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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Our Own Devices

Nandagopal Rajan hosts this new weekly podcast which goes beyond the trends so you can stay ahead of the curve. Our Own Devices discusses quirky gadgets, dissects trends and reflects on the world of tech in India.

Our Own DevicesNandagopal Rajan hosts this new weekly podcast which goes beyond the trends so you can stay ahead of the curve. Our Own Devices discusses quirky gadgets, dissects trends and reflects on the world of tech in India.
Episode 16 February 15, 2020

Unpacking Samsung: Will phones like the Galaxy M30s crush competition

Looking at how the brand positions it smartphones differently from the high-end Apple or the mass appeal Xiaomi, and what it needs to do differently in the future.

Episode 15 February 8, 2020

Unpacking Apple: What lies behind its success in India

On the tech podcast, our hosts dissect how Apple's brand value proposition, pricing structures, products like the Apple Watch and AirPods all lend to its success in India .

Episode 14 February 1, 2020

What is the 5G phenomenon all about?

How long will it take for more 5G phones to come to India? What other gadgets will be 5G enabled? Our hosts unpack everything you need to know about the tech world's hottest buzzword- 5G

Episode 13 January 25, 2020

Will Artificial Intelligence take over jobs in India?

Tech reporters break down how artificial intelligence is used in the world around us and why the worry that automation will take away jobs needs to be re-examined.

Episode 12 January 18, 2020

All the best tech from CES 2020

A few exciting launches and a whole lot of concepts for future tech- the annual consumer electronics show in Las Vegas had a few things to write back home about. Tune in as Nandagopal Rajan...

Episode 11 January 11, 2020

Gadget releases to look out for in 2020

Join host Shruti Dhapola and special guest Anuj Bhatia as they discuss what new gadgets to expect this year and some exciting products announced at CES 2020.

Episode 10 January 4, 2020

How does social media enable different kinds of conversations?

On this episode, Nandagopal Rajan and Shruti discuss how different social media enables different sorts of conversations. Do these platforms shape the worldview of their users and create an echo chamber? Can YouTube be considered...

Episode 9 December 28, 2019

How technology has changed in the last 10 years

In this episode, Nandagopal Rajan, Shruti Dhapola and Anuj Bhatia sit down to discuss the changes that our devices have seen over the past decade, and talk about the gadgets they still wish they had.

Episode 8 December 21, 2019

Tech Roundup: What technology we’re looking forward to in 2020

Will everyone own an Apple AirPods knockoff in 2020? And will the Playstation 5 redefine the gaming experience? Hosts Shruti Dhapola and Nandgopal Rajan are joined by guest Anuj Bhatia to talk about what their...

Episode 7 December 14, 2019

Tech Roundup- Looking back at 2019

48 MP to 64 MP cameras, 6000 mAh batteries, e-sims, foldable phones, increased focus on privacy and the changing face of social media- join our hosts as they unpack the interesting tech trends in India...

Episode 6 December 7, 2019

Is India ready for facial recognition technology?

Facial recognition technology is not new, but the recent Chaayos controversy brings up the question- when is it okay to use facial technology? On this episode, our hosts dissect how the tech works, how it...

Episode 5 November 30, 2019

How did Chinese smartphones come to dominate the Indian market?

On the latest episode of the tech podcast, our hosts unpack why Chinese smartphone manufacturers have an advantage over Indian brands. Will the market see a change soon? And what can propel a new Indian...

Episode 4 November 24, 2019

How to be smarter about your smart speakers

On this episode of the Indian Express tech podcast, hosts Shruti Dhapola and Nandagopal Rajan detail what India's smart speaker market has to offer, the pros and cons of owning a smart speaker and why...

Episode 3 November 16, 2019

Multiple phone cameras: Is more always better?

How did camera performance and multiple cameras come to dominate the mid to high-end smartphone market? Is the hype worth writing home about? Hosts Shruti Dhapola and Nandagopal Rajan give you the low-down on phones...

Episode 2 November 9, 2019

How Tik Tok has changed social media in India

On this episode of our tech podcast, our hosts Shruti Dhapola and Nandagopal Rajan discuss the changing face of social media in the country, the rise of Tik Tok, and how it's putting Indian talent...

Episode 1 November 2, 2019

Samsung Galaxy Fold: Is fold the future?

On the first episode of our tech podcast Our Own Devices, reporters unpack the foldable smartphone trend, whether the Galaxy Fold is Samsung's contender against the iPhone and how it will change how we consume...