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Thursday, December 02, 2021

Express Sports

Express Sports is your one-stop shop for everything that is significant in sports. Tune in for freewheeling interviews of athletes and sharp analyses by our experienced sports reporters.

Express SportsExpress Sports is your one-stop shop for everything that is significant in sports. Tune in for freewheeling interviews of athletes and sharp analyses by our experienced sports reporters.
Episode 52 January 30, 2020

99.94: Shane Warne vs Steve Smith

This week on 99.94, the match-up is between the two legendary Aussies - Steve Smith and Shane Warne. And as a special bonus, we had Trentwood Hill, Smith's personal batting coach weigh in on the...

Episode 51 January 25, 2020

Game Time: What the Mohun Bagan-ATK merger means for both the clubs

Mihir and Gaurav are joined by Shamik Chakraborty to talk about what this merger and what it means for both the teams and the ISL.

Episode 50 January 23, 2020

99.94: Why Praveen Kumar talking about depression is a big deal

Praveen Kumar's struggle with his mental health, why his talking about depression is a big deal and what makes cricketers susceptible to it.

Episode 49 January 18, 2020

Game Time: Australian Open in the backdrop of the wildfires

Impact of climate change on sports, Greta Thunberg calling out Roger Federer and what to look forward to in this year's Australian Open.

Episode 48 January 16, 2020

99.94: Glenn McGrath vs AB de Villiers

The showdown between one of the most successful fast bowlers, Glenn McGrath and the "Mr. 360°" AB de Villiers.

Episode 47 January 11, 2020

Game Time: Why India wants to host every sporting event possible

In this episode of Game Time, Mihir and Gaurav discuss whether India is capable of hosting so many large scale sporting events and the impact that they could have.

Episode 46 January 9, 2020

99.94: The 2005-2006 UP vs Bengal Ranji Trophy match

Looking back at the 2005 UP v/s Bengal Ranji Trophy match and the changes it brought to Indian Cricket.

Episode 45 January 4, 2020

Game Time: 2020 Predictions, Mary Kom v/s Nikhat Zareen and a big announcement

Predictions for the coming year, the final bout between Mary Kom and Nikhat Zareen and a big announcement for listeners.

Episode 44 January 2, 2020

99.94: Virat Kohli v/s Wasim Akram

Would Virat Kohli, the right-handed top-order batsman be able to hold his ground against Wasim Akram, the left-arm bowler?

Episode 43 December 28, 2019

Game Time: The biggest sports moments of this decade

Daksh and Gaurav sit down and look back at the some of the biggest sports moments of the past ten years.

Episode 42 December 26, 2019

99.94: Why you should go watch a Ranji Trophy match

What makes Ranji Trophy special, why it matters and why as a cricket fan you should go watch a Ranji match.

Episode 41 December 21, 2019

Game Time: Should sportspersons take political stands?

With Irfan Pathan tweeting in support of Jamia Millia University students, the issue of whether celebrities should talk about current issues and take a political stand is back . Our reporters discuss this in a...

Episode 40 December 19, 2019

99.94: Sachin vs Bumrah

In this episode of our cricket exclusive series 99.94, Daksh and Gaurav are joined by special guests National Sports editor Sandeep Dwivedi and Sriram Veera, to discuss the ultimate face off. If India's greatest batsman...

Episode 39 December 14, 2019

Game Time: Do you need to eat meat to become a world class athlete?

In this episode, Daksh and Gaurav discuss whether a non-vegetarian diet is necessary for professional athletes and to what extent one's diet affects performance.

Episode 38 December 7, 2019

99.94: A new series by Express Sports

We introduce a new series by Express Sports entirely dedicated to Cricket.

Episode 37 November 30, 2019

Game Time: Bhogle vs Manjrekar and other Pink Ball controversies

Daksh and Gaurav unpack whether the pink ball match series between India and Bangladesh really helped to draw attention to the Test format and how the Bhogle vs Manjrekar tiff played out.

Episode 36 November 23, 2019

Game Time: The rise and fall of Deadspin

Breaking down the rise and fall of the sports blog Deadspin.

Episode 35 November 16, 2019

Game Time: The Davis Cup controversy, India v/s Bangladesh and Shooting at Olympics

Discussing the Davis Cup controversy, India-Bangladesh test series and Indian shooters qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Episode 34 November 9, 2019

Game Time: The rise of women’s hockey, Glenn Maxwell’s break and Lewis Hamilton’s win

What is behind the rise of Indian Women's Hockey, why Glenn Maxwell is taking a break from cricket and debating whether Lewis Hamilton is better than Michael Schumacher.

Episode 33 November 2, 2019

Game Time: You asked, we answered

In this episode, Daksh and Gaurav take a break to answer your questions.

Episode 32 October 26, 2019

Game Time: Mary Kom, Andy Murray and India v/s South Africa

Nikhat Zareen's demand to have a trail bout with Mary Kom, Andy Murray's come back and India's phenomenal win against South Africa.

Episode 31 October 19, 2019

Game Time: Maradona, Mary Kom and Kipchoge’s Marathon Record

Asif Kapadia's new documentary Diego Maradona, Mary Kom's win at the World Boxing Championships and Eliud Kipchoge's recording breaking marathon.

Episode 30 October 12, 2019

Game Time: NBA’s debut in India and the brilliance of Mohammed Shami

NBA's debut, World Athletics Championships, Mohammed Shami's bowling, listener's feedback and more.

Episode 29 October 5, 2019

What makes Rohit Sharma the gully boy of Indian Cricket

Looking at Rohit Sharma's rise, what he is like off the field and what makes him stand out from other Indian cricketers.

Episode 28 September 28, 2019

Game Time: Should rallying be banned in India after the Barmer tragedy?

Looking at the questions that the Barmer car rally raises and whether the sport is too dangerous to be held in India.