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Thursday, December 02, 2021

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Express Sports is your one-stop shop for everything that is significant in sports. Tune in for freewheeling interviews of athletes and sharp analyses by our experienced sports reporters.

Express SportsExpress Sports is your one-stop shop for everything that is significant in sports. Tune in for freewheeling interviews of athletes and sharp analyses by our experienced sports reporters.
Episode 102 November 21, 2020

Game Time: Why this ISL season promises to be better than ever

What you can look forward to in this season of the Indian Super League (ISL).

Episode 101 November 14, 2020

99.94: How Mumbai Indians became the new IPL kings

What factors have contributed to the success of Mumbai Indians, and whether Rohit Sharma should become the India T20 captain.

Episode 100 November 7, 2020

100th Episode: What it’s like to score a (podcast) century

In this special episode, Gaurav and Mihir are joined by the former host of the podcast, Daksh Panwar and two superfans of the show.

Episode 99 October 31, 2020

99.94: Why Rohit Sharma, Ishant Sharma, and Suryakumar Yadav didn’t make the Indian team

Why these players were left out of the Australia tour, why this matter needs to be investigated, and the values these players add to the Indian squad.

Episode 98 October 24, 2020

99.94: Why T Natarajan is IPL 2020’s breakthrough star

The fascinating journey T Natarajan has made as a cricketer, what makes him a great bowler, how the lack of formal training at a young age works to his advantage, and the challenges that players...

Episode 97 October 17, 2020

99.94: Can Dhoni led ‘Dad’s Army’ pass the IPL test?

Gaurav and Mihir reexamine the trend of older players succeeding in sports, in the wake of Dhoni's performance in the recent T20 matches.

Episode 96 October 10, 2020

99.94: Is ‘Mankading’ really against the spirit of cricket?

Discussing whether ‘Mankading’ is really against the spirit of cricket, whether the outrage around it is justified, and why the term itself is problematic.

Episode 95 October 3, 2020

Footballer Anwar Ali’s broken dreams and Rafael Nadal’s dislike for new balls

How being diagnosed with a congenital heart condition will affect Anwar Ali’s career, and why Rafael Nadal is not happy with the new balls being used at the French Open.

Episode 94 September 26, 2020

Game Time: Why outrage over IPL umpiring errors is unjustified

The controversy around umpire Nitin Menon and why it is unreasonable to expect umpires not to make mistakes.

Episode 93 September 19, 2020

Game Time: Why this IPL season is going to take a toll on the players

Why this IPL season comes with additional pressures for the player, and whether the organizers will manage to pull this off without anyone getting infected.

Episode 92 September 12, 2020

Game Time: How PUBG ban hits India’s emerging esports community

The impact of the PUBG ban on India’s esports community and what it takes to make it big in the field.

Episode 91 September 5, 2020

Game Time: Everything that is wrong with the National Sports Awards

Why a ridiculously long list of awardees is a problem, how it devalues the entire point of awards, and the shortcomings of the National Sports Awards selection committee.

Episode 90 August 29, 2020

Game Time: Is it the worst idea to have the US Open right now?

In this episode, Gaurav and Mihir discuss whether it is too risky to have the US Open this soon and what precautions can be taken so that it doesn’t turn into Djokovic’s Adria Tournament.

Episode 89 August 22, 2020

Game Time: A look back at the extraordinary career of MS Dhoni

Indian Express’ National Sports Editor, Sandeep Dwivedi joins Gaurav to take a look back at MS Dhoni’s 16-year-long storied career.

Episode 88 August 15, 2020

Game Time: Should India hold off on starting training camps?

Whether or not India should hold off on starting training camps, how contracting the virus can affect the athlete’s performances, and how quarantining itself can cost them.

Episode 87 August 8, 2020

Game Time: Vivo pulls out of IPL and how the China boycott hurts India’s sports industry

VIVO pulls out of IPL, Chinese boycott hurts Indian sports industry and the Women’s T20 controversy.

Episode 86 August 1, 2020

Game Time: Was IPL too big to get cancelled?

Why the BCCI could not afford to postpone the IPL, why UAE has been picked as the destination and what its logistics would look like.

Episode 85 July 25, 2020

Game Time: What Tokyo 2020 Olympics would have meant for India

In this episode, Mihir and Gaurav discuss what the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has meant for Indian athletes and what India’s chances would have been this time.

Episode 84 July 18, 2020

Game Time: Test cricket’s back but does it really need a live audience?

Gaurav and Mihir talk about the return of test cricket, the conditions under which the match took place and whether a live audience ends up helping or hurting the player's performance and the viewing experience.

Episode 83 July 11, 2020

Game Time: What made Lin Dan one of the greatest Badminton players of all time

Gaurav and Mihir are joined by Shivani Naik to talk about Lin Dan's career, his rivalry with Chong Wei, and what made him one of the best Badminton players in the world.

Episode 82 July 4, 2020

Game Time: The death of a cricket magazine and chasing the ghost of a fallen idol

In this episode, Daksh Panwar, the co-founder of this podcast, joins Gaurav to talk about why Cricket Samrat was like ‘ESPNCricinfo, Sports Illustrated and Star Sports in one package’ and how it made cricket accessible...

Episode 81 June 27, 2020

Game Time: Novak Djokovic’s train wreck of a tennis tournament and bizarre beliefs

How the Adria tour became a COVID-19 hotspot and why Novak Djokovic’s bizarre beliefs seem to have now proved dangerous.

Episode 80 June 20, 2020

Game Time: Will virtual reality help sports survive post-pandemic?

In this episode, Gaurav and Mihir talk about how sports broadcasters are trying to re-invent themselves with the help of virtual reality and whether it will help recover their mounting losses post-pandemic.

Episode 79 June 13, 2020

Game Time: An ex-Chicago Bull on whether athletes should speak up on issues like BLM

Gaurav and Mihir talk how athletes have spoken out about social issues in the past and the problems that have arisen when they have done so. Gaurav also speaks to the former Chicago Bulls star,...

Episode 78 June 6, 2020

Game Time: What made Balbir Singh Sr an Indian Hockey icon, with Aslam Sher Khan

In this episode, Gaurav and Mihir talk about what made him India’s most-decorated athlete. Mihir also talks to former Hockey Olympian Aslam Sher Khan about his relationship with Singh, how he was as a manager,...