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Monday, January 24, 2022

3 Things

Our flagship daily news show, where hosts Shashank Bhargava and Snigdha Sharma talk to in-house experts about what is going on and why you need to care about it.

3 ThingsOur flagship daily news show, where hosts Shashank Bhargava and Snigdha Sharma talk to in-house experts about what is going on and why you need to care about it.
Episode 110 August 28, 2018

What makes a “dangerous person”?

A city corporator was booked under the MPDA act, PV Sindhu made Indian badminton history and the Army's CoI has ordered disciplinary action against Major Gogoi.

Episode 109 August 27, 2018

Can breathing take a year off your life?

Air pollution reduces average human life by one year, the Secretary of the Ministry of Earth Sciences talks about the need for better flood-management and Noida residents protest the felling of 3000 trees.

Episode 108 August 24, 2018

Why has the Nagaland peace agreement been delayed for so long?

The Naga Agreement is yet to be finalised, India has a job creation problem and the men's kabaddi team failed to reach the Asian Games final for the first time.

Episode 107 August 23, 2018

Why only 23% of all rural income comes from agriculture

NABARD survey reveals that only about 23% of all rural income comes from agriculture, India refuses to accept foreign aids and Rahi Sarnobat becomes the first Indian woman shooter to win a gold at the...

Episode 106 August 22, 2018

What happens to factory workers who sustain work related injuries?

The lives of factory workers who have sustained injuries, patterns in the FIRs filed after encounter deaths in UP and finding frozen water on the moon.

Episode 105 August 20, 2018

Anti-Terrorism Squad arrests Ex-Shiv Sena leader

Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) arrests former Shiv Sena corporator Shrikant Pangarkar, the government has no fixed criterion for a 'national disaster' and over 1400 fishermen volunteer to rescue the stranded in Kerala.

Episode 104 August 20, 2018

Dispatch from the Kerala floods

Observations from a relief center in Kerala, rescue operations in the state, unrecorded achievements of the first all-women’s military regiment of the world

Episode 103 August 17, 2018

Gaganyan: How India will send a human into space

India prepares to send its first astronaut into space, former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee passes away and Byculla Zoo in Mumbai witnesses the birth of India's first penguin.

Episode 102 August 16, 2018

Manipur fake encounters case continues

A timeline of the Manipur alleged fake encounters case, what the petitioners allege and highlights from PM Modi's Independence Day speech.

Episode 101 August 15, 2018

Why did the rupee fall to an all-time low?

The rupee falls to an all-time low, PM Narendra Modi announces the National Health Protection Scheme today and The Robin Hood Army aims to serve meals to one million people across the country.

Episode 100 August 14, 2018

100th episode special: A conversation with veteran journalist Coomi Kapoor

The 100th episode of 3 Things features a conversation with veteran journalist Coomi Kapoor about media freedom, shifting trends in news production and the lives of women journalists in newsrooms.

Episode 99 August 13, 2018

How and why did 2403 sanitation workers die?

2403 sanitation workers from Delhi have died before the age of retirement in the last five years, the Dhangar community schedules a state wide agitation in Maharashtra and writer VS Naipaul passes away.

Episode 98 August 10, 2018

Why is the southwest monsoon wreaking havoc in Kerala?

A resurgent southwest monsoon wreaks havoc in Kerala, domestics markets reach a lifetime high and the Delhi High Court decriminalizes begging.

Episode 97 August 9, 2018

Why are Muslim families fleeing a village in Uttar Pradesh?

Muslim families are fleeing a village in Uttar Pradesh, recommendations have been made to improve women's safety in Delhi and the deputy chairperson of the Rajya Sabha will be elected today.

Episode 96 August 8, 2018

How Karunanidhi changed Tamil Nadu

Tune in to understand how Karunanidhi shaped Tamil Nadu politics, how the amendments to the Prevention of Corruption Act will make it stronger and how handloom shapes our nation's identity.

Episode 95 August 7, 2018

What is bringing students to the streets in Bangladesh?

Students are protesting in Dhaka, private companies are banned from selling Oxytocin, and Indira Nooyi steps down as CEO of PEPSICO.

Episode 94 August 6, 2018

Lives of the elderly in Maharashtra set to change

Tune in to hear about a policy to help senior citizens in Maharashtra, how a Mizoram television network changed football in the state, and the centre's proposal for a Social Media Communication Hub.

Episode 93 August 3, 2018

Who counts as a citizen in India?

Who counts as a citizen, RBI's repo rate hike, adultery law.

Episode 92 August 2, 2018

India’s military landscape may change soon

India-US Military Communications pact, change in funding of HEIs, SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act

Episode 91 August 1, 2018

What happens to the people excluded from the NRC?

Excluded from the NRC in Assam, India vs England, Vijay Mallya

Episode 90 July 31, 2018

Why is medical education inaccessible to people with disabilities?

Medical education inaccessible to people with disabilities, Women's Hockey World Cup, Maratha agitation escalates

Episode 89 July 30, 2018

Srikrishna Committee’s Data Protection Report

Srikrishna Committee Data Protection Report, how it may affect Aadhar data collection, Punjab chemists on strike

Episode 88 July 27, 2018

Migration of women is increasing, but work conditions are not improving

Migration of women, Maratha agitation, more women voting in conservative Pakistan

Episode 87 July 26, 2018

Will we have early general elections next year?

VVPAT machines, cattle trade rules, saving rhinos.

Episode 86 July 25, 2018

What could Pakistan’s election result mean for India?

Today on 3 Things, we start by talking to Nirupama Subramanian about the elections in Pakistan today, after which Shubhajit Roy explains what the Rafale deal is and why it's back in the news. And...