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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Talking Books

Every other Sunday, Juggernaut and the Indian Express come together to feature conversations with Juggernaut’s authors, bringing you the latest from the world of ideas in India.

Episode 3 July 15, 2018

Yasser Usman in conversation with Aseem Chhabra

On today's episode, Aseem Chhabra talks to Yasser Usman about his no-holds-barred unauthorised biography of Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt. With the release of the blockbuster film Sanju, Yasser tells us what the film got right,...

Episode 2 July 1, 2018

Manu S Pillai in conversation with Supriya Nair

In this episode of Talking Books, Manu S Pillai is in conversation with Supriya Nair, talking about the history of the Deccan, its kingdoms and their wars, and Manu’s new book Rebel Sultans: The Deccan...

Episode 1 June 23, 2018

Welcome to Talking Books

Collaborating with Juggernaut to bring you the latest from the world of ideas in India