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Thursday, December 02, 2021

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Express Sports is your one-stop shop for everything that is significant in sports. Tune in for freewheeling interviews of athletes and sharp analyses by our experienced sports reporters.

Express SportsExpress Sports is your one-stop shop for everything that is significant in sports. Tune in for freewheeling interviews of athletes and sharp analyses by our experienced sports reporters.
Episode 27 September 21, 2019

Game Time: Behind the rise of Vinesh Phogat and Amit Panghal

Daksh and Gaurav take us behind the wins of wrestler Vinesh Phogat and boxers Amit Panghal and Manish Kaushik.

Episode 26 September 14, 2019

Game Time: Why a draw against Qatar is really a win for Indian football

Why India's draw against Qatar is a big deal and what it says about the progress Indian football has made.

Episode 25 September 7, 2019

Game Time: Is Bumrah a bigger match winner than Kohli?

Daksh and Gaurav discuss whether Bumrah is a bigger match winner than Kohli and the upcoming fight between Dustin Poirier and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Episode 24 August 31, 2019

Game Time: Is PV Sindhu India’s greatest athlete?

Breaking down the rise of PV Sindhu - how she managed to dominate the Chinese players, the role of her coach (GopiChand) in her success and how she has transformed herself into perhaps India's greatest...

Episode 23 August 24, 2019

Game Time: Sushil Kumar, Aishwarya Pissay and Sports Awards

What the room was like in the World Championship trail between Sushil Kumar and Jitender Kumar, the facts about the ‘first Indian ever to win motorsport world title’ and discussing who all should have won...

Episode 22 August 17, 2019

Game Time: Was Mary Kom unfairly selected for the World Boxing Championships?

In this episode of Game Time, Daksh and Gaurav debate whether Mary Kom should been made to participate in the boxing trail that was scheduled against Nikhat Zareen, before being selected for the upcoming World...

Episode 21 August 10, 2019

Game Time: Behind the scenes of covering the Cricket World Cup, with Sriram Veera

Indian Express' chief cricket writer, Sriram Veera, joins Daksh and Gaurav to share insights about what it was like to cover the World Cup this time.

Episode 20 August 3, 2019

Game Time: Is India set to give its best performance yet at the 2020 Olympics?

How India is expected to perform in the Olympics next year, which athletes have a chance of winning a medal and why Indian participants seem to get performance anxiety during the actual event.

Episode 19 July 27, 2019

Game Time: High jumper Tejaswin Shankar on life as a student athlete in the US

High jumper Tejaswin Shankar on his life as a student athlete, the cultural and training differences between India and the US and how he is preparing for Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Episode 18 July 20, 2019

World Cup Locker Room: Looking back at perhaps the best final match ever

In the last episode of the World Cup Locker Room, Daksh and Gaurav are joined by Sandeep Dwivedi to talk about the final match between New Zealand and England and exactly how the latter won.

Episode 17 July 13, 2019

World Cup Locker Room: Who do we blame for India not reaching the finals?

Do we blame Kohli, Shastri or the selectors? And what should be the way ahead for the Indian Team?

Episode 16 July 6, 2019

World Cup Locker Room: ‘I name a team, you name the player’

A look at the various players who have stood out so far during this World Cup through a fun association game.

Episode 15 June 29, 2019

World Cup Locker Room: Pakistan steps up, Dhoni struggles and Kohli’s curses

Will Pakistan reach the semi-finals, what Dhoni's performance might be costing India and the message Kohli's curses sends to younger players.

Episode 14 June 22, 2019

World Cup Locker Room: Is the current format making the tournament less exciting?

In this episode, Daksh and Gaurav are joined (again) by the Indian Express' National Sports Editor, Sandeep Dwivedi as they discuss whether the current format has made the tournament less exciting.

Episode 13 June 15, 2019

World Cup Locker Room: Why you should support Pakistan if you root for the underdog

The history of India and Pakistan playing against each other and why as a cricket fan one shouldn't hesitate to support Pakistan; they are after all the underdogs here.

Episode 12 June 8, 2019

World Cup Locker Room: Dhoni’s Glove Row, AB de Villiers and Ind v/s Aus

Discussing the controversy around Dhoni wearing a military insignia, reports of AB de villiers wanting to come out of retirement and the upcoming Ind v/s Aus match.

Episode 11 June 1, 2019

World Cup Locker Room: What Hasan Minhaj got wrong about Indian Cricket

Discussing what Hasan Minhaj gets wrong (and right) about Indian Cricket and India's upcoming with South Africa.

Episode 10 May 18, 2019

Trend-spotting: Why we fall for certain international football clubs

Why do certain international football clubs have an emotional sway over Indian fans and whether certain clubs tend to attract a certain kind of fan.

Episode 09 May 11, 2019

Trend-spotting: Why Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings dominate IPL

Is it something about these teams in particular or is something larger is at play?

Episode 08 May 4, 2019

Explained: The Caster Semenya controversy

The implications of CAS's decision about Caster Semenya and the ramifications it can have for women in sports.

Episode 07 April 27, 2019

Trend-spotting: Why Haryana dominates Indian Wrestling

Why do certain sports thrive in certain pockets? And does this negatively impact the sports in anyway?

Episode 06 April 20, 2019

Trend-spotting: Should Breakdancing be part of the Olympics?

In this episode, Daksh and Gaurav are joined by Mihir Vasavda to debate the future of Olympics.

Episode 05 April 13, 2019

Trend-Spotting: Is Tennis becoming a tall player’s game?

Why is Tennis seeing taller players? And will the sport be dominated by giants in the future?

Episode 04 April 6, 2019

Trend-spotting: Should technology replace umpires?

In this episode of Express Sports, Daksh and Gaurav analyse whether replacing human umpires with technology is a good idea.

Episode 03 March 30, 2019

Trend-spotting: Older Players in Sports

How have older players suddenly begun to excel? And what is the secret to their success?