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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The Sandip Roy Show

What makes people tick? What are the stories they carry with them? In a world of shouting heads, veteran journalist, radio commentator and novelist Sandip Roy sits down to have real conversations about the fascinating world around us and the people who shape it. Catch these engaging interviews every other Sunday

The Sandip Roy ShowWhat makes people tick? What are the stories they carry with them? In a world of shouting heads, veteran journalist, radio commentator and novelist Sandip Roy sits down to have real conversations about the fascinating world around us and the people who shape it. Catch these engaging interviews every other Sunday
Episode 31 August 25, 2019

Understanding depression, the invisible illness, with Amrita Tripathi

Sandip talks to Amrita Tripathi, the founder-editor of the Health Collective, about her latest book that tries to open up conversations about depression and tell us that we are not alone in dealing with it.

Episode 30 August 11, 2019

What we get wrong about Yoga, with Devdutt Pattanaik

Devdutt Pattanaik on what we get wrong about Yoga, how much is it really get connected to faith and why the ancient Indians practiced it.

Episode 29 July 28, 2019

What they cooked in Shah Jahan’s Kitchen, with Salma Yusuf Husain

Food Historian Salma Yusuf Husain takes us through the wondrous kitchen of the Mughal emperor and talks about the surprising dishes that the Mughal's gave us.

Episode 28 July 14, 2019

On migration, climate change and The Gun Island, with Amitav Ghosh

Amitav Ghosh talks about migration, cosmopolitanism, the lack of climate change in literature and his latest novel - The Gun Island.

Episode 27 June 30, 2019

Afghanistan’s first openly gay person, Nemat Sadat

Sandip talks to Sadat about what made him finally come out, why people around him saw it as an act of cowardice and his skepticism of 'liberal' Islam.

Episode 26 June 16, 2019

A sanctuary for all creatures great and small, with Anjali Gopalan

LGBTQ rights activist and the founder of Naz foundation, Anjali Gopalan, on the way we treat our animals and what that says about us as a society.

Episode 25 June 2, 2019

Close to the Bone, with Lisa Ray

In this episode, Lisa Ray talks about being boxed into the category of a "sex symbol", the problem of hypersexuality in Bollywood, her struggles with eating disorders and more.

Episode 24 May 19, 2019

What it means to be secular in India today, with Harsh Mander

Writer and human rights activist Harsh Mander on the threat that we face as a nation and the need for fraternity in our society.

Episode 23 May 5, 2019

People with mental illnesses and their right to vote, with Ratnaboli Ray

Ratnaboli Ray, the founder of Anjali, a mental health rights organization in Kolkata, talks to Sandip about the challenges and her efforts of getting people with mental illnesses to cast their votes.

Episode 22 April 21, 2019

Understanding the Indian Constitution, with Gautam Bhatia

In this episode, Sandip speak to lawyer and legal scholar Gautam Bhatia about his new book 'The Transformative Constitution: A Radical Biography in Nine Acts'.

Episode 21 April 7, 2019

Decoding Indian Elections, with Prannoy Roy

In this episode, Sandip talks to the man who, in many ways, brought elections to our living rooms.

Episode 20 March 24, 2019

The BDSM scene in India, with the Kinky Collective

Journeys into the world of kink and the learnings that we can all take from the BDSM community.

Episode 19 March 10, 2019

Ruskin Bond, The Man with the Golden Pen

In this episode, Sandip talks to the beloved author, Ruskin Bond, about his journey as a writer so far.

Episode 18 February 24, 2019

Coming Out as Dalit, with Yashica Dutt

Journalist Yashica Dutt talks about how she passed as being upper caste and what made her finally come out as Dalit.

Episode 17 February 10, 2019

Discovering Shakespeare in Bollywood, with Jonathan Gil Harris

Author Jonathan Gil Harris explains how Bollywood films are closely related to the work of Shakespeare and how the 'masala' genre celebrates India's cultural diversity.

Episode 16 January 27, 2019

The Great Smog of India with Siddharth Singh

Siddharth Singh talks about the extent of the air pollution problem in India, what it costs us, and what we can do about it.

Episode 15 January 13, 2019

Feminism, writing and mythology in the age of #metoo, with Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan

Author Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan joins Sandip to talk about her new book, a retelling of the life of Amba/Shkhandi, the second in her series on the girls of the Mahabharata.

Episode 14 December 23, 2018

End the year by learning to build on your failures, with Shabnam Aggarwal

Shabnam Aggarwal talks of the risk she took to follow her dream, and the lessons she learned when she failed.

Episode 13 December 9, 2018

The close relationship between crime and politics in India

Carnegie Fellow Milan Vaishnav on how Indians like to elect people facing criminal charges

Episode November 25, 2018

The twice born: Talking to Indian Brahmins with Aatish Taseer

In this episode, Sandip speaks to author and journalist Aatish Taseer about his experiences writing The Twice Born: Life and Death on the River Ganges.

Episode 11 November 11, 2018

The great Indian rope trick: A magical history of India with John Zubrzycki

John Zubrzycki talks to Sandip about the history of magic and magicians in India, from fakirs to P.C. Sorcar

Episode 10 October 28, 2018

Mapping food in India, through time and place, with Pushpesh Pant

Pushpesh Pant talks to Sandip about food memories, sweets and what the map of India would look like if it were drawn by food.

Episode 9 October 14, 2018

The buffet edition: Extended excerpts from our best episodes

A special episode with extended excerpts from James Crabtree, Devdutt Pattanaik and Shubha Mudgal

Episode 8 September 30, 2018

Shubha Mudgal on music, activism and more

Shubha Mudgal talks about music, activism, education and more, with stories from her life and experiences.

Episode 7 September 16, 2018

Devdutt Pattanaik on mythology, tribalism and #377

Mythologist and writer Devdutt Pattanaik talks about life for LGBTQI people after #377, Indian society's relationship with sex, our tendency to tribalism and more.