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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Our Own Devices

Nandagopal Rajan hosts this new weekly podcast which goes beyond the trends so you can stay ahead of the curve. Our Own Devices discusses quirky gadgets, dissects trends and reflects on the world of tech in India.

Our Own DevicesNandagopal Rajan hosts this new weekly podcast which goes beyond the trends so you can stay ahead of the curve. Our Own Devices discusses quirky gadgets, dissects trends and reflects on the world of tech in India.
Episode 41 December 12, 2020

How do they decide what features to add in a smartphone?

A lot goes into deciding what features will be added in a smartphone. But how are those decisions made?

Episode 40 December 5, 2020

Can India become a smartphone manufacturing hub?

What are the challenges that come in the way of India becoming a smartphone manufacturing hub, and how it can make it happen.

Episode 39 November 28, 2020

Is Twitter cleaning up its act?

What Twitter is doing about issues of addictions, toxicity and fake news.

Episode 38 November 21, 2020

The trouble with Androids

Discussing Android’s fragmentation problem and talking to OnePlus’s Sam Twist about OxygenOS.

Episode 37 November 14, 2020

Why Apple making its own computer chip will be a game changer

The changes that the M1 chip will bring to Apple products and what it will mean for the company’s future.

Episode 36 November 7, 2020

Will a nationalistic comeback help Micromax sell phones?

Whether signalling nationalism will help Micromax make a comeback and what the company really has to offer to its consumers.

Episode 35 October 31, 2020

How smart are smart speakers?

How convenient smart speakers are and where their 'smartness' comes from.

Episode 34 October 24, 2020

Why Apple is smiling at your kidney jokes

What premium phones offer their users, whether they are more about flash than functionality, and why consumer aspiration is necessary for the smartphone ecosystem.

Episode 33 October 17, 2020

The signals in Apple’s iPhone 12 event

Discussing everything big and mini about the Apple Event 2020 and what makes the iPhone 12 series special.

Episode 32 October 10, 2020

The last page…reading the past and future of e-books

How e-books have changed the way we read, the reason readers like them and why they still prefer physical books.

Episode 31 October 3, 2020

How wireless earphones have evolved over time

How wireless earphones improved over time and the changes that they brought with them.

Episode 30 September 26, 2020

What’s in store from Apple?

What you can look forward to at the Apple Store and what makes its experience unique.

Episode 29 September 19, 2020

How tech companies are evolving during the pandemic

How tech companies are evolving during the pandemic and how our devices will change to cater to our new requirements.

Episode 28 September 12, 2020

Neither premium nor budget, a new range of phones thanks to the pandemic

How the pandemic gave birth to the ‘premium budget’ phones and what one should look for in them.

Episode 27 September 5, 2020

How COVID-19 will change what we seek in our devices

What this time has made us realise about the technology we use and how the COVID crisis will affect what we look for in our devices.

Episode 26 April 25, 2020

iPhone SE and OnePlus 8 series: Launches despite lockdown

On the Indian Express tech podcast, tech reporters details the latest surprise smartphone launches, what sets these models apart and how they plan to enter a market hit by the pandemic.

Episode 25 April 18, 2020

What safety issues has the video conferencing app Zoom been facing?

On our technology podcast, Our Own Devices, reporters detail how life in lockdown is increasingly reliant on the Zoom app for education and work from home, and why it has been deemed "unsafe".

Episode 24 April 11, 2020

Atari to Xbox: Console gaming of the past, present and future

From old school gaming consoles to new models going for the retro style, the hosts of our tech podcast reminisce about their gaming journeys and discuss what the future of gaming looks like.

Episode 23 April 4, 2020

Legendary Technology: The Return of the Walkman

On this episode of the Indian Express tech podcast, our hosts review the latest iteration of the Walkman- the Android-powered NW-A105 Walkman- and detail whether audiophiles should pick it up.

Episode 22 March 28, 2020

How the tech industry has been hit by the Coronavirus pandemic

On this episode of the Indian Express tech podcast, our hosts detail how there will be a cascading effect in the tech industry across the world and how our relationship with technology has changed during...

Episode 21 March 21, 2020

Where are the old brands? Nokia, BlackBerry, HTC and others

On this episode of the Indian Express tech podcast, hosts Nandagopal Rajan and Shruti Dhapola take a look at old phone brands that have disappeared or attempting to make a comeback.

Episode 20 March 14, 2020

How Coronavirus has affected smartphone supply in India and the tech world

On the latest episode of the Indian Express tech podcast, we detail how the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted India's supply chain, whether smartphone launches will be affected and what lasting impact will be felt in...

Episode 19 March 7, 2020

Unpacking BBK group: How the company behind Oppo and Vivo dominated the market

On this episode of the tech podcast, our hosts detail how the BBK group, which is behind smartphone brands like Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus and Realme, came to dominate the smartphone market.

Episode 18 February 29, 2020

Unpacking OnePlus: How it set itself apart in the premium market

How the OnePlus, with its iconic look and flagship processor under Rs.30,000 managed to become India's leading premium brand and set itself apart.

Episode 17 February 22, 2020

Unpacking Xiaomi: Will it always be stuck with the “affordable” tag?

the "affordable" tag? Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone brand dominating our market is known for its affordable phones but this could be holding it back from successfully selling higher-end phones. Will the all new Mi 10...