJP president  Amit Shah and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi will lead BJP's and Congress' poll campaign in Haryana today. Follow this space for the latest news from the election battleground.  

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed three rallies in Maharashtra on Sunday.


As the Congress looks to resurrect itself in Haryana, the party promised a 33 per cent reservation for women in government and private jobs in its poll manifesto. Among its key promises for the upcoming Assembly elections in the state, the party has promised to give free rides to all women passengers on Haryana roadways buses and an allowance of Rs 3,500 per month for pregnant women till the birth of each child.

Assembly elections in Haryana and Maharashtra will take place on October 21. With less than a week left for Maharashtra and Haryana Assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi raked the Jammu and Kashmir special status issue in Jalgaon. Addressing an election rally, PM Modi threw an open dare to the Opposition asking them to announce in their manifesto that they will bring back Article 370 if voted to power.

Meanwhile, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday questioned the ‘purpose’ of Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s “unprecedented” visit to France to receive the first Rafale fighter jet, saying BJP leaders are bearing “guilt” in their minds for making “mistakes” in the controversial deal.

Addressing a poll rally in Chandivali assembly constituency in Mumbai, his second in the day, Gandhi also raised the alleged fraud in the Punjab and Maharashtra Cooperative (PMC) Bank which has led to restrictions on withdrawal of money by depositors.